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Jennifer —  September 2, 2011

The hubs and I talked at length about what we would do to the flooring of our laundry room.   Just a little reminder what the floor looked like when we moved in.

When it came down to it there were two options

  1. The same laminate wood flooring that matched the rest of our house
  2. Concrete Stain or paint
The problem with our concrete floor was that it was not level.  To lay a laminate floor over an unlevel surface was possible but there are a few things you have to do.  The same thing is true for an unlevel subfloor.  If it”s just slightly unlevel you can use to even it out.  We had to do this in the house that we flipped.  The Laundry room floor was unlevel.  (What is it with houses that we own having unlevel laundry room floors?)    We didn”t know how to do it so we just followed the package instructions and it was “easy peasy.”
The laundry room in the flip house was crazy small.  Our home”s laundry room floor was about 4 times bigger which made the task seem more daunting.  But, when it was all said and done that was not the deal breaker for laying a laminate floor in this room.  The deal breaker was when we realized that we would have to raise our doors (in that room) up by 4 inches so that they could open.  That would mean cutting out the hole for the door  to be higher.  Nope…its not worth it.  It was settled we would stain or paint the concrete.  Now there was a new decision to make, but it didn”t take long.  If you look at the before picture of the laundry room floor, you will see it had some oil stains from when it was a garage.  I was afraid that those stains would show through a stain so painting it is what we decided.
Here is the final product:

We used  brown concrete paint we purchased at Lowes.  We did this a little over a year ago so we don”t have it anymore but we found it next to the concrete stain and garage epoxy section.  We followed the instructions on the pamphlet to a tee.

Tips from what we learned:

  1. FOLLOW the instructions that come on the back of the paint gallon.  Sometimes it comes in the pamphlet with color choices.
  2. Clean the room first.  You need this to be a dust free environment as much as possible.  You don”t want dust, hairs or whatever in your painted floor.
  3. Clean, Clean, Clean.  We used this concrete cleaner/etcher/degreaser
  4. Trim your edges first!  This is important
  5. USE A GOOD BRUSH TO TRIM!!!  You don”t want the brush bristles to get in your painted floor.
  6. Make sure you have a roller attached to a stick and work backwards.  You don”t want to box yourself in, so paint walking backwards towards a door.
  7. Change your roller out between coats. (You might have to do this mid-coat if you have a big room)
  8. Be patient so that it lasts.  Wait until the instructions say you can paint the second or third coat.  When we were done painting we waited 7 days before we walked on it.
  9. If you have to move the water heater….make sure you turn the water off.  Yep, we forgot.  It might have flooded a little.  It”s a funny story for another time but it wasn”t so funny at the time.  IT didn”t do any damage though…we had not painted the floor yet and floor is concrete…so just pushed the water out.
All in all this flooring project cost us a total of $85.00 for paint and supplies.  Its was a budget friendly way to transform a floor.  Plus, its dog friendly.  I just mop it up and we are good.
Check out the blog One Pretty Thing today.  She featured me on her “Daily DIY” AND she has some great ideas for football parties.  College football has begun…GO SOONERS!
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4 responses to Concrete Paint

  1. Great tips! We have an unfinished basement but my husband insists on painting the floors since saving up for the big remodel will be about 2 years in the making. My biggest fear is the cleaner/etcher because it’s our basement, not our garage… it’s not like we can just push the dirty water outside. Suggestions?

    • A shop Vac would do the trick. You can purchase a smaller one at Lowes or HD for about 25 bucks. The Shop Vac is a purchase you would not regret. You will use it for SOOOO many things…clean your car, fireplace, projects, garage. It vacuums up water like a champ. You dump it out when its full and go back to it.
      I love my concrete painted floors. They are great and would do it again in a heartbeat. I will say that my first choice was concrete stain. We couldn’t do that since the laundry room was once part of the garage…it had huge oil stains that only concrete paint could cover. Anyway, have you ever thought of this for your floors. It costs about the same as painting, and its about the same diy process ( a little different) and boy it looks good. You might even want to keep it which will save you some moolah in 2 years for your big reno. Here is a pic I found to show ya.

      Just a thought but painting is awesome and durable too! Have fun!

  2. Did the concrete paint container state that it was for interior use, and did you seal it with anything? I would love to take up the carpet in the hallway between my girls’ rooms. Thanks for sharing.

    • It is interior and exterior concrete paint. I am not sure but I think all concrete paint is for interior/exterior use. Just double check the can to make sure. There is an entire section of concrete paint and concrete stain in Lowes or Homedepot with all types of pamphlets of colors and stains. No, we did not seal it with anything but you could if you wanted to. It would be an extra step of durability. Ours has been through about 2.5 years of dogs and heavy traffic due to it being a mudroom/laundryroom/ office. I also mop it once a week with soap and water. The only scratches have come from our desk chairs but once we put felt on the bottom of the chairs it eliminated that. The picture in this post was not right after it was done. That picture is actually 2 years after we did it so they hold up really well. I am glad I could help!