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Jennifer —  May 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

If I was really witty and funny I could come up with a fun “rap” that has to do with this topic but at the risk of being a complete cheese ball and making a fool of myself I will hold back.  There is a beat in my head right now though…

Anyway, the week  of the wedding I was talking to the bride about what all they had collected and I felt like we needed something more.  Thank you Pinterest because I was able to Pin this to the board the bride and I had been sharing and she immediately called and said do it.  I tweaked it a little of course.

I went off to Micheals in search of Styrofoam wreath forms.  Cue the “Whah, Whah, Whah” sound when you guess the wrong letter on “Wheel of Fortune”.  They had small ones for $12.00.  I was fine with the $12.00 but they were so small.  They had big ones but the were squared off and not “wrappable round”.  The big ones were $18 a pop.  I would have been fine with that but one of my pet peeves is spending good money for something this is not exactly what I want.  If I have to tweak it…it better be cheap.  If I would have had time I would’ve gone to the Hobby Lobby 45 minutes away, but there was no time Micheals was my option.  I rounded the corner to the next aisle and found this:

A straw wreath the perfect size and the perfect price.  I grabbed 4 for $20.  It was wrapped in plastic.

I cut some strips of leftover fabric from Debbie’s wedding that I also used for this project and determined which side would be the back of the wreath.  I cut 3 inch strips of fabric making sure the pattern went the same direction.  I decided to keep the plastic on.  It was holding the straw together quite well.  Probably not needed but I did it anyway.  I glued (with hot glue) a strip to the back of the wreath:

…and I wrapped it around until it was done.  I made sure that it ended generic viagra online on the backside of the wreath and I hot glued it down.

It takes more fabric but do pretty close together overlapping so you can mold the fabric to the contour of the wreath.  If you go wide there will be gaps.  Here is the finished product after adding some twine.  To start a new piece I just glued the next piece on the back aligned with the one I just finished.

The florist had extra flowers that she ordered from the bouquets so I used them to add some color.  I cut a few, wrapped the bottoms in twine and attached it to the wreath with a few straight pins.  (Going through the stem into the wreath)

For $20 I got four wreath’s that brought a little vintage flair and flowers to the reception




Who says weddings have to be expensive?  Don’t kid yourself, one of these might be on my door this fall with some fall flowers!

Thanks for reading!



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