What’s Behind the Curtain Part 2

Jennifer —  July 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

The other day I shared what the curtain and shade behind my bed was hiding.  Just for a quick reminder, here is all the places in my bedroom that the curtain hides.

Today I want to share with you what is behind these curtains:

I have stated this before but just as a reminder my room was very small and tons of furniture in the room made it feel cramped.  I was reading the BHG Do It Yourself magazine and was introduced to Younghouselove, my favorite blog.  They did a feature on their master bedroom and when I saw their blog I really could see some similarities to their bedroom and mine.  Their window was centered…lucky them and they must not have a 60″ closet door close to the wall that their bed is on because they were able to add storage on either side of their bed with an Ikea wardrobe…and actually hang up clothes.  The depth of an Ikea Pax wardrobe is about 22 inches deep so it would cut into the closet door opening and just look awkward.    I was on Ikea’s website and saw that the Billy bookcase was 11” deep.  I had 12 inches of space between the end of my closet and the wall and that was perfect.  So I decided to modify John and Sherry Petersiks genius idea to fit my space.  They get all the credit for my storage.  Its their “brainchild” and I am just happy that they shared it.  Here is how we use that space:

This is my side of the bed.  This picture is a little scarce.  I usually have a little more in here but this is what store in my Billy Bookcase:

  • My sweatshirts and sweatpants
  • My socks (in a basket)
  • My athletic shorts
  • My tank tops and pjs
  • My leggings
  • My Jeans
  • Shoes

There was a little bit of space between the wall and the bookshelf so I bought a shoe holder and stuck it in the space between.  Now our closet is clear of all my shoes.  (Its held up top by a hook I screwed in before the Billy Bookcase was installed. )

I have a small shelf that I use to charge things and place books that I read.  It serves as my night stand storage. You can also see right above that small shelf is my little dressing area.  I thought that I would use this to get ready but I don’t.  There is an outlet by my big mirror and it’s just to easy to get ready in front of that.  this is the place were I accessorize my outfits :)

Here is the Hubs side of the bed.  He stores about the same stuff in his bookcase.

The reality is that these bookcases act as the storage that we would have put in a dresser.  The great thing is that they provide more storage and its all right before you.

If you are thinking this storage idea might work for you check out the instructions from younghouselove here.  They did all the work to mapping out great instructions.  We modified it by buying two white Billy Bookcases and we purchased the height extension to make it go all the way to the ceiling.

Here is what it looks like again with the curtains closed.

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