Debbie's Wedding

Jennifer —  October 17, 2011

First of all I want to apologize for not posting on Friday.  Last week was wedding week and I was swamped with getting everything ready for my friend Debbie's wedding.  She got married in Kansas City and I had to have everything ready to set out in the short amount of time I had to decorate.  When I arrived I had a total of 2 hours to decorate the ceremony and a total of 3 hours to decorate the reception due to other events there.  I have never been so exhausted but it was all worth it.  Since I was running around everywhere putting it all together, I had the hubs my resident photographer take pics because I was working up until the last-minute.  (I was literally ironing the communion table-cloth as the girls were coming up to take pictures)  I ran to the hotel, got dressed and saw my friend get married.  The hubs didn't get all the pics I wanted but that's okay.  You will get the gist of it all!

Debbie got married at a church in Liberty Missouri and had her reception at Uptown Theater in Downtown Kansas City.  My job was to decorate her entire wedding on a $500 budget.  She had a guest # of 350 people.  The good thing is that within the cost of renting Uptown theater she got table cloths and table setting.  (Whew!)  I didn't have to do all that!  She also had a good friend arrange her flowers.  That was another clear “Whew” for me.  What did I have to do:

  • 35 unique table centerpieces
  • Cake table decorations
  • Ceremony Decor
  • Entryway table  at the ceremony
  • Kids Table (Which the hubs my resident photographer forgot to get pics of but don't worry…I will recreate it for you!)
  • Gift Table
Here are the highlights.  I will show you how I did it all in posts to come.
There were two types of tables.  They both were generally the same except the flowers.  The florist made 16 mum balls for the aisles of the ceremony. I will break down how I did this centerpiece and the cost of them all in an upcoming post.   I used those for the centerpieces which left me 19 table to do something different.  Here is the centerpiece with the mum balls:
Here is the centerpiece with a burlap vase of mums.  (The burlap vase was a large food can covered with burlap)
They all had the same elements except the flowers were different on half the centerpieces.  Here is the other side of the vase.  This card was a note from the couple that explained what to do with the advice cards:
Here is the view of my centerpiece at my table halfway through the reception:
Here is a view of the entire tables.  The little cards are advice cards for the couple:
Here are all the tables:
Here is a shot of them lit up at night:
Here is the cake table.  The bride did something really unique to save some money.  She didn't have a traditional wedding cake.  She had friends make all types of cakes (that any good cook would make for her family)  She picked cakes that were her family member's favorites.  We just set them on cake stands and I made a chalkboard label with a picture explainin

g each cake.  She could have spent a lot of money on a huge wedding cake for 350 people but because she was creative she avoided that huge cost.  It was unique and everyone liked the variety.

Here are the little stands in front of all the cakes looked like.  (This was infront of the bride and groom's favorite cake)
Here is what the church looked like.
This is the back of the church:
The weird thing about this church is the guests did not enter this way.  There were side doors they entered into but the bride did enter this way.
The doors into the church:
The entryway table is not a great picture.  The hubs didn't get the finished product.  Darn.  I  am glad the photographer did.  The entry way was TINY. You had to leave room for guest needing to use the elevator to come through yet the wall was awkwardly away from the front door. The guest book was on another table.  The church had a china cabinet that was not allowed to move.  So I moved a bench in front of it and covered it.  This shot was a work in progress.  Take away the ribbon roll, the glue sticks and imagine a few floral arrangements next to the tin with programs.  Better pics soon I promise.
I am sorry to say the hubs didn't get a great pic of this BUT the photographer did and Debbie bought the rights to her pics so when she gets her pics I will share the end product with you.
Here is me about 10 minutes after I should have left to go get ready.  The wedding was at 4…this was at about 2:45
Here is some of my sweet friend's engagement pictures.  My good friend took them and she just quit her job to pursue this full-time photography thing.  If you are in the Dallas area and need a great photographer….check out her blog here.

source here

I felt privileged that my friend wanted me to decorate her wedding.  It was a fun wedding to be apart of and I really wanted to make it special for her and at the same time make it easy on her family.  The greatest part of this weekend was seeing, what I believe, a great marriage begin.  I hope you are having fun on your honeymoon Deb!
Stay tuned for how I did this, a few more things on Asa's room, and……finally….my laundry room rehab is finished.  YES!!!!
Thanks for reading,


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