Rehab Done: My Master Bathroom

Jennifer —  April 22, 2011 — 7 Comments

Well, its finally done.  I just took the pictures about five minutes ago.  For those of you who don”t know.  When we moved in our bathroom looked like this:

A few years ago we did a full rehab.  We added floor tile, a new pedestal sink, new shower doors, new toilet, a clearance bathroom cabinet… and ended up with this:

Not Bad but we rehabbed it without thinking thru storage. It drove me crazy that I couldn”t put everything I wanted in the bathroom.  This is what I wanted in:

  • Towels and Hand Towels
  • My Make-up
  • Extra Soap, toiletry storage
  • All toiletries that we used
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • My Hair supplies including dryer and straightener
  • No more cluttered shower!  I want to be able to sit on that seat,

This rehab was not a full rehab but more of a storage rehab.  This is what we ended up with:

You can read about the Medicine Cabinet that I built :  Here is what it looks like on the inside:

You Can read about the small storage that I built here.  Its  decorative yet totally functional storage around the toilet.  Above it is my towel storage, make-up storage, and all the extra toiletries you could ever need.  The basket on top and on the toilet came as a pair at Wal-Mart for $16.00.  I love that there is a lid because it hides the clutter….and the girl stuff.  I feel totally fine with anyone using this bathroom and I don”t have all my personal stuff out!

Ignore the white space above the toilet basket.  There will be a picture that I am working on right there.  I will show soon! I love the hooks for the towels.

Here are the pictures on the wall that you walk into:

The hooks I got from the Walmart.  The cute Bathroom signs I printed off from the internet and framed them in a 50 Cent frame from the dollar store.  I think they give my cottagy bathroom a modern touch.   All of the frames are from Dollar General.  While I do love the all white and creme in this bathroom but I just needed a little color.

The hubs is from Kansas City, Missouri and I am from Lawton,Oklahoma.  This was a cute way I found on a blog (I can”t find it for the life of me, but I will link it when I do) of showing our home states.  I just printed an outline of our states from a pic I found on the internet, cut out the shapes, outlined the edges in orange, drew a heart from our home town, and matted on a piece of scrap book paper.  Missouri went on top because that is how it is on the map.  From two states we came together….corny but it makes me smile.  The picture was taken by Alec Vanderboom of  Alec Vanderboom Photography.  Alec rocks if you ever need a great photographer.  The hubs and I did 5 year anniversary pics.  We have self titled the album “Still Dating…five years”  This pic sums that theme up.

Here is the quote in the frame.  I thought it was good one to read everyday when I come into the bathroom.

I made it on my computer.  It was really easy.  But if you want to download it for yourself, click here!

The blank wall across from the toilet needed some color. So, I framed the fabric with a $8.oo frames from Dollar general.  Have you noticed a theme about me?  I am kind of obsessed with stripes.  It is the cohesive item that is sprinkled throughout my house.  I am not kidding you…in every room I have a splash of stripes or chevron pattern.

Look at the above the seat is clear in the shower!!!  A hanging caddy has never worked on our shower sprayer because of how it is shaped.  But we figured out how to make it work.  I can sit in the shower!

There it is…its done!  The goal was $120-$150.  Guess what…I did it in $122!

Cost Breakdown:

  • Medicine Cabinet – Built it – $44.08
  • Shelves, Lowes – $6.99 a piece times 2 – $14.00 (they are the stock white shelves depth- 9 inches -Width 35
  • White Baskets – Ikea, Free..I had them.  They are $9.99 for a set of three
  • Wicker Baskets (on the shelf and toilet), Walmart $16.00
  • Dollar General frames (hand towel wall) $8.00
  • Dollar General Frames on Blank wall $8.00 a piece. – $16.00
  • Small Storage I built around the toilet $16.40
  • supplies:  (Caulk, Paint, light fixtures..Free.  I had them from our flip house)
  • Hooks for hand towels:  Walmart 1.57 for two
  • Towel Hooks:  Lowes, Free I had them in the other bathroom.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Holder:  TJ Max.  Free (I had it)  I think I bought it for $7.99
  • Big Wicker Basket:  Free, I bought it from Walmart three years ago.
  • Trash Bucket:  Walmart, $6.00
  • Shower Caddy:  Free.  I had it in our guest bathroom.

Total:  $122.05

Well, there you have it.  I love my bathroom and use it to its fullest extent.  Who says you can”t have all you want in a small bathroom.    Have a Happy Easter!

Thanks for reading,


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7 responses to Rehab Done: My Master Bathroom

  1. I found you through Pinterest and I love what you did to maximize your bathroom space. I’m working on doing a little makeover in our bathroom and you’ve definitely inspired me. Keep up the good work!

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