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Lets go back to the vintage wedding.  I have lots of posts to share but I didn”t want to just overwhelm you with post after post.  Since its wedding season all summer, I thought I would sprinkle in some wedding stuff. 

When the bride came to me and asked me t help she told me that she wanted a vintage wedding but wanted it to be very eclectic.  We (me, the bride, her sisters, and her mother) started going through our stuff and going to flea markets to grab vintage trinkets.  Boxes, books, and little odds and ends.  This was like a little treasure hunt.  I was grabbing things for .25¢ everywhere.  The mother-of-the-bride started going through her storage closet and we pulled out a ton.  The bride went to flea markets.  The crazy thing is that there was that everyone was collecting until a few days before the wedding and then I got 6-7 boxes of trinkets.  I had my white vases from Debbie”s wedding:

I had stacks and stacks of vintage books from a friend, my collection, and then some that I got for 5-for-$1 at most thrift stores.  There are lots of retirees where I live so vintage books are in abundance…for cheap.  The day of the wedding I unwrapped every trinket and labeled whose they were on the bottom with tape.  I also labeled every book.  This is key when you are borrowing so when clean up happens it can all go to its rightful owner.   As I surveyed the spread I came up with a plan:

Here is what would be the same

  • Every table would be centered by my white vases with flowers
  • There would be a couple of Mason jars and votives (all borrowed) on every table
  • Every table would have a stack of books.

Here is what was different:

  • Each table would have a collection of old vintage pieces

Here is how it turned out:

There was free data recovery software backed up to CrashPlan Central is retained for a short grace period prior to removal. no rhyme or reason to what went where.  In fact, my good friend Erika was just as much apart of their placement as I was.  My only direction was random and eclectic. She did a great job catching my vision and my friend Chantel was scurrying around making sure we had trinkets in our hand as we needed them.  I couldn”t have done this without these friends!

The bride”s brother had some leftover tree stumps from his rustic photo booth background.  I snatched those up and used them:


As I sat at the table that night, I actually took some time to look at the books on that table.  There are some cool old books out there and they just look neat.


If you look hard enough you will recognize some things in my house.  Do you recognize what is mine here?  I will give you a hint from here.  The bride and I share the same last name initial.

I had some favorite finds in the thrift stores.  Some where my finds, some where others. The little bird above is one.  Here are some others:



After gathering and collecting, I bet we spent about $100-$150 on things for the wedding tables.  Which is very cheap.  Of course this is not including the  tablerunners and table cloth”s but I will share how we did cialis from canada that on the cheap too!

We used  three types of tables indoor tables, patio tables, and folding tables.  We did not rent one table.  It took a little planning to make that cohesive but it I will share how soon.

Thanks for reading,



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