Upcycled Mail Sorting System

Jennifer —  September 9, 2011

Raise your hands if you get sick of a cluttered kitchen table because you don’t have a good “entry system”?  Both hands of mine are up.  Our kitchen table can get filled with bags, mail, keys, and junk that we bring in daily.  After 3½ years of living here I finally wanted to remedy that.  The laundry room reorganization gave me that motivation.  So, I went to target and TJ Max looking for a cheap solution.  Yes, they did have options, but nothing in my color scheme.  Target’s real simple had purple, gray, black and a turquoise.  None of those were the colors I wanted.  I know I am cheap, but $9.99 for something that isn’t perfect I just can’t do.  Really, it would end up being $20.00 because I needed two.  All the other options were metal or plastic and I wanted something a little softer.  TJ Max did not have much to choose from this time around.  Our TJ Max and Target are right next door.  Isn’t that convenient?  So I went back to Target for sure that I missed something…and I did.  I found the clear mail/file sorter for 2.99.  I can’t beat that price.  I knew that I had some fabric at home that I could use to cover them so I snagged them and went home.  Here was my material list.

  • Two plastic Mail/File bins Re-Style from Target: $2.99 a piece – $6.00
  • Fabric remnant:  Had it.  I literally used ¼yard of upholstery fabric (This could go in one of those books…”what you can do with a yard of fabric”) -$0
  • Craft Spray Adhesive:  Had it
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
I tried to take pictures of the process but there was not rhyme or reason to is so here is my tutorial
  • Cut your fabric so that the bins will be covered identically.  (This is if you have a small patterned or striped fabric.  Large patterns would look good random)  Mine were stripes (because I am obsessed) and I made sure that top started with the green stripe.
  • Spray the front part with adhesive and place the fabric on the bin.
  • Smooth all the wrinkles out
  • Start working around the corners.  I just played with it and did it a different way with both bins.  In the end, it looks the same.
  • I used the hot glue gun where the fabric adhesive was not good enough…mostly on parts I know you can’t see.
  • I poked holes in the fabric where you mount the bins and mounted them to the wall
These are right next to the door from the garage where we come in everyday.

Do you like the light switch without a plate?  Just keepin’ it real for you.
Then I wanted some labels.  So I went to OnePrettyThing and searched labels.  Wow!  I was overwhelmed, she has posted so many free printable labels.  Choosing was the hardest but I landed on this one.  I printed it out, cut it, wrote the label, and lightly modge-podged it onto a cut piece of cardboard from a box…thanks Amazon!  This is how it turned out.
For $6.00 my life is more organized and my table is on its way to be clutter free.  Now, I have got to get the bags off.  Maybe I should first go get a light switch cover.   One step at a time Jennifer.
Update:  I added the switch cover! – Here is the new and improved Mail Bins!
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One response to Upcycled Mail Sorting System

  1. That looks fabulous and what a clever idea!