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Hello Gorgeous

Jennifer —  October 23, 2012 — 6 Comments

My first furniture purchase for the house was this expedit bookcase from Ikea.

Chalkboard Quote Board

This bookcase has served me well.  It has survived a puppy pee incident, a bleach scrub down afterwards, and many reorganization sessions.    She is not gone.  She just got moved.  She resides in my guest closet for some much-needed storage.  She will come out again someday in another room or another house, but for now she has been replaced.  Why?  Because I found this beauty in a smoke infested, cat pee smelling, dark and dank furniture thrift store.

Chalkboard Quote Board,

I couldn”t believe my eyes when I saw it.  I really couldn”t believe my nose when I smelled where it was.  I also couldn”t believe the smell didn”t turn me away.  It was worth it for this Dixie Brand Mid Century Dresser.

Chalkboard Quote Board,

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State of Art

Jennifer —  January 20, 2012

Did you know that Oklahoma has its own song?

Those who know me know that I loved growing up in Oklahoma. I even have an ongoing battle with a friend of ours about which state is better my state or his. If you want to know history about your state then get into a friendly battle with someone about which state is better. You find out all sorts of fun facts like:

  • Oklahoma is the state with the most Miss Americas
  • The first electric guitar was invented in Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state
  • The yield Traffic Sign was first used on a trial basis in Tulsa
  • The Wrestling Hall of Fame is located in Stillwater Oklahoma
  • Sonic was started and still headquartered in Oklahoma City. Enough said. Everyone thanks Oklahoma for Sonic.

The Hubs loves his state too. He loves that he grew up in Kansas City and before anyone can ask which side (Kansas, or Missouri) He makes sure that they know Missouri. Where we are from is a huge part of who we are, so I decided to include it in our “family” decor on our fabric covered shelves.

I wanted to include some state art and this is how I did it. Here is what you need:

  • Yarn
  • Foam Board ( I got mine at Wal-MArt)
  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Back of an old picture frame (The cardboard part) Make sure its sturdy.
  • Tape
  • Scrap book paper, fabric, contact paper, wrapping paper. I used scrap book paper.

Here is what you do

1.) Wrap the frame back in the paper of your choice.

I got two .25¢ frames at a thrift store and took out the back. I folded the corners like a present and taped it.

2.) Find a picture of your state.

I had a good sized one in a map I own so I just traced it. I am sure you could google one too.

The Census bureau of each state has printable ones. So you can even do it right!

US Census Bureau

3.) Cut your state out.

I didn’t worry about the little tiny curves of the border on each state. I made sure the main ones where there that make the state shape.

4.) Lay it on your foam board and trace it with a marker. Sharpies work best.

(I didn’t take a picture of my

state cut out, but I used the same foam board to cut out some letters. )

5.) Cut it out with an exacto knife.

I just took my time and sometimes had to repeat scoring it until it cut through. Make sure you have something underneath the foam board to protect your surface.

6.) Wrap the first layer it in yarn.

Again, it took a little bit more effort with the state so I didn’t take a picture. The Hubs was out of town too so he couldn’t help, but I will show you on the letter F that I wrapped:

Pick the direction you want your finished product to be going and do that layer second. You wrap two layers so that you can cover all the edges. Get out your hot glue gun and run a tiny bead of hot glue on the part of the state you are going to start on. I started at the top going horizantally. Lay your string on the bead of glue and start wrapping. Go slow and make sure you wrap it tightly so the edges are covered. Sometimes on funny corners or pumps I would put a tiny bead of glue to hold the string there. To end, cut the yarn and glue it down on the back

7.) Wrap the second layer

Since I went horizantal first I wrapped Oklahoma vertically to finish. Start and finish the same way. There is no way to instruct you how to do the “funny” parts, just wrap and unwrap until it looks right. This is a good one to do infront of a movie.

8.) Glue the state onto the back of your scrapbook-covered frame back.

You could also frame it in a shadow box backed by scrap book paper.

9.) Touch up white spots

I just worked with the yarn a little and moved it over. For those that wouldn’t move, I had a Sharpie that matched this color so I filled in the tiny white spots on the edges with that.

Here is my side again:

Here is the Hubs side:

Voila! Personal, custom art that cost about $7.00. I made two so $3.50 a pop! Do any of you have state love? Do you know any fun facts about your state? Come on…do tell. I know you Texas people out there have something to say. You guys love your state more than anyone I know.

Thanks for reading,


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