Did I Mention That I Like Stripes?

Jennifer —  July 20, 2011 — 2 Comments

If you walk into my house you will see a theme….stripes.  In some rooms there are small doses like in my guest bedroom pillow and sheets.  You will find some in my kitchen, my hallway and finally….my master bedroom.

Just for old times sake, here is a picture before:

Here is a picture in transition:

Here is the almost final stage of my master bedroom.

This is what my bedroom looks like when you enter the door.  I made most of the pillows and pieced together the bedding. I have been working on the collage of pictures and there are a few frames that still have  “filler” pieces of scrap-book paper.  I also built the bed myself for about $60.00!  You can see how I made the curtains out of Wal-mart bed sheets here.

Here is my bedroom view from the master bathroom.  You can see the tufted headboard I made a little better from this view.  You can also see the ugly fan that has to go.  I covered the closet with a curtain.  A door wouldn’t work because it would open into my bedside storage inspired by younghouselove.

I am in the process of looking for a rug to break up the kahki Carpet and Quilt.  Here is the view from the bed:

I am not done here. I made the art on the wall and added a shelf for flowers and candles.  (I love candles!)  I am going to add another shelf with that will hold some decor or maybe some books.  I made this West Elm inspired mirror.  The Hubs and I love the fan.  It circulates air so much better than our overhead fan and that is why it is leaving this room as soon as I get around to it. On this side of the room you can see a little of my DIY art:

I found one of the printable art on Oneprettything.  I made the other using the same style and format.  More on “How to” in upcoming posts.

This bedroom has been a transition but I am in the final stages.  Here is what is left to do:

  • Replace room air return vent
  • Replace brass door knobs
  • Find or DIY a rug to break up the kahki carpet and quilt.
  • Find or DIY a light fixture over the bed.
  • Finish the frame collage on the wall.  Add another frame collage on the other side of the window.
  • Add another shelf underneath the fan shelf
I have so much more on what I did and how I did it such as:
  • My tufted headboard and the rest of my bed.
  • Inexpensive art and frame collages
  • How and where I store everything in this small bedroom
  • Hopefully a new light fixture if I can get around to it!
Thanks for reading,


The crazy thing is that I updated this room again.  This time with some insulated paint to make the room temperature better.  Check it out here.

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2 responses to Did I Mention That I Like Stripes?

  1. I LOVE the after!! The paint color on the walls, the flower print on the duvet, the reading lamps, the window treatments, the vintage fan (or vintage-looking? if it’s newer, I’d love to know where it’s from! fans are so practical, but the one we’re currently using in our bedroom is really not attractive), the tufted headboard… so many great details! Can’t wait to hear how you made your bed!

    • The fan is from Wal-mart…$32.00. They have one at Target that is about $50.00. So its definitely vintage looking. It is a thousand times better than the old fan/light fixture.

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