Out with the New…Embracing the Old

Jennifer —  June 6, 2012 — 2 Comments

When you are rehabbing on a budget you more than likely need to embrace the old to save moolah.  The old item in the two bathrooms in my friend”s house were the two medici How To Get Your Ex Back ne cabinets:



I will say that I loved the mirror in its gold form.  I kind of wanted to steal it for a future rehab in my house, but I am not that kind of friend… (or at least I try not to be :)  They don”t make medicine cabinets like this anymore.  Well, they do but they are expensive.    It was sturdy white metal with glass shelves.  In the rest of the house we were going with a cottagy generic viagra safety theme with charcoal metal colored fixtures  like in this light fixture here.  The gold would not have meshed well with that theme..so instead of getting rid of it…we painted it white.  I primed it:

Priming is crucial with a Unibetin laatupelitarjonta ei rajoitu netti kasino ihin, vaan se on alun alkaen ansainnut kannuksensa erityisesti vedonlyonnin saralla ja nettipokerissa. medicine cabinet.  You want to prime it so it will last.  You will be opening and closing this every day, many times a day.  Then I sprayed it with high gloss white.  I like high gloss because its wipeable.  This is perfect for bathroom humidity and dirty hands.

This medicine cabinet would be really fun in a bathroom with a bold pop of color too!  It could be pink, blue, yellow…the possibilites are endless.  The great thing is that my friends could change it up if they want some color.  Here is how it turned out:


I think it turned out great! We spend $10 to transform both of them…so a $5 fix for each bathroom!

On a different note…did you watch Design Star? The Hubs and I are holding firm to our top 4 picks but I am thinking I underestimated Rachel! I loved what she did with patterns and color!

Have a Happy Wednesday!



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2 responses to Out with the New…Embracing the Old

  1. I think your predictions or good, only replace brittany with rachel. I like brittany the best, but the judges seem like they are more into modern eclectic urban type design.

    • Yeah, after Rachel’s performance in the white box challenge I am wondering why I didn’t include her…but its too late now. I have made my predictions.

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