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Jennifer —  May 14, 2012 — 2 Comments

Finnley Update:  He has not come home.  I have cried a ton and everywhere I go I am looking but we have done absolutely everything and we still can”t find him.  We have even put an ad in the paper with a reward…nothing.  I am just trying to comfort myself by praying he is in a loving home somewhere…..I wish he was back in mine.

Its officialy,  my friends have moved into their house.  I can”t wait to show you pictures after they have decorated.  I am not helping them there.  They are good at that on their own, the Hubs and I helped take their old home and make some needed updates.  I showed you on Friday, pictures of their finished kitchen.  


This kitchen had some good bones.  The cabinets are a mint green color and we both loved them.  The tile was that dingy tile that is almond and speckled.




We didn”t have alot of moolah to completely change the tile.  It might happen someday but it was not in the budget now.  Our quick fix was levitra mg to transform the existing tile backsplash.  I had some bathtub refinishing paint leftover from refinishing this bathtub:

I like using .  I actually like using the spray better than the brush on, but I already had the brush on so I thought I would finish it off.  This stuff is $40 for an actual kit.  It is made to be durable for a bathtub so it is super super glossy and water resistant.  It feels and looks like tile when dried.  I ran out and we still had the bathroom tile to paint and I tried Appliance Spray Paint for that.  I learned that works just as well.  It gives the same feel and the same look but its only $5.00.  A backsplash is not submerged in water.  It just gets splashed and needs to be wipeable.  Appliance spray paint is perfect for that.  Never-the-less…I am a use-what-I-have type gal and this is what I had.  So, if my friends decided that they want to spray down the backspash with a hose…its good to go.  After Taping off everything, I started to paint.  You have to move quick with this type of paint.  I had to work so fast it was hard to get in progress pictures here is the difference:


This was of course in process of the first coat.  Here is what it looked like after:



Here are some tips for using this stuff:

  • If you can spray paint with appliance spray paint OR if you must, the Homax spray on epoxy.  It is so much easier to be smooth.  You will have to tape off and cover EVERYTHING.  You don”t want the epoxy to get on anything.  It hardens and won”t get off.
  • If you must brush:  Use even strokes.  The paint is self leveling so don”t worry about brush strokes.
  • Brush in one direction while its wet until there are no runs.
  • In a small section, paint the grout between a few lines of tile first, then the horizantal grout lines, then smooth the paint on the tiles.  Move to the next section of tiles.
  • Don”t put a layer on two thin but you also don”t want too thick.
  • Follow the instructions for drying
  • Wear a mask…this stuff can mess with your head.
  • I did two coats for a great shiny finish!


Since we didn”t have to purchase this stuff we got an entire new backsplash for $10.00.  (The cost of the brush and painters tape)  If we would have purchased the epoxy we would have spen about $50.00  If you use use appliance paint we would have needed 3 coats so about two cans, so about $20.00.  The best part is you don”t need trowels, grout, a tile cutter and this takes about 30 minutes of your time each coat and its ready to go in about two days!  I love easy  and cheap projects that make a huge impact!

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