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Jennifer —  July 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

In Jane and Tanya”s house their bathroom was a blast from the past:



Here was the list of things that needed to change:

  • Old, outdated, speckled, and cracked wall tile.
  • Almond switches, outlets and plates
  • Old almond toilet
  • Updated Cabinet
  • Old vinyl Floor
  • Old Shower Door
  • Wall Paper gone
  • Updated medicine cabinet
  • Updated Light Fixture

This house could be a house for resale in a couple of years.  This bathroom needed to transform to a neutral, budget friendly, durable, and clean looking bathroom.  We needed to bring this bathroom to present day on a $1000 budget.  Here is how we did it:

1.)  We “demoed”  the wall tile and drywalled it back.  This was a $50 fix.


2.)  We took down the wall paper costing $40 (including the cost of touching up wall dings and getting it ready to paint).

This was more labor intensive than expensive.  because we had to remove a border and wall paper.  Then when we got all of that down…they previous owners had wall papered over another border!

We used the following to get it off:

3. )  We painted the walls Sherwin Williams Muslin in a Semi Gloss.  The cost of this update was $17. (one gallon covered two bathrooms so we divided that cost in two)

It was clean, bright and was almost a perfect match with the tub.  The goal was to blend in the tub for two reasons:

  1. We couldn”t change it (too expensive).  So we had to blend it in to make it look purposeful with our other white fixtures we were adding.
  2. Make the room look bigger.  If it blends into the wall it will trick the eye to making the room look bigger.

The muslin color also allowed the white we were adding to pop.

4.)  We took out the shower door and cleaned up the tub.  This total cost was $55. 


The door felt like another wall which closed the bathroom in.  We cleaned up the existing tub and painted the trim that was already around it.  I explained how I cleaned this tub here.

5.)  We purchased laminate tile on clearance.  The total cost for the new floor in this bathroom was $34!!!

See how we scored the great deal and laid the floor here.

6.)  We purchased a nice, energy efficient toilet for $150.

7.)  We purchased a stock cabinet from Home Depot for $118.

We were planning on keeping the cabinet but when we took the counter off the cabinet was found to be rotten wood.  We were under budget so we purchased a new ready-to- go stock cabinet with counter.

8.)  We purchased the chrome bathroom facuet and shower head and knobs for $90 total at Home Depot.

9.)  I rehabbed an old fixture with a new base for a $15 bathroom light.  

I did this in the kitchen too and explained how I did it here.

10.)  We updated the Medicine Cabinet with a can of spray paint for $5.00

11.)  I added stock shelves from Home Depot.  The shelves were $4 a pop and the brackets were $3 a pop for a total of $20.

12.)  I found a chrome towel holder at the Re-Store for 2 dollars that just needed to be cleaned.

13.)  We hung 2 hooks for towels on the wall opposite the shelves.  These hooks were $8 total.

The towel rack was replaced with much needed storage shelves for folded towels and toiletries.  I thought about reusing it but it was too big for the opposite wall and it stuck out off the wall too much.  So we decided on low profile chrome hooks that could hold 4 towels.  They  don”t take up as much visual space AND they hold more towels!

14.)  For more light we updated the old exhaust fan for a new one with a light $40.

15.)  We updated the outlets and switches to white for $10

16.)  Other costs were $30 in plumbing supplies to fit the new cabinet/faucet.

Note:  The hubs installed all the plumbing himself but we always have a plumber come and check our work.  We do that when the house is done and that cost was $150 which was lumped into a different budget.  There were 4 rooms to check for plumbing so if you want to get technical you could add $40 to this room for plumbing.

This rehab started like this:

Four Days and $730 this blast from the past was brought back to the future.

Did you notice that we were $270 under budget? I love when that happens. I hope this can give you some cost friendly ideas to completely transform an old bathroom.

Thanks for reading,



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2 responses to Past to Present

  1. I’ve stumbled upon your bathroom rehab more than once and it makes me wish I could “like” it twice! I love the shelves and how bright you’ve made it. So so fun!

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