Yes, I have another barn light….

Jennifer —  June 25, 2012 — 1 Comment

Today we are skipping back to my guest bathroom progress.  I shared with you here that one of the main problems with the bathroom was the light fixture hung too low for a mirror to be hung high enough for someone to see their head.

I wanted to face the mirror lengthwise and yet I didn”t want an electrician to have to come to move the wiring so my goal was to find something that did either of the following:

  1. Was short enough to allow a mirror to hang lengthwise
  2. Or the light hung out far enough that the framed mirror could go behind the mirror.

The second option was harder to find than I expected.  If you see here in this post I had a plan for this bathroom.  It included stripes that I found in a This Old House Magazine.  I loved how the white and light tan stripes looked with the brown which totally matched my existing cabinet.

via this old house

Which I accomplished this look here:

The plan also included a fun pop of color mirror like the one at Our Humble A{Bowed}:

via our humbledabowed

And….of course, my favorite as of late…The barn light.  I swear that this obsession is not as bad as my passion for stripes.

via barnlight electric

I will admit that the barn light for this bathroom was the first one I purchased.  I bought it on clearance at Lowes about a year ago.  It was the last one left.  It was normally $44 but I got it for $22.  It sat in my third bedroom closet for about 9 months.  This is why I always like to have a plan for a space.  All my friends ask me how I get all the bargains.  Seriously, I truly believe it can happen to you.  My secret?  Have a plan.   Pin it on a bulletin board and then slowly start to make it happen.  I have had this plan for a More than a third of all Americans who get health insurance through their jobs are enrolled in such plans, although that number is expected to decline every year. few year now.  While I am saving money, I am always on the look out.  when I put a plan together I don”t worry about money of items.  Then, after its done I start to look for things that are similar to what I wanted and think about how I am going to make it happen on a dime.    If you search for a barnlight the day you need one…you will pay alot of money.  If you give yourself some time…I promise you will find it.  Or, it will find you :)   Because I knew my plan, when I saw the barnlight on the clearance rack at Lowes…I picked it up.  It originally was a rusty-brown color.

When it was time, I primed it:

I painted it a charcoal metal color:

And Voila…my new light.

Finally, it went from being blinded with the orange while you were getting ready:

When the orange was so bad you didn”t even notice your head was cut off, but after I primed you started to notice that you can”t stand up and see yourself:

To finally being able to see yourself…with great lighting as well!

Do you like my new mirror? I made it from scratch!  I will show how I used this mirror to do it!

More to come soon!  I hope you are having a great Monday.  It is hot here but I am about to be doing this:

Yep, I consider the slip-n-slide a perk of my job.

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One response to Yes, I have another barn light….

  1. Ryanne Kurzen (Fortney) June 25, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Love your new guest bathroom!! So cute!! I wish I lived closer to you so I could do fun projects like this with you! :) Miss you friend.

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