I Love Lucy

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Meet Lucy.


She is my brand new “new to me” Danish modern loveseat straight from the 1950s. I bought her for $100 on Craigslist. I named her Lucy because of the classic 50s tv show that I adored as a kid. I grew up watching Lucy on Nickelodeon. I love this Lucy just as much… If not more.

vintage green couch

Of course I am super careful about Craigslist but if you are safe about it then you can meet some of the nicest people. The seller was a sweet lady whose mom had just passed away. She was excited to have someone give her mom”s stuff a new home. She couldn”t understand why she had gotten so many inquiries about the couch do quickly. I could. Some antique dealer would have bought this soda sold it for $250-$350! Luckily, I was the first bite. I paid her $100 and the Hubs loaded it in the truck.

I am, as I said above, very careful about Craigslist. I thought I would share the rules that The Hubs have set for buying on Craigslist.

1.). I am picky in reading the post itself. Read them out loud. You can sometimes tell overseas spammers who have posted something because it is written choppy and not natural sounding English.

2) I use an email that doesn”t have my information in the email. I have a work email, my iloverehabs email, a personal email, and another email that has no emails initials or links back to who I am. This last one is the one I use for online purchases and Craigslist. It”s also a way to keep spam/ company emails out of my personal emails.

3.). The Hubs has taught me to write short and to the point emails. Women can write more lengthy emails with emotions and the Hubs wants the seller to initially think I am a man. I know I can handle myself but he is right, I am more likely to not be taken advantage of if they think I am a man. The email that I mentioned above is very gender neutral. When I call people have been surprised I was a woman.

4.). I always talk to the person before I go pick it up. It gives me an opportunity to me to ask them about the item. I may not need to know the dimensions but I ask anyway. Why? It allows you to see what they know about their item. If they are scamming you then they more than likely not going to know their item. Talking to them gives you a chance to get a feel for the person selling the item and their history with the item.

5.). It”s okay to ask for more pictures if they are not good. Normal people, including me, are not great at taking pictures. I don”t want to waste my time or risk my safety for something I can”t see. Sometimes you can tell from the background of the pictures if it is a place you want to be or an environment that would be good for the furniture. I am probably won”t buy a couch that had pictures of lots of cats and dogs all over it. Again, you can”t judge a book by its cover so I usually use my conversation and the pictures to evaluate the sale. I bought a table and it looked like a run down scary place, but when I talked to the owner I found out he was selling furniture in a run down home he bought to renovate. He offered to load the table in his truck and meet me at Wal-Mart. If he wouldn”t have offered that I probably wouldn”t have bought it. With Lucy, the pictures and the seller”s story lined up. The house in the background had wood paneling and 1960s drapes. This woman”s mom had lived in this house for 30 years and It was evident in the pictures.

6.) If the item is small enough I ask to meet the seller in a public parking lot during the middle of the day. For Lucy, I knew the last could not load up the heavy sofa loveseat. This brings me to my next rule…

7.) I always ask for and address. Don”t just go by their directions that tells you to turn left at a certain landmark. I google the address and find it on a map, or even better, use Google earth. I know the neighborhoods in my area and know where I am safe. If I don”t know, I ask someone who lives there.

8.). The Hubs always goes with me. If he can”t go, I don”t buy it…period. Take someone with you, preferably

a guy (if you are a girl.)

9.). Take in the exact amount you need. Don”t show a wallet full of cash…not that I ever have that.

11.). People can over exaggerate items in posting. Lucy”s owner did not, but it has happened to me with other potential purchases. I try to get the brand name and Google it. eBay is a good measure for vintage furniture. Full sofas in this brand furniture style are going for $500-&800 bucks. This loveseat could be listed for $250-$300. I also couldn”t get a new loveseat/sofa bed in this style for less than $900. Enough said it was a great deal!

10.) Inspect the item when you get there and don”t verbally commit to the item until you get it before you see it. You can back out if it”s not what you want. Because people feel bad for what they have said…they get stuck with junk than what they don”t want. Lucy”s seller wanted $125. I was willing to pay that until I saw that the side of the couch had been faded from sun exposure.

Vintage Green Couch

To sum this long post up, no item is worth my safety. If the Hubs or I feel uncomfortable in the slightest way, I don”t care what it is…it”s not worth it.

Vintage Green Couch
Where is Lucy”s new home? Well, the twin bed in my third bedroom is borrowed. It”s time to return it and I want to make that room an office. The sofa bed allows us to have a bed for guests. Another thought is that she might be small enough to fit in our laundry room. We might put it there.

I do really love Lucy. I hope this post encourages you to wisely an safely find a treasure on Craigslist!

Thanks for reading,

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