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Welcome back to the I Love Rehabs Christmas Advent 2012!  Come here every day for 25 days to nab free stuff.  Yes, you heard me right.  I am giving stuff away for 25 days!

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Don’t forget that you have just today left to enter a customized Moodboard and floorplan for your space.  Click here to enter.

Today I want to share one of my favorite Christmas Printables on another blog,  I know you don’t have time to surf the web so I thought I would put some great stuff that is out there by other people.  If you like them please click on the link and go to their blog to download.  The picture I have posted will also lead you straight back to their post.  I don’t have kids but I really, really like is this fun Christmas Bingo printable.  I think this could be a fun game for kids during Christmas.   This is from the blog The Crafting Chicks.  They have designed a few the bingo cards and the call cards.  This is just a preview, go to their site to download it all.

The Crafting Chicks Bingo Card

Source:, Click the Picture to go to their site

 If you want to pin this fun game, please do not pin it from my site.  Go to The Crafting Chicks site and pin it from there.  Its their design and creativity and they deserve all the credit  I am simply sharing it with you!  If you want a new blog to follow, follow theirs.  They are very inspiring.


I hope you have a great Sunday!  I can’t believe there are only two weeks until Christmas!  Whew…I have got to get to shopping!  Stay tuned for more Christmas Advent.  There is a really good one tomorrow, especially if you need a last minute Christmas gift.   I might comment on my own blog to win it.

Merry Christmas




I am so humbled to be featured by Knock Off Decor today!  Please check out this great blog!  It is great place to find lots of ways to make designer home decor a little cheaper.

Welcome back to the I Love Rehabs Christmas Advent 2012!  Come here every day for 25 days to nab free stuff.  Yes, you heard me

right.  I am giving stuff away for 25 days!


Today is a free printable for your Christmas Decor.  I love Christmas Carols and I thought it would be fun to spotlight the little known verse in some popular Christmas carols.  I loved the look of simplicity and color and I think I am going to print these and hang them on my mantle, maybe in a pattern just like this one.

Below are the individual prints. All you have to so is click on the photo, and save the jpeg to your computer. If you have a nice color printer than you can print it off on a US Letter form (8.5 X 11) I don”t like to waste my computer ink on things like this print.  It could deplete the ink very quickly. I usually send it to Staples print and copy center. A color copy on cardstock paper is less than a $1. Make sure you select 8.5 X 11 (US Letter Size)

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Peg Board Christmas Tree

Jennifer —  November 28, 2012 — 6 Comments

  Make sure you come back here tomorrow.  I have a big announcement for you.  It”s a surprise but here are some hints…advent calendar…christmas giveaways….fun things for you…

As we have approached the Christmas season, I have had many friends tell me that they won”t have a Christmas tree.  My heart instantly drops.  Most have said that they don”t have room for a tree. I have one friend who is in transition, just moved and is finding a place to live.  She doesn”t want to buy a tree, decorate it and then take it down possibly before Christmas.  I get to work with tons of college students for my full-time job.  Most college students have three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break with no time and no room for a tree. I remember getting so excited to come home to my Christmas tree at home, only to get to enjoy it for a week.  I decided to come up with an “alternative” tree for those who cannot have a tree.  This is a tree for those who have no room to store a tree after Christmas.  The lights and colors are what dazzle me about a tree and I have decided that no person should miss this…even if they don”t have room.  I came up with this little cutie:

 Peg Board Tree Final

Here is what you need:

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