Rehab Finished: The Garage Part 3

Jennifer —  May 11, 2011 — Leave a comment

My neighbor came over tonight while we were in our garage.  He looked around and said “I never thought you would ever fit all this in your garage!”  I was so excited how impressed he was but after he left I got to thinking…that proves how bad it was.  His  statement means that he noticed how bad it was, and probably commented on it.  Sigh…….  We have the best neighbors.  They take care of us and check on us and we are thankful for them.  I am sad if I have been an eye sore in the neighborhood, but at least you couldn”t see it unless the garage door was open. :)  Now the garage is clean and I am ready to show you the next part.  Monday I showed you the left side.  Today, you get to see the right side of the garage.  Friday I will show the major undertaking of the entire project.  I am hoping the hubs will write the post and tell ya how he did it.  Here is how the right side  turned out:  (can you see the spray paint stains…yeah, that is my fault)

The concrete is the other side of the fireplace.  We were able to hang a few items on the concrete.  The hubs built the shelves.  He used scrap plywood and some cheap 2X4s to make it happen.  You can see by the full view that there are small nooks on either side of the garage.  The left side where the trash can set was at one time not a part of the garage.  I didn”t know I would be blogging when we first moved in and I regret to say that I don”t have pictures.  So I made one of my fabulous artistic sketches for you.  Can you tell I got my degree in art?  Just kidding…sorry my sketches are so amateur.  Here is the garage layout before:

We inherited this great space that used to be part of the garage.  A previous owner turned the backside of the garage into a long room and the potential was limitless.  The problem is that the layout of the renovation was a little weird.  First of all, there was an angled wall in the garage hindering a car from being able to pull in and when you went in the angled door you found yourself in a large, unfinished, ugly, used to be part of the garage, room.  Once you had entered the room, to “On behalf of our IT staff and myself, thank you for recovering the critical hard drive recovery software that was on our dead 2TB hard drive. your left was the room and to the right was a weird angled corner.  To get in the house you entered in a french door….even weirder.  Why would someone want to have this view from their kitchen french door?

You can see the angled wall here.  The other side is the garage.

It had to change.  So this is how we changed the layout:

I will post more on this when I reveal our laundry room/craft room, but I am telling you this now that changing this allowed more room in the garage.   We now have this little nook to the left of the concrete wall.  This is perfect for our trash cans.  The attic door is above it so we didn”t want to put any storage that could hinder that entrance.  Some day That wall might be used for more wall storage, but for now its stays empty.  Behind the door was perfect storage for our cleaning tools.  They are hung by a $3.00 storage rack I found at Wal-mart.

The right side of the back of the fireplace is a little nook.  Here is a closer look at the shelves that the Hubs built.

They were super easy according to the Hubs.  He bought one big piece of plywood and used some 2X4s that we found in the pile that the previous owner left.  We made it sturdy by screwing 2X4s into all sides of the nook.  He rested the cut piece of plywood on top and screwed it in to secure it.  In case you don”t know you have to use a mason bit and mason drills to screw into concrete.

This area allows us to hold bigger things we use all the time.  See the kitty litter?  The hubs and I don”t have a cat, but we do have a box of kitty litter on hand at all times.  Weird right?  Is it more weird that I think that all DIYers should have a bag of kitty litter on hand?  Why?  Because of this:

You can”t throw away paint.  The trash man will leave it on your curb, and landfills/transfer stations will arrest you if you try to dump it.  (just kidding, they won”t arrest you but they will stop you)  What is a DIYer to do with extra paint never to be used again?  They answer….kitty litter.  Just pour it in the paint bucket and leave the lid off for a few days.  The paint dries up in about and hour and the extra days makes it come out of the bucket easier.  Once the paint is dry you can throw it away and the trash man will gladly take it.  Genius! An extra added plus is that the Kitty Litter smells good and makes the garage smell great!   Thank you to the Taney County Transfer station worker who gave me this life changing  garage changing tip!

There you have it…part two.  I am hoping the next post will be by the Hubs!  Stay tuned!

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