I am Sew Close to Finishing

Jennifer —  May 30, 2011 — 3 Comments

Ever since this post a little over a week ago I have been pinning and sewing…pinning and sewing in my little moments of free time.   I have so far sewn 66 straight stitches and pinned more hems than I can keep track.  I have had help and am super thankful for the help and support.  There have been mostly two sewers and one pinch hitter sewer as of late in this process.  I have even had some help with the pinning.  I still have a lot to do to finish this big project but I have until Saturday so I think I can eek it out.  I am finished with some of them and I wanted to show you what I did.  As I was doing this project I realized that anyone could make these for shower curtains, privacy curtains or even window curtains.  They have been super easy to do and they are really cute finished. (Note:  these are for the bathrooms at my work.  I work at a camp for kids and this is a cabin for kids)

Here is what you need to make these curtains

  • 2 and 1/4 yards of fabric.  (Our needed to be 70inches so you might want more if you need it to be taller or if you are covering a bathtub shower you might want to double that because you will want to add some width to the 54 inch wide fabric)
  • Extra Large Grommets (Eyelets) from Wal-Mart
  • 1 Grommet tool from Wal-Mart
  • Sewing supplies OR Heat Bond Hem Tape (if you don’t want to sew)

How To: (sewing version)

  • First you want to wash your fabric.  This is important so it won’t shrink if you have to wash it later.  If it’s really wrinkled then you will want to iron your fabric.
  • Then you want to fold the top of your fabric at the top down a ½ inch.  Then fold it again 2 inches and pin.  Sew your straight seam.
  •  Figure out the length you want your curtain to be and add 4 inches to that number.  Measure and cut your panel to that length.
  • Fold the bottom hem 1 inch and then fold it again 3 inches and pin.  Sew your straight seam.

  • Now fold the sides in ½ inch and then fold again another ½ inch.  Sew a straight stitch down the sides.


  • Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Now your panel is sewn and its time to add the grommets.
  • Mark on the back of the top of your fabric panel (the two-inch hem) where you want the Grommets to go.  I space them about 4 inches apart.  Make sure your mark is the same distance down from the top of the panel for each Grommet.
  • Cut a small hole to insert the grommet. I cut a small slit and then made it a little bigger.


    • Follow the instructions on the Grommet tool box to insert the grommets.  Here are some tips (since I am inserting 306 grommets I have learned a few things along the way!)





    • The circular that you place behind the front grommet to hold the tool that you hammer is important.  It keeps the grommet from being dented.
    • Hammer forcefully but not too forcefully.  (I asked the hubs to help and he got after it and got the tool stuck.  We had to rip the fabric to get it out)
    • It takes about 25 good wacks to get the grommet in there good.
    • On some grommets I used the tool and then I still had to hammer the back grommet directly to make it secure.  Put the little black circle underneath the front grommet so that it will not be dented.
    • Once you have inserted your grommets now go hang your curtain.  We used the shower curtain rings that snap in the grommets.  You are done!

    Non Sewing How to:

    • Follow all the steps above except instead of sewing use heat bond.  You don’t fold it in twice on the hems you just fold it, put heat bond between your folds and iron.  Younghouselove has done this for their curtains.  The tutorial there is great.  Check it out here.
    • Insert the grommets in your 2 inch heat bonded top hem.

    Hope this helps ya make some fun curtains on your own.  The total cost for one curtain was about 20 dollars!  That is a cheap custom curtain or shower curtain.  Of course, I must add, that if you use this as a shower curtain you need to use a liner behind it because it cannot repel water!  Have fun!

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    3 responses to I am Sew Close to Finishing

    1. looks great!

    2. Love it! I bet the bathrooms look amazing with the fun, bright fabric!

    3. These are so fun! What a great print to add to those K-1 bathrooms! I was really missing kamp yesterday… we took some friends down to Drew’s family’s farm to grill out and fish and play baseball, and it made me wish I could go back to those summers when I played outside all day. :)

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