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Jennifer —  December 26, 2011 — 2 Comments

No, I am not talking about looking at Christmas gifts before its time.  I am talking about bathroom privacy.  What?!  First let me give you some context.  I took two weeks off of work for Christmas and last week I spent getting ready for the guests.  It was great motivation to get some projects done on my list.  Since I work full-time these projects have to be done either after work, on weekends, or when I get time off. If nothing else got done in the house for my guests.  If I only had time to do ONE project…it was this one:

The window in the guest bathroom.  It”s in the tub/shower area.  Its view is the front yard…our main street.  Even worse, it is the window right next to the front door.  YIKES!  This is how I have remedied it in the past:

It”s a plastic shower  curtain with a tension rod.  It has fallen TWICE when I was in the shower.  The moisture gets to the tension rod and it falls for all the neighborhood to see you in the shower. Before we moved in, the previous owner had just put frosting on the windows.  You could totally see the silhouette of the person taking a shower from the road AND you could kind of see the person if you walked up to my porch. I don”t know about you, but that is not very guest friendly.  Here is what I did to fix it.  I bought this fabric shower curtain liner at Ikea this past fall.

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I found this blog post by Little Green Notebook  when I googled “DIY Roman Shade”.  The blogger figured out how to use old mini blinds to make a roman shade.  This was perfect because I have old mini blinds still hanging in the third bedroom.  Those windows are the same size as the one in the bathroom.  I followed the instructions to a tee.  Instead of using upholstery fabric, I used the fabric (not plastic) shower curtain liner.  This shade needed to be water-resistant.  One other little change was I doubled the liner up so it was completely non-see through.  I had to sew it together and then fold it over and super glue it.  (I used super glue because I didn”t want the heat from the shower messing with tacky glue

I moved the attachment brackets over to the window:

I hung it and this is how it turned out:



If you wanted to open it you can but I probably won”t ever.

It is completely private.  There is definitely no silhouette during the day.  There could be at tonight (not see through) but I hung the shower curtain tall and picked a dark fabric.  When you close it with the liner, even at night you can”t see the silhouette.  There is just enough light to see in the shower but not enough to project a silhouette outside.  One last thing I think I will do is I am going to put a removable frost on the window.  This is not for privacy but because I don”t really like how  the back of the roman shade looks on my front porch.  Put that one on my to do list.

Did you have a Merry Christmas?  Some of my family is still here and we are about to spend the day out on the town.  Any good movies we should see?  Here is our family right before we went to Christmas eve service.  Don”t you know our best pictures are the funny ones.

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2 responses to No Peeking

  1. the new Sherlock Holmes was pretty good. My family went to see War Horse yesterday and they are going to see Girl With A Dragon Tattoo. I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas

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