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Living It Up

Jennifer —  May 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

Five Years Ago we loved into our house and this is what the living room looked like:

I loved the large bay windows and how the room was open to the kitchen. Last Wednesday I shared you the Google Image of our house before we bought it.  It had a massive tree in front.  You can see a winterized version of the tree here.

Living Room

This was how the room looked for a little while.

Living Room

Our living room was the last on the lis to rehab.  Mostly because I just couldn’t decide how I wanted it to look.  Here is the transitional stage.  (Sorry for the bad picture)

Living Room transition

The fireplace was what was throwing me off.  It was very red and I don’t love the color red as the main focal point in the room.  I do love read accents but this red was defining this room. It took a little patience to get Lee on board with painting the fireplace but when I finally did, the room just came together naturally.

Living Room Final

We built the bookcases to flank each side of the fireplace and I covered the Ikea Lack floating shelves with fabric. I was nervous to do it, but I am so thankful I painted the fireplace, and Lee is too.  We use it every winter so painting it did hinder its purpose.  I never could decide what to put on the mantle.  I tried different things but everything I could find was too big or too small.  To be honest, I kind of liked the minimal look.

Living Room Final 2

This is my favorite little nook with my rock star chair that I found on Craigslist for $50.    I read my bible here every morning.  I blog here.  Its my favorite spot.

Living Room Final 3

Here is an up close shot. I made the bible poster and the book cover art here.  I also have a stack of all my favorite design books.

Living Room Final4

The other side has our television and all of our electronics.  We don’t have cable but we do have an antenna.  See how we installed that here.  Read here and here on how we watch television without cable.  I also found this chair on the side of the road and recovered it.  This chair is my husband’s favorite chair.  He usually pulls this back to the couch and watches t.v. in this chair.

Living Room Final 5

Here is the view of the living room from the kitchen.  I bought a carpet remnant and cut it to fit the room perfectly.

Living Room Final 6

I built this ottoman/coffee table from an Ikea Lack Coffee table.

Living Room Final 7

I made a tray from an old cabinet door and it is the perfect place for coffee and drinks.  That is Lee’s car that he made to race when he was little.  Are you impressed?  I am.

Living Room Final 8

I needed extra seating but I did not want to block the window.  We bought a love seat originally but I returned it.  The hubs built me a bench and I made a cushion.  Its extra cushy and I love laying on this bench and taking a nap.  The bench is as big and as deep as a love seat.

Living Room Final 9

I also made these curtains out of fabric scraps I had on hand.  They are all different weights of fabric.  The trick was to make sure the heaviest weighted fabric was at the top and bottom.  I had to calculate my stripes based on how much I had while still making the two panels identical.  I didn’t have enough blue and white for the curtains to be long enough…so I added black.  Random, but I love them.

Living Room Final 10

Here is the view of the room from the fireplace.  You can see how our hallway goes back to our bedrooms.  I found my couch at a local store called Brashears.  Around here, leather and tan couches are king so I was thankful to find a grey couch with modern lines.  The pillows are from target and Ikea.

Living Room 11

In this picture you can see how the living room flows into the kitchen.  I love how open and cozy it all is.

Living Room Final 12

If you have followed this blog long you know I have a love for all things Danish Modern.  I had no intention of getting a new entry way dresser until I found this dresser for $50.  I made the chalk board quote wall out of framed drywall.

Living Room Final 13

I style this area often, but this is how it has been for a while.  I found the F sign for $1 at a flea market, I love vintage books and the jar is full of the Christmas cards we received this year.  I like to pull one out every once in a while and pray for that family.

Living Room Final 14

Speaking of drywall, I used fabric covered pieces of clearance drywall and ikea frames to create this gallery wall.  You can see here what all the art is on the wall.

Living Room 15

The frames go all the way into the hallway.  I love how it turned out and I ofter catch my self looking at them all and smiling.

Living Room 16

Its been a progress and I have loved this room, especially on a cold winter night with a fire.  It looks much different today because we have started packing it all up.  I wish I could put it all back.

Have a Great Weekend,


I am in the middle of reorganizing the laundry room right now and I have lots to show you in that room, but I am not quite ready yet. Today, I wanted to share with you an EASY rehab I did in the house the hubs and I flipped.  I have told you before that we literally gutted this house…new windows, floors, bathrooms, roof, heater, central air, gutters, updated exterior…you name it…we did it.  I would have love to do something fun to the fireplace but the moolah was just not in the budget to do so.  We had to have the fireplace checked during the inspection and it was functionally working well but it was soooo ugly to look at that I could not stand NOT doing something to it.  Here it is in all its glory.


Get excited there’s more…

If you walk into my house you will see a theme….stripes.  In some rooms there are small doses like in my guest bedroom pillow and sheets.  You will find some in my kitchen, my hallway and finally….my master bedroom.

Just for old times sake, here is a picture before:

Here is a picture in transition:

Here is the almost final stage of my master bedroom.

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My Master Bedroom has been a work in progress the past three years.  It started out like this:

The only structural thing we have done is we replaced the matted, old carpet.  Here is the floor plan of our house so that you can see where the master bedroom fits:

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Well, its finally done.  I just took the pictures about five minutes ago.  For those of you who don”t know.  When we moved in our bathroom looked like this:

A few years ago we did a full rehab.  We added floor tile, a new pedestal sink, new shower doors, new toilet, a clearance bathroom cabinet… and ended up with this:

Not Bad but we rehabbed it without thinking thru storage. It drove me crazy that I couldn”t put everything I wanted in the bathroom.  This is what I wanted in:

  • Towels and Hand Towels
  • My Make-up
  • Extra Soap, toiletry storage
  • All toiletries that we used
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • My Hair supplies including dryer and straightener
  • No more cluttered shower!  I want to be able to sit on that seat,

This rehab was not a full rehab but more of a storage rehab.  This is what we ended up with:

You can read about the Medicine Cabinet that I built :  Here is what it looks like on the inside:

You Can read about the small storage that I built here.  Its  decorative yet totally functional storage around the toilet.  Above it is my towel storage, make-up storage, and all the extra toiletries you could ever need.  The basket on top and on the toilet came as a pair at Wal-Mart for $16.00.  I love that there is a lid because it hides the clutter….and the girl stuff.  I feel totally fine with anyone using this bathroom and I don”t have all my personal stuff out!

Ignore the white space above the toilet basket.  There will be a picture that I am working on right there.  I will show soon! I love the hooks for the towels.

Here are the pictures on the wall that you walk into:

The hooks I got from the Walmart.  The cute Bathroom signs I printed off from the internet and framed them in a 50 Cent frame from the dollar store.  I think they give my cottagy bathroom a modern touch.   All of the frames are from Dollar General.  While I do love the all white and creme in this bathroom but I just needed a little color.

The hubs is from Kansas City, Missouri and I am from Lawton,Oklahoma.  This was a cute way I found on a blog (I can”t find it for the life of me, but I will link it when I do) of showing our home states.  I just printed an outline of our states from a pic I found on the internet, cut out the shapes, outlined the edges in orange, drew a heart from our home town, and matted on a piece of scrap book paper.  Missouri went on top because that is how it is on the map.  From two states we came together….corny but it makes me smile.  The picture was taken by Alec Vanderboom of  Alec Vanderboom Photography.  Alec rocks if you ever need a great photographer.  The hubs and I did 5 year anniversary pics.  We have self titled the album “Still Dating…five years”  This pic sums that theme up.

Here is the quote in the frame.  I thought it was good one to read everyday when I come into the bathroom.

I made it on my computer.  It was really easy.  But if you want to download it for yourself, click here!

The blank wall across from the toilet needed some color. So, I framed the fabric with a $8.oo frames from Dollar general.  Have you noticed a theme about me?  I am kind of obsessed with stripes.  It is the cohesive item that is sprinkled throughout my house.  I am not kidding you…in every room I have a splash of stripes or chevron pattern.

Look at the above the seat is clear in the shower!!!  A hanging caddy has never worked on our shower sprayer because of how it is shaped.  But we figured out how to make it work.  I can sit in the shower!

There it is…its done!  The goal was $120-$150.  Guess what…I did it in $122!

Cost Breakdown:

  • Medicine Cabinet – Built it – $44.08
  • Shelves, Lowes – $6.99 a piece times 2 – $14.00 (they are the stock white shelves depth- 9 inches -Width 35
  • White Baskets – Ikea, Free..I had them.  They are $9.99 for a set of three
  • Wicker Baskets (on the shelf and toilet), Walmart $16.00
  • Dollar General frames (hand towel wall) $8.00
  • Dollar General Frames on Blank wall $8.00 a piece. – $16.00
  • Small Storage I built around the toilet $16.40
  • supplies:  (Caulk, Paint, light fixtures..Free.  I had them from our flip house)
  • Hooks for hand towels:  Walmart 1.57 for two
  • Towel Hooks:  Lowes, Free I had them in the other bathroom.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Holder:  TJ Max.  Free (I had it)  I think I bought it for $7.99
  • Big Wicker Basket:  Free, I bought it from Walmart three years ago.
  • Trash Bucket:  Walmart, $6.00
  • Shower Caddy:  Free.  I had it in our guest bathroom.

Total:  $122.05

Well, there you have it.  I love my bathroom and use it to its fullest extent.  Who says you can”t have all you want in a small bathroom.    Have a Happy Easter!

Thanks for reading,


Well, its spring and the weather has been beautiful…well, until today.  Its cold.  The hubs and I have a rehab in progress.  Well, the progress starts tomorrow…the garage.  Before I post the pic first let me give you all the possible excuses for why my garage is this way.  We were working on our flip house all last fall.  If I would have posted a pic in the fall the garage was more empty…and clean.  Then we finished the house, brought it all home and bam…our garage is a mess.  The hub’s mom moved out of the house he grew up in.  We helped her moved and acquired some things out of her house.  Here is the pic:

By the way, we don’t lift weights much.  Well, Lee does but not enough to have all that stuff.  Those are from Lee’s old house (the one he grew up in) and we are donating most of them.  The problem is that we are donating them to my favorite camp for kids (for their staff)  and they don’t need them until summer.  So those will stay for another month.  Also, see those blue cabinets.  That’s a funny story I will share next week.  I made the hubs pull go and pick up some thrown out cabinets on the curb of someone’s house.  They were bad and he said that they could be salvaged.  I will share how they turned out soon.  I need to organize whats in them first….they are overflowing.   All that said…I can’t stand it…and I have had it up to here (I am holding my hand above my head) and the hubs has committed his weekend to this project. ( I have the best husband by the way…not because he does stuff for me but just because he thinks rehabbing the garage together is fun.  I love spending time with him.)  Anyway, he has some great ideas for DIY storage.   Check back next week because hopefully we will have the finished product.  I will also post about our finished bathroom storage project.  Yippee!!!  HAve a great weekend.  I hope your weather is better than mine here in Missouri.

Thanks for Reading


Wait, where is the cool West Elm Chunky Mirror Knock Off I wanted to See from Knock Off Decor or Pinterest?


Well, I have moved blogs because I am finally doing this thing full-time.  Click here to get the tutorial on my new blog and if you like it…re pin it for me.  It will help others find this project too!



Bench Rehabbed

Jennifer —  March 28, 2011 — 4 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I posted here that it was time for a furniture rehab.  I found this bench top hidden behinds mounds of stuff at a garage sale.  I could see the sale from my backyard on Saturday afternoon.  Since I am addicted to Garage Sales and Auctions,  I walked out my back gate and went to the sale.  Now, let me say this first…. I hate collecting stuff that I never use.  Everything has to have a place in my house so if I buy something, it must be placed quickly.  I only look for things that I think I can really turn into something special.  This bench was just that.   An Added Bonus was it was 50 cents.  I returned to my backyard with bench in hand.  Here is what it looked like:

It is tufted green upholstered jute like fabric.  There were no legs.  It still had the things that you screw the legs into but they were not lined up correctly and very rusted.

One evening while the hubs and I were watching basketball I deconstructed this bad boy.  It reminded me how well things were made years ago.  To deconstruct upholstery you need the following:

  • Needle nose pliers (for the hundreds…literally.. of staples that I had to pull out)
  • A good pair of scissors
  • A box cutter.  (I made slits in the fabric to cut it)

Here is a pic after deconstruction.


I went to the fabric store and bought this fabric.  I went to Walmart and bought 21 button kits.  I have no idea the designer of this fabric.  I found it at my favorite fabric warehouse in Springfield.  I needed 1.5 yards for this project.

After some serious deliberation, I took the buttons back to Walmart.   I loved the print so much that I didn”t want the buttons taking away from it.  .  The goal going into the rehab was to create a tufted headboard like the one in my guest bedroom.   Sometime, in the middle of a furniture or room rehab you sometimes decide to go another direction.

Rule #1 in Rehabbing:  Listen to your instincts.

They are 95% right most of the time.  ( I have learned this one the hard way…but not on this project)

Rule #2 in Rehabbing:

Never be afraid to modify your original plan if you fee its needed.  I don”t like to live the “I wish I would have” lifestyle.  If you don”t like it..tweak it before you get done with it and walk by it every day saying  “I wish I would have…. “

So I covered the bench in white fabric (cut from an old sheet). The reason for this  was to make sure there wasn”t any indentations seen from the holes.  And, although I would have been the only one to notice, the yellow foam was ever so slightly showing thru the  “lineny” color fabric.  This made it look the crisp color that it is:

Here is the bench completely covered.

I did use piping/cording.  But I used what was already on the bench.  I just made it look better!

Next up was adding legs to the bench.  I stood staring at Lowes for different options.  You can buy legs with hardware already.  I didn”t like my options.  This was a heavy bench…it needed stability.  I was nervous about trying it but I knew that I had to make the legs on my own.  So, I bought 3 Pine 36″” (2.5 by 2.5) pieces of wood and cut them in half.  I spent 12.00 for one piece (so $6 a leg)  Okay, I am over my budget of 25 dollars but the hubs was okay with it…it was for a friend…and it had to be sturdy.  I couldn”t imagine this bench falling with their cute little 1-year-old on top.  It was worth the extra moolah.

I cut them in half (I have the tools but if you don”t Lowes and HD can for you…for free if your buying their lumber) and sprayed them:

To attach them I used a 2 inch reverse screw dowel. After accurately measuring and cutting the upholstery on the bottom, I drilled a hole to the base.  Then I drilled a hole in the leg and screwed in one half of the reverse screw dowel.

Then I screwed in the leg…making sure it was tight.  I also decided to put trim on it.  this was not in the initial plan, but the bench looked too leggy.  So….going on Rule #1 and Rule #2…back to Lowes I go.

Here is the finished product:

Here is it in her house.  She is going to use it as an entry way bench.  Imagine it with bigger baskets and I really big mirror above.  She mentioned painting the mirror the blue in the bench.  I second that bold color choice!

Isnt it cute?   I am sure her space will look awesome with whatever she puts around it!

It took about 5 hours total.  Here is the cost breakdown:

  • Fabric – FM stores 7.99/yd (I bought a yard and a half)  -$12.00
  • Legs – Three 2.5″ X 2.5″  Pine pieces of wood.  (little more expensive because I didn”t have to sand)  $12.00 a piece. - 36.00
  • Foam and board of bench – 50 cents at a garage sale
  • Paint:  Krylon Satin Spray Pain and Satin Primer – Total $7.00
  • White Under fabric: Free…old sheet.
  • Screws: 6 @ $1.18 a pop.  - $7.08
  • Trim: Two  (3/4 by 1.5) pine boards – 2.98 a pop = 5.96
  • Tools and staples – Free.  I had it.
  • Cording: free – used the original
  • Reaction of my BF when I dropped it off at her house:  PRICELESS!!!!!

Total:  $68.54.  Now, its way over my budget.  But I chose to do so.  Why?  Because I originally thought it only needed four legs…AND the type of legs that I chose.  I could have bought an 8 ft. 2X2 out-door beam for $5.98….total.  That would have dropped the price down to $38.52.  If you want to go cheaper…go that option.  BUT, my time was more valuable.  I would have been sanding for hours.  That outdoor stuff has many knots and imperfections.  PLUS, I didn”t get my friend a birthday present for her 30th birthday……enough said.  I asked the hubs if I could spend a little more and he said yes.  If he would have said “not in the budget” my neighbors would have heard the sound of my sander in the wee hours of the morning.  Anway, I googled an upholstered entry bench.  I couldn”t find any as cute as this one that wasn”t $185 or way more!!!  Sounds like a deal to me.

For those who like a bullet pointed “How To”  Here ya go:

How to build/reupholster an Untuffted Bench:

  • Deconstruct your bench”s original upholstery.  Salvage the fabric and use it as a pattern and Salvage the cording if you can.
  • If you are starting from scratch:  Cut the base board to size (chose a 2 inch plywood)  Purchase Foam and glue it to the cut board using spray adhesive. (use an electic carver to cut or even mold your foam)
  • Cover your foam with batting for more cushion.  I chose a white sheet because the foam was the perfect form. .  Staple to the back.  NOTE:  If you are going to trim out your bench then don”t staple right on the edge of the back of the board.  Staple about two inches in.
  • Take your fabric and figure out where you want your print to be.  Then take old fabric and use as a pattern to cut.
  • Cover your bench with your fabric and start to staple  on the back.  Smooth and tighten along the way.
  • Here is a video I used to help me with the corners.
  • Cut a strip long enough for the cording.  If you have to make what you have longer, here is a great video I used to teach me how.
  • Sew the cording.  On one end, fold the fabric over for a finished edge and leave some excess to create a little pocket hole for later when you are finishing the cording.   Here is a great video how to.
  • Cut another peice of your fabric a little bit larger than the bench.
  • Line up your cording with the edge.  Staple it all round.
  • At the corners, make slits in the excess to help it bend around the corner.  Staple as close to the edge as you can.
  • Take the piece of fabric you cut and fold one edge and staple the fold right up against the cording.  You are covering the back of the bench.  Do this all the way around.
  • Cut and paint your legs
  • Depending on the size of the legs measure where the center of the legs will be screwed into the bottom of your bench.
  • Cut away at the fabric where you will drill the pilot hole.  Chose a drill bit a little smaller than your screw.  Drill the pilot hole
  • Drill the pilot hole in the center of the top of the leg.
  • Insert screw.  Use a wrench or something to grip the screw.
  • Now screw the leg into the  bench.  Repeat until all the legs are on.
  • Cut and paint the trim.
  • Use brad nails to nail trim to the base first and then shoot a few into the front where the legs are.
  • Caulk holes and touch up paint!  You are done!
  • I used 1/2 inch staples for upholstery and 2 inch brad nails for the trim.

Hope this helps ya try it!  Thanks for reading,


Here is the bench after my friend decorated it!

Happy Monday!  I had so hoped to post the final Pics of the East Nashville rehab, but I don’t have them yet.  The countertops are in but the bro and sis in law have to patch up some holes from the old countertop backsplash….and paint it.  As soon as that’s done, I will post the pics and the product breakdown.

So, instead I thought I would share with you another Kitchen before and after.  Last week I told you that the hubs and I flipped a house!  Here is what the living room looked like.  It was a long process but we learned a lot.  I know you got a glimpse of the before and after above.  Here are some more pics.  Man…this kitchen was bad!!!!!

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