Guest Bathroom Progress

Jennifer —  June 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

I shared on Monday that it was time for my guest bathroom to be redone.  The picture I showed on Wednesday is what my guest bathroom looked like when we moved in over 4 years ago.

The orange was atrocious but we didn’t want to tackle this one until after our master bathroom rehab was done.  We had to have a bathroom to use!  This bathroom makeover didn’t get to happen until 4 years later!  Besides the orange, the bathroom actually had good bones.  There was some functional problems such as the mirror.  I am 5’9″ and the Hubs is 6′ tall.  The mirror was not hung high enough so we both had to squat to see our faces.  Most of our guests were taller than the mirror so that was constantly an issue.  We couldn’t hang the mirror higher due to the light fixture.

The former owner tiled the bathtub and did a great job.  It’s not the tile that I would have picked but it is done well and nice, so there was no sense ripping it out.

The bathroom cabinet was in great condition, so we decided to keep it.  I debated if I should paint it or not…I will let you know what I chose later.

The sink top I didn’t love yet didn’t hate.  Its more of a creme top with white swirls.  In the orange scenario it looked bad, but our cabinet is an non-standard size so the custom order top would have been a little pricier.   I liked the faucet and the shower faucet so I didn’t really want to have to call a plumber to re-install (The hubs and I un-install plumbing, but we don’t re-install.  We know our limits and we like peace of mind knowing there is not a leak going on that we can’t see because we thought we did it right)

I decided to work up a plan to keep it in there, convinced I could make it work.   I figured that if I could get it to blend in then it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Four years ago, when we moved in, we didn’t do any renovations but I just couldn’t cost viagra cialis handle the orange…so i painted it some extra off-white I found in the garage left from the previous owner.  I figured it could serve as a primer:

Then about a year ago my friends and I had a garage sale and I decided to sell the light and the mirror.  My best friend actually snagged the mirror, painted it and its ended up here in her home:

This is how the bathroom looked for almost 7 months.  With the mirror gone I used my Ikea mirror that was once in my master bathroom (phase 1) until I built the medicine cabinet.  I didn’t want to hang it so I propped it up against the sink.  What about light?  The exhaust fan has a light so if someone needed to use the bathroom…they were good.  I put a lamp on the counter for my guests who had to get ready.

My guests would just laugh at me, but hey…you do things when you can or when you have money.  If you were to come in my house right now you would see a pretty blah third bedroom.  Yes, the elliptical is an eyesore…but it keeps me in shape.  There are plans to move it into the garage, but we can’t do that until we build our storage shed outside to clear out room in the garage…….oh the never-ending projects.

The guest bath has been like the above pictures, until lately.  Does anyone want to guess what I decided to do to the walls?  (No one can comment if you have seen it)  I have a prize for the first person that comments and gets it right.  There are hints in former posts….

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