Storage Rehab In Our Garage

Jennifer —  April 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

Have ever started a project and it gets worse before it gets better?  That is our garage.  This picture that I showed during this post has nothing on what it looks like right now.

To build the shelves that we are building we had to remove everything off the peg board area.  So…its all on the floor.  Plus all of our building so tools are out!  I can handle it though because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The fun thing is that I have been told by a few people who have a  garage storage rehab on the on the horizon for their home.  Literally since my post on Friday I have had about four people tell me that.  So, hopefully we can maybe help you along the way.  I know I gave you a sneak peek of the progress on Monday.  These are the skeleton of some serious overhead shelving.  They are high enough that we can walk under them.  Since they will be over our head and over the front of our cars they have to be seriously sturdy.

That is not all for our garage rehab.  We will be reorganizing, adding shelves and other hanging systems.  The goal:  everything is in its place the garage is clear for two cars. Well, that won’t really happen until the weights are taken…but summer is coming!  Okay enough talking.  I want to share with you a project that was done a few years ago.  Our garage cabinets:

These were cabinets from Craigslist.  Someone posted a pic of these cabinets (there were lots of them and they were white) and said “they will be on the curb tomorrow morning at this time. Please come take them for free”  I called the hubs and had to do some convincing…we borrowed a truck and were there at the exact time the ad said.  There were tons but they were old!!!!  There was also an endless amount of nails sticking out of them.  We took  all the cabinets but ended up throwing out a few.  The hubs spent a couple of hours using the dremel to saw off the nails and a hammer to pry out others.  He had to buy a few pieces of wood to cap off the end.  (I think then entire row went wall to wall in the house….so the end of each cabinet did not have a side piece.  Here is how the added end turned out:

Finally, we decided to paint them.  Random color I know but the hubs had just brought home some paint from his office that his work was going to get rid of….it was very blue.  Heck…its free and who says you can’t have a little pop of color in your garage.  Then, I got the idea to paint the front part with chalkboard paint.  They way we could know what is inside each one.


Here is a pic of the inside…remember that they will be reorganized.  Much of the stuff on the pegboard wall got shoved in these cabinets.  The cabinets were so old they did not have cabinet backs.  We used a couple 2X4s we had to brace them underneath the top of the cabinet and the shelves.

The hubs thought I was crazy to go get the cabinets.  He tried to convince me that we didn’t need them.  When he saw them on the road side He almost pulled a u-turn and I had to beg him to see their potential…literally.  Now that they are up.  He loves them and thanks me for talking him into the rehab.  That’s me though.  The title of this blog is “i love rehabs” for a reason.  I realize that some things cannot be rehabbed but it never hurts trying.  We got a wall of Garage cabinets for about 20 bucks.  Here is the project break down:

  • Cabinets:  Free, Craigslist.  If you are looking for these post on Craigslist that you want cabinets that are being taken out.  It’s a win, win.  If they are not going to sell them you can haul them away for them.
  • Hardware:  we reused what was on there.  Free
  • Wood:  $5.  We pulled wood from the clearance section (outside at Lowes)
  • Paint:  Free
  • Chalkboard Paint:  $10.00
  • Trip to the Transfer Station to dump the unused Cabinets:  $5.00
What’s left to do in the garage?
  • Finish building Cabinets
  • Paint Doors with leftover chalkboard paint.
  • Add a few garage shelves in other areas
  • Utilize peg board space.
  • Reorganize existing cabinets
  • DIY bike storage and yard tool storage.
See ya on Friday.  Hope this helps!
P.S. – to find a craigslist find like this I have found that you have to put yourself out there and post that you want cabinets.  People will contact you and then you decide if its what you are looking for.  You also must check craigslist every day.  Habitat Humanity Restores could have cabinets for pretty cheap.  Homes of Hope in Hollister Missouri always has cabinets in stock from house renovations.  Unused cabinets are out there!  Just look!


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