The Evolution of a Laundry Room

Jennifer —  September 12, 2012

The Friday of Labor Day Weekend the Hubs and I decided we wanted to revamp our laundry room.  We love our laundry room and we are in it a ton, so a year later we realized that we wanted the room to evolve to what best fits our needs.  For a reminder of this space I thought I would share a few photos.

Laundry Room Before

Welcome to our laundry room when we moved in.  We did a major rehab in space plan a few years ago.  I explained how we did that here.  A year or so later it was finally finished as best we know it.  This is the laundry area.


This is the office area:

We had a writing desk area with a little sitting area.

Eventually that old chair was replaced by this thrift store find.

Next to the sitting area was my favorite part of the room…the craft area.

The room was great and the major players in the room (ie the wall color, the floor, the craft area, and the laundry area) were nothing we wanted to change, instead we just wanted to make the space more efficient.

Here is how we use the space:

Piper's room.  It used to be Piper and Finnley's room but now its just Piper.  We are not getting another dog for awhile so we don't need two spaces for dogs.  After Finnley left, Piper started sleeping in his bed.  I would like to think she missed him but it might be that she always wanted his bed.

Therefore, this bed by the office area was now no longer needed.

Laundry.  We didn't want to change around where the laundry space was, but instead make it a little more efficient.

Home Office.  I blog, the Hubs works.  We are in this room a lot.  We need organized storage for bills, projects, electronics.  This set up was nice looking but it wasn't really

working.  We needed workable systems.


T.V. watching.  I explained a few months ago that we are a cable free family.  We watch movies, amazon streaming, and Netflix on our television, but if we want to watch a current episode of something we have to watch it on our computer.  If we want to watch college football we watch it on our computer using ESPN 360.  Our computer is the size of a small television so it's actually a great viewing experience, visually.  It is not a comfortable viewing experience.  What happens is that one of us pulls the yellow chair up to the computer, and if we are motivated we will move this chair from our living room into the office/laundry room.

This got annoying fast.  The solution?  Lucy.

The problem was that this table was in the way of Lucy working in this space.

This is what I call the writing desk.  The Hubs works here.  He reads here every morning.  He mostly uses the iPad so he doesn't need to sit at the computer like I do.  The problem with this desk is that none of the available/workable storage is nearby.  He has to get up all the time to file things, scan things, or get things he needs.  The desk itself is up against some wrapping paper storage the Hubs built me a few years ago.  It was great, but I never really used it.  It was a great idea that didn't cost us much, but it didn't need to stay.  Before I could say “let's get rid of it” the Hubs already had the crow bar and drill in his hand.  We immediately moved Lucy into the space.

We loved it.  Lucy is comfy and we have already used her to watch a football game.  She is perfect.  She fits the style of the room, she is small and low key yet brings a cool vibe to the room.  Lucy…I really love you.  The problem now was the desk area.

  • The computer was kind of far away from Lucy so we wanted to bring it closer to her.
  • We have a need for two work spaces but now we really didn't have room for the two desks that we have without if feeling forced.
  • We needed more storage for files and paperwork.  I hate stacks of paper

I also hated that we now had two different desks on the same wall.  They were different heights and different depths. More importantly they were completely different styles.  I didn't mind this face when they were on different walls….

but now it just looked silly.  The solution was to build a new desk.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money but I also wanted to do it well.  We use this space a ton,  so it had to be done well.  We decided to use the removable legs from this desk…

Purchase a $5 door from the Homes of Hope ReStore

And make it into one long desk with storage.

This is not the finished product.  We are still working on the changes, but this is where we are in the evolution.  When we finish the desk you will get the full tutorial.  Computer will go on the right side so it can turn and face Lucy when we need it to for my OU football game.

More on this evolution soon!  Have a great Wednesday.

Thanks for reading,


P.S….we finished this room.  Check it out here.

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2 responses to The Evolution of a Laundry Room

  1. Great rehab! I wish mine looked anything like this (instead of a creepy spidery space).