Burlap Goes with Everything

Jennifer —  November 30, 2011

There are a few elements of the centerpieces that I have not shared with you.  The first things are the blocks that the vases sit on.

I got the fabric at FM fabric for 2.99 a yard.  I bought three yards.  I scavenged the Home Depot clearance wood stack and got a bunch of 2X6s and various other lumber that could work for a total of $2.00.  I cut the wood into 4X6 squares and then I covered them in fabric.  I had to do this 35 times but it gave the centerpieces some height.  Total cost:  11 bucks so .31¢ a table.

Our total is now up to this:

Blocks: .31¢ per table

Vases: $1.05 per table

Advice Cards and note from couple: $2.19 per table

Total: $3.55 per table

The votives that you see on the table came with the table setting.  It was part of the rental of the venue.  You got tables, tables cloths, and two votives.

The main attraction was the lanterns.  The bride wanted the lantern.  It was originally a “no” because it was out of the budget.  The cheapest we found were at lowes for $9 a pop.  I just happened to be a Lowes at the end of September.  Low and behold the lanterns were on sale for $1.05 a pop.  I bought 35 immediately.

Now we are up to per table: $4.60

Now for the flowers.  Debbie had her florist make these “mum balls” to hang on the church pews at the ceremony.  There were 16 total.  I placed these on 16 of the tables.  This was counted in her floral budget so this was free.

We needed something floral for 19 other tables.  We also needed something to hold the flowers in as well.  On top of that we needed something to hold pens for people to write on the advice cards.  Here is where the burlap comes in.  I bought one yard of burlap for $2.99 at my favorite fabric store.  I called all my friends and had them collect their food cans as they used them for three months.  Everyday I would come to work and there would be a sack of empty cans, label free, sitting on my desk.  I collected 54 cans of food in total.  This was completely free.  I wrapped the cans with the burlap and secured it with hot glue.  The smaller cans held a few pens.  I then tied a cute little orange ribbon around the pen can.  I bought the ribbon at Wal-mart for $1.97.  I ended up having to buy three rolls of ribbon.

The above picture was the thow away bouquet.  I made sure that it was at my table so it could stay intact for the bouquet toss.  For the other 18 tables without flowers, I went to Lowes on the wedding day and bought four mum arrangements for $3.96 a pop. (the kind you see sitting outside the store all fall)  I filled the larger burlap covered cans on 19 tables (the ones without the mum balls) with mums from

those arrangements.  I just cut them and stuck them in the can with a little water.

The total for 54 cans covered with burlap cans for pens and flowers: $2.99.  That is .24¢ a table!

The total for the flowers were $15.84.  which turned out to be .45¢ per table.

Finally, I had to find tall candles for the lanterns.  Tall candles are pricey but I walked in Bed Bath and Beyond to get a shower gift one day and I found a 3 pack of 6 inch tall candles for $3.99.  That is cheap.  I bought out that entire store and bought out the Springfield, MO store to have enough.  My total was $46.55 which equals $1.33 per table.

So drumroll please….the wedding centerpiece total cost for 35 tables turned out to be:

  • Blocks: .31¢ per table
  • Vases: $1.05 per table
  • Branches for vases:  Free (all from the ground)
  • Advice Cards and note from couple: $2.19 per table
  • Flowers (mums and mum balls) .45¢ per table
  • Burlap vases: .08¢ per table
  • Lanterns: $1.05 per table
  • Candles: $1.33 per table
  • Grand total: 6.46 per table!  for a grand total of $226 for the wedding centerpieces for a 350 person wedding reception.

I was able to accomplish exactly what the bride wanted, a unique, vintage centerpiece that looked like a collection.  This took a lot to time to gather and DIY all these things but I hope it encourages you that you can have a fabulous centerpiece on a limited budget.  Even if your wedding is big.

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