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The Good news is that I found my phone!!!!!  It had fallen between the seat and the console of my car.  Phew!  So that means that I can finish my blog about my dirty tub.  We helped a friend renovate her house and her main bathroom was on the list for renovation.  The bathtub was really dirty and had an old sliding glass shower door.  It was dingy and old and we decided that the bathroom would look bigger if it came down.  With the shower door in place, your eye immediately stopped at the shower door.  I figured a clean tub with no door would draw your eye farther and make the bathroom look bigger.  Here is what the tub looked like after the door was pulled off:

Here is the before Pic:



The shower door was screwed into the sides of the fiberglass tub.  When the door was gone these holes were left:

Did I mention that due to the other rehabs were were doing the water was turned off?  How do you clean a tub without water?  A weed pump sprayer of course!

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Here is what I used to clean this tub:

  • Tiny Razor Blade (to get the caulk and glue off)
  • a scrub pad with a handle
  •   (I love this stuff by the way!  It is a household staple in our house)

Here is the how to:

  1. Spray it down with water and wet your scrub brush
  2. Sprinkle the Bar Keepers friend on the brush and start scrubbing from top to bottom.
  3. Rinse and repeat as many times as it takes until all the grime is gone.
  4. Spray Goo Gone directly on the glue and caulk.
  5. Let it set for 10 minutes
  6. Come back and use your razor to get it all off.
  7. Rinse and repeat until its all gone
  8. Clean the bathub one more time with Bar Keeper”s friend and rinse and you get this:

How did I fill the holes?  I used Fiberglass filler.

I followed the instructions to a tee and it looked like this while it was drying.

You lightly sand it down (being careful not to scratch the tub).

The tub is a bisquit colored tub so I purchased some bisquit colored epoxy tub refinishing paint on amazon.  Since I was not refinishing the entire tub, I purchased the brush on kind.  I touched up the holes.  It was not perfect but it hides it well enough, especially with the shower curtain.

Here is the Bathroom Before:


Here is the final product:


Just imagine a shower door in the picture above.  Can you imagine how small the space would feel?  It felt like another wall.  I really think removing the door was buy zithromax worth it!  Not to mention, it was probably 15 years old.  My friend”s tub was definitely not as bad as this tub, that I cleaned in the same way!

This one turned out looking like this:

In total we spent about $55 to really get this tub looking good. It was in good condition and we just had to bring it back to life.

Have a great Wednesday!
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