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Something A Little Shuttering

Jennifer —  September 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

Thanks for listening to my recent life posts, but today I am ready to post a good DIY post.  For all of you that are wanting to do something to the exterior of your home I have got just the post for you.  We decided to change-up many things about the exterior of the home we renovated.  Here is the before pic just for fun.

Caudill House Before

Here is what we have done so far:

One of the last things that we wanted to do was add some chunkier shutters.  The original shutters were green vinyl.  Shutters have no function in this home, but they just add am element of texture to the exterior.  They break up the khaki siding in a pleasant way.  It completely transformed the first house we renovated.  I wanted navy blue to be the accent color so I went on a mission to find navy shutters and the cheapest that I could find were these from Lowes.  I liked them, but they were a little skinnier than the size of shutter I had in my head. I also could not order the exact dimension I needed for the windows. Yes, I could find a company that could do such a thing but I would also have to add another $30-$50 per shutter.  No thanks.  We made these stock shutters fit by allowing a little overage so I thought I would try them out.  The cost of the Lowes shutters were reasonable at $150, but after you add tax and supplies need to install them it would add up to about $175.  If they fit, ordering and installing could be worth my time.  I decided the next time that I went to the house I would see if I was okay with the width.  Unfortunately, I was not.  The former shutters were bigger and these new shutters would not cover the holes in the siding.  I knew my only option was to make my own.  Ordering custom shutters would have been a $300 adventure and that was not in the budget. Here is a picture of the window (before the new windows) without a shutter:

Caudill Exterior Before

Here are the new windows with the new shutters:

 caudill exterior 3

Here is what I used to build the shutters:

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Seven Step Rescue

Jennifer —  September 4, 2013 — 1 Comment


Everyone loves a good before and after. I love good before and after shows. My favorite before and after are with matters of the heart.  They, in my opinion are the ones that matter.  I also love a good before and after makeover on HGTV or on all those makeover shows.  Today, I have one for you.  Next week I will focus my post on how we made this makeover happen.  Here is the house that we renovated before we moved.

Caudill House Before

The potential was there but this house was dark, and pretty much all one color.  I would have loved to change the roof line over the porch to be a little more open but that was absolutely not in the budget.  So we had to change it up by adding different textures.  The siding was in good condition so it had   De mechanische rollen slots zijn vaak simpel van opzet en laten geen twijfel over hun speelwijze. to stay.  Here is our final rehab turned out to be:

Doesn”t it look so much better?  The largest cost was that silly concrete driveway.  I think it ended up nice minus the squirrels dive bombing the driveway with acorns from the tree.  Do you know how many times that I swept that driveway to come back and hour later and it looked the same?  It was as if the squirrels were taunting me.  I can”t wait to share with you what all we did to update this exterior.

This is actually a project that we did a few years ago.  I realized that I had never shared it with you so I thought I would do so today.  I will be back with more updates on recent projects soon.  We had a little pause on updates because I was in Oklahoma City running a half marathon with my best friend!  Which was awesome!  I am going to share more about it this week.

A few years ago we flipped a house that was a complete renovation.  Here is what the house looked like when we bought it.  Get ready, its bad.

Heritage Exterior




The major costs went into replacing all the windows and replacing the roof.  The good news was we installed all the windows and the roof so we saved tons of money on labor and avoided the mark-up on materials.  The rest looks worse that it really was.  It just needed a little change to do it good.  Thank you Sheryl Crow for the inspiration.  I am sure I was singing that song the entire rehab.

 Besides those to renovations this was our to-do list:

  • Power Spraying th House
  • Paint the Siding
  • Pain the Soffits
  • Clear the trees
  • Wedding the beds
  • Mulching the beds
  • Level and Reinforce the Deck
  • Paint the front and back deck
  • Clear the beds
  • Add Shutters
  • Replace the gutters
  • replace exterior lights

This list was thankfully labor intensive instead of cost intensive.  For about $1200 and two long weekends the house turned into this:





The change gave this house a new life.  I found those blue shutters at the Re-store in our city for $25.  Yep, $25 for all of them.  All they needed was a power spray and a  new home.  It is amazing where a little elbow grease and the Black and Decker Home Improvement book can take you.

Just for fun here are some other rehabs we did in this house

Its 82 degrees outside and I am ready to get out and be in it!  Have a great Monday!

Thanks for reading,





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