Storage Rehab – My Master Bath Part 1

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Oh how I wanted to post the final reveal today of this project.  The plan was to work on it on  Friday and Sat and put the finishing touches on Sunday….then I got an eye infection.  My eye was almost all swollen shut!  It randomly started on Friday morning.  By the time I got home from work…wow.  Needless to say, since my eye was watering every two seconds…Friday was movie watching night instead of project night.

Saturday I was a little better but I was determined to press on.  The hubs and I worked on the garage and I worked on the bathroom.  Wednesday the full reveal of my rehabbed bathroom  will be posted. All is done except I must hang some art/pics and change out the outlets.   Today, I am going to share part of my storage solution for this bathroom.  I posted here why I started this project.  We needed more storage.  I must say that we have more storage now.  Really, more than enough!  Here is a before pic.

The “level yet looks unlevel” bathroom cabinet is gone.  I built a medicine cabinet for the mirror.   See the space around the toilet.  That space has bugged the heck out of me.  First of all because one the seam in the bead board we installed has separated.  I tried to fix it with caulk but it just looks janky.  (is that a word?)  Here is my failed attempt….such an eye sore!

Amateur mistake. We should have used the lock and click bead board.  It would have cost us about $50 bucks more so we decided on the big sheets of it.  Penny Pinching is good, but in a rehab if the better/easier solution on a big project is just a little bit more….its worth it.  Cut back on something else if you have to.  Oh well, lesson learned.    If you do bead board in a bathroom install the lock n click kind….unless your bathroom wall is smaller than one big sheet. (which ours was too big on the wall without the door and I can’t imagine a bathroom smaller than mine…well, unless it’s a bathroom with just a toilet or sink.)  With lock and click bead board there are no seams!  (by the way, I still profess to be an amateur…oh and if you don’t know what bead board is…its the white grooved panelling you see from the chair rail down.  It’s great for bathrooms and can be an inexpensive kitchen backsplash)

I thought about putting trim over it but I thought it would be weird.  I actually bought a piece…yep, weird.  I thought about spacing out pieces of trim.  This would look great but it only looked good if the trim was equally spaced.  Much to my dismay…the equally spaced trim did not land on the ugly seam…bummer.  So I thought about it harder. (Sometimes I think about stuff like this when I am driving or can’t sleep) and I thought…what if I add some small storage…decorative…yet functional.  So I sketched out what I was thinking:

Here is what I needed to make this happen:

  • One-2 foot 1in X 8 inch piece of pine wood that I cut down to seven inches (that was the space between the sink and toilet )  This piece was cut down into 6 shelves.  ( I used the extra for another project….) The Cost: $3.97 at Lowes
  •   One – 1/2 inch thick  48in. X 48 in.  piece of smooth plywood cut down to a 7in. X 38in. piece….twice ( I was making two flanking both sides of the toilet.)  The Cost:  This piece would have cost me about $4.00 but I had some scrap leftover from some shelves I made for my friend kitchen…so free.
  • Can of primer and white paint:  I used primer spray paint.  $3.43, Krylon – Wal-Mart.  The white paint I had from our the hallway project.  High Gloss, Valspar..Lowes.
  • Wood Screws – free..had it.
  • Caulk (free.  we bought in bulk when we rehabbed the flip house.  We have some left.)
  • Finish Nails – Free…had it.
  • Containers…I had two so I picked two more up at Wal-Mart for about $8
  • Total Cost to Build and decorate/use:  $16.40

Here is  a Pic in the Process:

Here is the Final Pic:

Not sure what that black line is.  Its not there in the pic on my computer…Oh Well, 30 minutes of my day has been spent trying to fix it…wasted time.  Just ignore it.

I wanted these shelves to look white/crisp and uniform.  I also wanted them to have purpose.  There is no  room for decor that didn’t have purpose in this bathroom.   The hubs and I both use cotton balls,q-tips, and face pads.  I know the candles seem decorish…but think they are a necessity.   A bathroom always needs a good candle.  (especially if you have a small house…if you know what I mean).  I like to change out Loofah’s a couple of times a year.  (I usually get poison ivy in the summer…so out goes that loofah.)  Now I have some extra on hand.  The toilet  paper dispenser got a new home.  (it’s on the right now)  Before I could put it there Lee had to sit down on the toilet and make sure it was and easy reach….it was.  Of course the other side is easier….but in the name of storage and covering of the ugly….it works.

Inside the big basket: 

  • Cleaning Supplies/Paper towel
  • Straightener, comb, and Hair dryer

Inside the small basket on the toilet. – Stuff girls use.  Enough said.  I don’t think you need to see a pic of that.

The Brush Nickel Cylinder holds the toilet bowl cleaner.  I hate the trash can.  It works for now.  I am trying to find a nice white one with a lid…for cheap of course.  I don’t want it to look cheap though.

Here is the “How to” if this would work for your bathroom.

(*note: any of these cuts can be made at Lowes or Home Depot.  Just know your measurements before you go)
  1. Take the 1/2 inch plywood and cut it with your table saw down to the width you want your shelving unit. (mine was 7 inches.  (note:  I chose 1/2 plywood because I didn’t want it overhang the baseboard or chail rail.  If you don’t have this go with a little sturdier depth of wood.)
  2. Cut your two pieces of plywood to length.  Mine needed to be 38 inches.
  3. If needed cut one inch off the side of the 1 X 8 to make it a 1 X 7.  (note:  this all depends on the amount of space you have.  Get the piece of wood closest to the space you have and cut it down to size.)
  4. With a chop saw cut the now 1X7 into Six - 5 inch shelves.
  5. Figure out how much distance you want between the shelves.  Measure and mark the two pieces of plywood. (if you lay them down side by side you can mark them at the same time)
  6. Attach the shelves with wood glue and clamp for at least an hour.
  7. Screw in a few screw into each shelf from the back side (the part that rests on the wall)
  8. Prime and Paint
  9. Attach the shelves to the wall with 2 inch finish nails.  (note: thankfully, where I wanted them to go, on both sides, was a stud.  That makes it more secure.  If you don’t have a stud to drill into you will have to insert a couple toggle bolts to the wall and drill a screw in from the front side.  If you countersink the hole  then you can cover the hole with the screw with wood glue and touch it up.)
  10. Caulk or fill, and touch up with pain!  You are done!

Hope this helps you.  Here is a preview of a rehab in progress…I just realized that my shadow is the focal point of that pic.  Look at the soon to be cabinets

I have lots of fun posts this week…see you Wednesday,


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  1. Your bathroom looks awesome! How is your eye?


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