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I love floor-to-ceiling shower curtains.  I especially love them in small bathrooms because it just makes a small bathroom feel more grand.  A few months ago I shared my moodboard/plan for my guest bathroom.  I really fell in love with this ikat print from Liora Manne.

via Liora Manne

It’s actually a rug.  I am pretty sure there is not a fabric version but I used it as my inspiration to find something similar.  My best friend and I went fabric shopping awhile back at our local fabric store.  It’s not my favorite store that is 45 minutes away, but my town has a quilting fabric store.  Its inventory is mostly small printed patterns that would look good on an old-fashioned quilt, but sometimes you can find some designer/modern fabrics.  They do have a ton of great baby fabric so we were in the store for my friend’s little girls room.  We stopped in the clearance room and I found this for $2.00 a yard.

I LOVED it!  I don’t I could have found anything so similar to my inspiration fabric rug    I immediately bought 6 yards of it for $12.00 (plus change for tax).  I went home and I grabbed two shower curtain rods that I already had.  We had one for the guest bath already and one that we used in the master bathroom until we found our shower doors.  I hung both of the tension rods up side-by-side, resembling a double curtain rod.

You can’t even seen the second one behind the first from this angle.

Earlier I had found two fabric shower liners (you know the kind that is water proof) at a thrift store for $1 a pop.  We have a lot of hotels where I live and when they remodel they drop off their stuff at thrift stores or have their own sale.  The curtains looked completely clean but I washed them with bleach and hot water.  I sewed two together and hemmed it to make a long shower liner.  I hung the with plastic shower rings on the back tension rod.

Now it was time to make the shower curtain.  I decided to be a little unconventional.  I wanted to frame my shower like a window.  This meant that I needed two panels.  I also knew the panels were going to be strictly an embellishment. I wanted the curtain to hide the rings and the liner so I didn’t want to put them on clips.  I decided to sew tabbed curtains like these.  Tabbed curtains can be time-consuming to sew and I was ready for it until I opened up my closet and found some old Ikea Curtains I purchased.  These very sheer curtains were on sale for $5 a pop because they were discontinued a few years ago when I purchased them.  I didn’t really have a reason but I had a gift card and I would rather spend $5 of my own money than leave $6 left on the card at the register.  I live 7 hours away from Ikea so it is an annual visit, and I can’t just come back and use $6.  So, to max out the card, I grabbed these curtains…more for the fabric of the curtains than the curtains themselves.  When I saw them I had an “Aha” moment.  Since I wanted them for fabric I could cut off the tabs and sew them onto my fabric.  So I cut off the tabs:

I had to cut a few out of the middle because my curtains were not as wide as these Ikea curtains.

I made sure that I had 1 inch on each side for the side hem.    I pinned it  1 inche below the top of my fabric.

(sorry this picture didn’t turnout great.  You can see that I cute a little above and below the tabs so when i folded over the top of my fabric it would be sewn in the hem.)

I folded the top of my fabric down 1 inch and folded it over again (the top of te Ikea curtains tabs are now under the hem of my curtain) and sewed them.  I them folded the sides 1 inch and then folded it again one inch to get the side hems.  The ends of row of tabs were folded into the hem and sewn.  I hemmed the bottom and my curtains were done.  Here they are hung up in my bathroom.  You can barely see it but there is teal in this tribal/ikat pattern.  It really makes the mirror pop.

Here is what the shower looks like in use. The fabric liner easily opens and closes.

I always see old and ugly curtains in thrift stores for .50¢-$2.00.  I will now be tempted to buy them if they have tabs just for the tabs.  Here is a picture from the back:

The curtains can open and close but we never need them to.  My bathroom is almost all coming together.  I have a few more posts left.  Sorry if my posts are so late this week.  These are the last two weeks of the busiest part of my job and…I am having a hard time not using the little amount of free time I have not watching the olympics.  I am so addicted!

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