UH…OH…What are We Going to Do?

Jennifer —  June 1, 2012 — 1 Comment

The DIY reality is that you sometimes don’t foresee little issues. Things were clipping along in this bathroom renovation that started out like this:

Here was our project List:

  • Get rid of the wall paper border
  • Paint
  • New Floor
  • Painted Cabinet
  • New white countertop
  • Epoxy paint the tile like we did in the kitchen

Everything was going along as planned. I will explain how I did some of the above in upcoming posts. Today…I want to talk about the tile.

I painted the dingy almond speckled tile with white appliance spray paint. It took two coats with an hour drying time in between coats, and a 24 hour “don’t touch” period after the second coat. It was easy, smooth and no runs!

All was going well, I was thinking this bathroom renovation is almost finished….and then we changed the countertop.

The new countertop didn’t fit how much is prednisone right on the counter with the existing tiles. We had to take out one entire row of tiles!

We asked ourselves, “do we remove the cabinet and demo the tiles?” When we did that with the other bathroom this happened:

A full demo/ rehab was in the budget for the first bathroom. If we do that here…we are over. We had some flex in the budget because we rehabbed the existing bathroom vanity. We had planned to purchase a new vanity but we didn’t because not only did the cabinet have character but it was also in great condition. We had to put our heads together and the Hubs thought of a great idea…Bondera!

sorry wordpress is being finnicky…that is why its sideways

Bondera is what you put on your wall (like in a bathroom or kitchen) for tile to adhere to. It comes in all diffferent sized sheets for kitchen back splashes and it comes in smaller sheets for tile repair. You peel it, stick it on the wall and adhere your tile to it. No mortar and trowel mess, and no worries about getting grout evenly spread and troweled right. You don’t even need tiling tools (except for maybe a tile saw) Its pricy to do an entire kitchen backsplash in Bondera because mortar is so cheap, but in the end, if you don’t want to mess with mortar or have the tools to do so, then it for sure will be cheaper than paying someone to do it for you. It holds the tile as strong as mortar. You put the Bondera up, stick the tile on and then grout. If I were ever on Design Star and made it to the kitchen renovation show (the episode where the unfinished backsplash is usually the culprit for an unfinished product, I would do the backsplash only if i could budget for Bondera! Anyway, we got the small role for 13 bucks. We didn’t even use 1/4 of it. We put it on the wall.

We bought 5 cheap .14ยข white tiles at Lowes and cut them to size with our wet saw. We put them up on the wall.

The next thing was grout. Here is some good news…if you need to replace a tile and your grout is white, sand, black or grey colored, you don’t have to replace the grout on the entire backsplash. You buy a little squeezable tube! No mixing of grout! You squeeze it between the tiles, smooth it out with your finger, and let it dry 24 hours! Easy…like less than 3 minutes easy. You do need to wipe down the tiles with a damp cloth or sponge to get the grout off the tiles after you smooth the grout in with your finger. Lowes only had grey in stock. No biggie…I knew it would be painted.

The whites didn’t match because the epoxy white was different then the new white tiles. No big deal. I taped off the wall and cabinet and floor (because it was already installed). I used trash bags, painters paper, and painters tape. I used what I had left of the epoxy appliance spray paint. I sprayed two coats on the tile and then sprayed one unifying coat over the entire thing. (if I would have had to buy it, I would have spent $4…)

Disaster Averted!

You don’t even know those tiles weren’t part of the original set!

This little $17 fix kept us from having to do the following:

  • remove cabinet
  • removing the cabinet means removing the plumbing that the plumber had just done to fit the new counter
  • Removing the plumber means calling a the plumber again to re do it (we don’t mess around with leaky faucets…its not our expertise so we always budget for a plumber) Out plumber is $50 an hour.
  • Removing the cabinet means removing the quarter round we just bought to transition the floor to the cabinet…and then buying more because something always breaks in demo.
  • Having to demo the tile
  • hanging drywall and then installing new tile.

Whew…that could have been $150-$200 dollars!

Have a great weekend! I hope this helps you problem solve when rehab realities happen!

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