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The big splurge for my friends in their house was their new laminate floor.  When they got the house the carpet was old and nasty.   They wanted something durable but really couldn’t swing it in the budget for wood.  We shopped around for good prices for flooring and install.  We checked out the following:

The look I was going for was to find a darker wood.  The goal for The Hubs is to get it within the budget to pay for install.  We can install laminate floors but its not our favorite thing to do.  Lowes, the local store, had great options under $2.00 but their install ranged from $1.77-$1.99 per square foot for basic install.  We were flooring 800 square feet..thats almost $1600 more on top of the price of the floor and supplies!  That put us way out of the budget.  It was looking like we were about to have to install…(cue the wah, wah, wah, sound effect)  I wanted to give these two roomies what they wanted.  They are working girls, good friends, and will be hosting lots of people at their house.  We walked back into home depot to check one more time and we saw that they were doing an entire house installation on all special order laminate floors for $394.  It couldn’t be anything they had instock in the store.  We were at  Home Depot because I noticed online they were having a sale on a particular laminate flooring.  The original price was $2.19 and it was marked down to $1.19.  I had called online but the price of shipping would make the sale not worth it.  I wanted to see if the store had it.  Come to find out….it was a special order item for the

store!  This means no shipping costs!  That also meant we could get the fabulous install price and save ourselves $1200!!!!!  There was one problem, the floor itself, in the store,  was over budget at the regular $2.19.  We needed under $2 to make budget.  (cue the wah, wah, wah sound effect)

The Hubs in his business “savyness” (he went to grad school for business) told me that the store would probably rather us purchase from them than online.  The store has sales goals and a customer going to the online store, in a town where they are located, would not be something they would want.  He put his negotiator hat on and I went wandering.  I get so nervous in these situations so I walk away.  I am glad I did because I found this flooring on sale!

The good news is the Hubs was right.  The manager was willing to honor the online price!  We got an over budget floor, way under budget plus we didn’t have to pay shipping or install!    I tell you this so that you can get the best price too!  Here is what we learned:

  • Check online at your local hardware store.  They often have sales apart from the store.  The actual store wants your business and there is a good chance will honor the online price if they can get the item.  I know it seems like it is all the same company… and it is, but online and physical store have to make sales goals apart from each other.   Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Be nice and take no when a manager says no.
  • Shop around.  No impulse buys!

Want to see how it looks?  Here is before:

Here is after:


Here is the kitchen before:

Here is after:

We got them a great deal and my back didn’t have to suffer because of install!!

Have a great Wednesday!

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