A 3.5 year Work in Progress…literally.

Jennifer —  July 13, 2011 — 2 Comments

My Master Bedroom has been a work in progress the past three years.  It started out like this:

The only structural thing we have done is we replaced the matted, old carpet.  Here is the floor plan of our house so that you can see where the master bedroom fits:

Here are the quirks that go with this room:

  • It has an angled wall where the door it so it makes the room a little bit smaller than the other two
  • Because of the bathroom door the bed has to go on the “side of the house wall”.
  • There is not much clothing storage space.  The closet is a standard 60″ closet.  A dresser fits, but because of the angled wall, it does just that…”fits” and it looks cramped.
On our first trip to Ikea EVER….we bought the malm bed.  I wanted a lower bed because it would make the room seem taller:
I will admit…our buying this bed was a bit of a rash decision.  We found the bed on clearance in the “As Is” section for $80.00  It had a scratch on the bottom of it so it was deeply discounted.  We strapped those flat boxes to the top of the Honda and 7 hours later we were home.  We didnt have a bed, I wanted a low bed, and we thought we had found the perfect bed.  We also bought the matching dresser and night stands because we did not have any storage for clothes.  Needless to say, we spent $330 on something we thought we wanted but were not sold on.  Rookie mistake.  I wish I could tell that girl standing in Ikea….wait!  Sleep on a mattress…find out what you want first. The hubs hated the bed because the headboard was so low.  He is a “before bed reader” and didn”t feel comfortable in fully sitting up.  I hated making the bed.  It would have been easier if we had used a box spring.  In doing so, it raises the mattress and decreases the little amount of headboard that we had.  Therefore, we stuck with the bed slats and many mornings of smashed fingers.
While at Ikea, I picked up this duvet cover for $19.00.  Three months later my dog (then a puppy) Dieser Spielautomat ist nicht irgendein book-of-ra-kostenlos.com slot, sondern im Grunde der Nachfolger des beruhmten “Book of Ra™”, was der Titel zumindest schon ungefahr andeutet. chewed up a yellow highlighter and ruined it with a huge stain.  I lived with it for awhile and then went to target and bought a kahki king sized quilt for $19.00.  To be honest, that was the best purchase so far.  It has been the one constant in this room because it is not a heavy quilt.  The hubs hates heavy covers so I have to layer the bed so I can get warm and he can have light covers.  I will be honest, I hated my room.  The guest bedroom was the coolest bedroom in our house and I hated our room.  Here we had a bed centered on a wall with an off centered window, two “matchy matchy” night stands, and one matching dresser.  The solution:  live with it until I figured out what I wanted.  I lived with it for two years and then I found   John and Sherry Petersik”s (of younghouselove) master bedroom, which seemed way similar to mine in size and layout, in this magazine.  I was then introduced to my favorite blog and I found this post on their bedroom storage.  I loved the added storage they put around their bed with an Ikea wardrobe.  The only problem is that the Ikea wardrobe was too deep and it would cut 15 inches into the closet door opening. Bummer!  The hubs and I had enough hanging space in the closet…what we needed was dresser space.  So I used the Petersik”s genius idea….and rehabbed it a little for my space.  The Ikea Billy bookcase with extensions worked perfectly.  So two years later, I sold the pair of matching night stands in my friend”s garage sale for $60.00 and on my way home from a work trip to Dallas picked up two billy bookcases and two extensions for a total of $200.oo (it ended up being $100 because I had a gift card. Are you seeing a theme here?  An Ikea gift card is a “go-to-gift “from my family for any gift giving occasion.)
So, my bedroom began its transformation but I still didn”t know what I fully wanted so I will call it more of the transition phase:
  • The hubs helped me create my modified version the extra storage like younghouselove”s first master bedroom
  •  I threw the ugly dresser in the closet
  •  I found some $1.00 a yard green fabric, ironed some hems, and threw it up on the windows.
  • I made some pillows out of the fabric and some other old bed sheets I had.
  • I used the Target Quilt and folded up the highlighter stained duvet cover so that the stain could not be seen at the bottom of the bed.
  • I purchased two bamboo roman shades from Wal-Mart.  I pulled the trigger because they were deeply discounted due to not selling them anymore.  I will explain more on how I used this as an eye trick to hide that quirky window.
After all that, here is my bedroom in its transition stage:
It remained like this until about 5 months ago.  I sold the bedroom set (dresser, bed ,and bed slats) for $200 and I got a new lease on life in my master bedroom.  In the beginning spent $330 on our Ikea bedroom set.  If I have learned anything in all of this I have learned to wait.  In my next home I will live in the space a little before I decide what I want OR have a mapped out plan for what the space needs before I start purchasing anything.  After selling the nightstands, bed, and dresser I recouped $260 of that initial $330.  In the end I only lost out on $70.00.  I guess in all areas of life you have to pay for your education.
The waiting is over and the lessons learned have been applied.   I spent less than $60.00 on our new bed and I built it all myself.  Stay tuned.  I can”t wait to share with you the progress.  I will give you a hint, these curtains are in my bedroom.
Have you ever made a purchase for your house that you hated and had to live with for a while?  Please do share..you are in good company with me.
Thanks for reading,



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2 responses to A 3.5 year Work in Progress…literally.

  1. Oh wow, thanks so much for this post! I was searching for reviews on this bed and after reading about your experience, I’ve decided not to buy it. I love the look but was concerned about how low it was. You’ve confirmed my fears and probably saved me a couple years of regret! :)

    • Jennifer Farley October 10, 2011 at 3:15 pm

      I am glad my post helped. I will say that there are many out there who love this bed. Its a good and sturdy bed. You can make it higher by using a box spring but the headboard becomes smaller in this instance. It really is designed to be a bed used with the bed slats. The only reason I didn’t like the bed was because of three reasons 1.) It was a pain to make the bed (tuck the sheets in or put the fitted sheet on the bed) 2.) There was no storage underneath the bed. 3.) was a little too low for our liking. Other than that…it was a great bed.

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