Rehab: A Large Empty Wall

Jennifer —  February 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

I have had a large empty wall in my living room/hallway for about three years.  Why?  Most of the reason is because we were working on other things like our kitchen, laundry room, and master bathroom.  Then we started to flip a house and that blank hallway wasn’t a priority.  AFter we were done with all these projects the wall started to haunt me. (Okay, that was a little over dramatic)  But it would just stare at me and I wanted to do something with it.  Here it is when we moved into the house:

It took me a few months later to figure out what I wanted to do.  I wanted to do a wall gallery.  I had seen so many good examples online like this one and this one.  I love the look of both but  in my home I was going for a more linear look so I leaned more to the second one.   I wanted multiples of the same frame, matted the same way with different black and white pictures.    So, I took the trip to Dallas for work and stopped at Ikea to get a bunch of these NYTTJA frames.  I bought 20 and I got home to find out I needed more.  Bummer!  I partly gave up because of my frustration and partly because I thought I needed to stop the rehab until I could get more Ikea frames.   As I started getting my house ready for Christmas I got renewed direction that didn’t force me to have to wait for Ikea.  I thought I could keep the “linear/multiples” theme by creating a repeated pattern on the wall that includes the Ikea frames and a larger frame.  I started cutting wrapping paper the size of the Ikea frames and taping computer paper together to represent the larger frames.  It took me two hours of playing with it but I finally settled on this:

Please excuse the bad picture.  I took this picture at night with my old camera.  I didn’t worry about the lines being straight or level I just wanted to figure out the pattern and the spacing. This was the template I used for the most part but I had to tweak it a little.  Why?  I picked an expensive sized large frame (shocker). To buy the ones I found online I would have paid $180 dollars on the big frames. Sorry….I didn’t want to spend that much money on this project, knowing that I had already sunk $40 into it.  Not only that, but I was also busy saving up for The hubs big 30th birthday present and purchasing Christmas gifts.   My first solution is usually to turn to a thrift store.  I didn’t this time because I knew the odds of me finding 8 of that exact size in a thrift store was so low that I didn’t even attempt to waste my time.      Needless to say, my staring at the wall began again for the next two three weeks.  Now the problem was not what to do…but how to do what I wanted. Stay tuned!

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2 responses to Rehab: A Large Empty Wall

  1. I have a hallway in our home that I have been wanting to hang photos up on for two years…. the problem is I just can figure out what i want to do…. I look forward to you writing more on this topic. Thanks for your wonderful blogs

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