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Last Friday I shared with you our first 13 steps to our kitchen rehab.  Here is how we finished this thing out.

while our floors were being sanded and stained….

Step 14 – Built the Fridge Cabinet

caudill kitchen 10,

Lee made this cabinet thanks to the help of younghouselove.  We didn’t use their exact tutorial because our fridge was not as wide, but it sure gave us direction.  There will be no post on this one because why re-create what younghouselove already did?  If you want to do this, check it out there. If you are wondering why part of it painted?  We originally were going to find a bigger cabinet to use here.  We couldn’t find one at a re-store and didn’t want to buy a new one.  (we are cheap)  Anyway, this cabinet was going to get discarded so it was our test cabinet for our first time spraying cabinets. We decided to use it after all, but it was already painted.

Step 15 – Stabilized and trimmed out the island

I can’t wait to post how we did this.  It was so easy.  This picture is in the in between stages and kind of blurry.  I will post more detailed pictures soon.

Step 16 – Painted the base cabinets, island, & fridge

We used a sprayer….I will never use a brush to paint cabinets again.  The finish is so much better using a sprayer.  We covered up the painted part of the newly built fridge cabinet.

caudill kitchen 9,


Caudill Kitchen 13,

Step 17 – Installed the base cabinets

Caudill kitchen 14,


In this step we also trimmed out the toe kick and added spacers to make the cabinets fit perfectly.  You will have to do this if you buy stock cabinets or re-use and relocate old cabinets.  Notice that we had to cut a hole for the vent in the sink cabinet.

Step 18 – Installed Upper Cabinets

Lee always uses a 2X4 to make a level resting spot while he drills the cabinet into the wall.  Make sure its level and place it where the bottom of the cabinet needs to be. He had already done it for the smaller cabinet and then removed it when it was secure and in place.

Caudill Kitchen 2,

We were originally going to put shelves below the cabinets but Lee wanted to leave that step for the new home owner if they wanted to do it.

Caudill Kitchen 8,


Step 19 – Measured and Ordered the Doors and Drawer Fronts

Here was the kitchen while we waited

Caudill Kitchen 6,


We wanted to clear space in the garage so we went ahead and put the appliances in.  We ordered them Black Friday, Lowes delivered them in March (after we delayed them every stinkin, week they called)  This picture was taken in July.  It was time for them to have their home.  If you look at the after pictures of our kitchen you will see that we added a spacer piece to the fridge cabinet to make it look seamless.

Caudill kitchen 12,

Step 20 – Ordered the Countertop

While we waited….

Step 21 – Painted and installed window and door trim

Step 22 – Installed the countertop

Actually, we had it installed.  We used Designer White Dupont Corian Countertop.  (note this picture is a little out of step.  I didn’t snap a photo because the countertop was installed white I was at work.   We had paper over them for about two more weeks after that and I didn’t take the effort to clear it all off to snap a photo in process.

Caudill Kitchen Countertop,

Step 23 – Tiled the backsplash

Why is there tape on the wall?  Funny story.  I will post soon!

Caudill Kitchen 4,

Here is the tile without grout.  I was pulling for gray grout.  The no grout shows what that would have looked like.

Caudill kitchen (6),

The hubs wanted white.  Guess who won that battle?  If it were my house there would have been gray.  White grout is universal and can be really bright.  I supported my hubby’s decision.,


Step 24 – Installed the sink and faucet

Caudill Kitchen After 9,

Step 25 – Painted the new drawers and doors

Here are the doors when they arrived!

Caudill Kitchen 1,


I will post all about this process because I have gotten many emails about how this went.  I WILL do it again.  It was not as scary as I thought it would be.  I will also post about spraying cabinets.  We have a few tricks up our sleeve that I want to share.

Caudill kitchen 7,

Step 26 – Installed the drawer fronts to the existing drawers.

Most of the drawers we kept and simply unscrewed the front to screw the new one on.  There were two drawers that we had to rebuild.  We just used scrap wood and the existing drawer slides.

Caudill Kitchen,


Step 24 – Made and installed the new pendant lights,


I can’t wait to post this project but I used these old pendants from the bathroom.  We also added the outlets, outlet covers and installed the other light fixtures.

Caudill Kitchen 5,

Step 25 – Installed the Doors

Caudill Kitchen After 7,


Step 26 – Added the hardware 

As you can see above, we added the hardware as we installed the doors.

Caudill Kitchen Cabinet 1,

Step 27 – Stepped back and soaked in the final product.

You can see the spacer piece we added to the fridge cabinet here.  ( I spoke of it in step 19)

  Caudill Kitchen After 3,

 I hope this helps you think through all the little steps it takes to make a kitchen happen.

Have a Happy Monday!



Today I wanted to show you all the steps it took to renovate the kitchen in the house we flipped.  Hopefully this can help you think through or plan out a kitchen renovation project.  Ours was a full house renovation so there might be a month or two between steps, but this is the order and steps we took to accomplishthis kitchen.

Caudill Kitchen After

Step 1 – Take it all in

We took pictures, got measurements, got bids on projects, and let the brainstorming and budgeting begin

Caudill Kitchen Before 2


Caudill Kitchen Before

Step 2 – Make a Plan

After bidding we knew what we wanted to spend so we made up a plan based on our budget., kitchen floor plan



Caudill Kitchen Floor Plan 3

Step 3 – Buy Appliances

We got this house thanksgiving week of 2012 so we went to Lowes to score a black friday deal.  We bought all four stainless steel appliances for $1800.  I listed this step on purpose.  When you are on a budget you have to get a deal when a deal exists…not when you need it. We would not really need appliances for about 6 months into the flip. We would have paid $2400 if we would have waited until we were ready.  Lowes actually held these for us until May, then we had to take them.  They were in the garage for two months.

Step 4 – Knock down the wall

We contracted this one out and found out during step 1 that this wall was load bearing.  We also had to have a HVAC guy come out and bid the HVAC before we could do this because there was an air return in this wall.  We had to get a plan for where it would move to.  A new HVAC system was already in the budget so we would have had him come anyway.  Our contractor gutted the existing wall:



Then he created two temporary walls and then knocked the real wall down.

We had to have part of a wall to support the beam.  We chose a 24 inch wall seperating the range side of the kitchen and the living room area.   We chose a depth would fit the depth of the cabinets perfectly. I think it created nice separation for the built-ins I am hoping the new owner will install.  We had to create the same thing on the dining room side, but it was a little bit bigger to fit the new return vent., wall between kitchen and living room


The beam went in nicely, load bearing beam in ceiling



Step 5 – Bye-Bye Soffits

We demoed the rest of the kitchen

Step 6 – Installed new windows and a new exterior door, kitchen renovation


Step 7 – Install/Move Electrical

The electrical wiring was an electrical mess in the soffits so our electrician cleaned it up and tucked it away (eventually but not in this picture) into the ceiling. We did not move outlets except for the microwave outlet.  We knew we were hanging the cabinets higher so it needed to be moved up a little.  Little decisions, such as this one, is the reason why I believe step 2 is crucial.  Executing a plan will give you a well thought out kitchen and keep you from having to go backwards rehab,

aaa, kitchen renovation

We installed three can lights following the aisles of the kitchen.  On the sink wall, two cans flanked each side of the window.  The window also had a centered sink light so we chose to flank the window creating light on each counter.  The range side of the kitchen had a can light centered.  The range side was too small for two can lights.  I knew that the task lighting under the microwave would also help to light that area while cooking.  Putting the cabinetry back temporarily, helped us decide not only aisle space but also where the lights should go.  We started by just taping.   You can see in the picture above where we originally thought the island should go.  I am so thankful we moved the island back in, because it helped us see that the kitchen would be too cramped where the tape was placed for the island.  We wanted a good amount of space for doors to be open while fridge door was open, while cooks are cooking,  so we moved the island back.   One other electrical change was to move the sink light up to the ceiling.  It was formerly located in the soffit above the sink., kitchen renovation

Another benefit of bringing in the makeshift island so we could place two pendants evenly over the island.  We placed a broken wall cabinet on the end because we thought we were going to add a bookcase on the end the depth of the wall cabinet.  It made the island too big so we decided against it.  (More on this soon)  I added the scrap plywood to simulate the countertop and its actual overage for stools.  The island size, counter width, and counter depth helped us mark the perfect place for the two pendant lights to be centered and functional.  The electrician added wire and installed the light box., kitchen renovation

Step 8 – Popped some popcorn

Not really.  Instead we peeled the popcorn off the existing drywall.  We laid plastic everywhere for easy clean up.

Popcorn ceiling removal,

Step 9 - Dry Wall

We insulated where it was needed, patched the ceiling, sheet rocked the kitchen, and textured it.  It all looked so much more clean!

The kitchen


Step 10 – Paint Party Time

We painted the wall.  No floor, no trim…Easy!  You don’t even have to tape or cut in.  This is my favorite type of painting.

Step 11 – Installed the wood floor

The wood floor was ordered two weeks before we were ready for it to be installed.  A raw wood floor, unlike an engineered hardwood, needs to sit in the environment it will be installed in for a couple of weeks to acclimate.  If you don’t do this you run the risk of your wood floor, when it does acclimate,  either expanding of retracting. Expanding causes buckling of floors, retracting creates gaps.  You pay way to much for this type of floor so be patient and take time for the wood to acclimate.   We had already installed the HVAC system to make sure we created the actual environment for the floors to acclimate.  We bought the hardwood from a supplier and then contracted installation and stain out.  The wood you see against the wall is the wood for the stair tread.  Our installer’s method is to stain the stair treads before installing them.  Whatever works!, ash wood floors

Step 12 – Stain the wood floor

I had no part in this work except adoring it when it was done.

ash wood floors, jacobean stain,

Step 13 – Find a new upper cabinet

As you can see in step 7 we had a demo casualty with one of the upper cabinets.  It would have been more work to fix it so we kept checking at the Re-store until a 24 inch wide upper cabinet arrived.  When it did, we snatched it up.  We were ordering new doors and painting the cabinetry, so it didn’t matter the style of door.  It had to be paintable, and standard depth and height. We found one that fit the bill and bought it for a whopping $10.

This is all for today, stay tuned on Monday for the rest of the steps.  We are getting into the fun stuff soon.  Have a great weekend!


Thanks for reading,






The Details of Details

Jennifer —  October 7, 2013 — 3 Comments

Today I thought I would take you through all the nitty-gritty details of what this kitchen looks like.  I plan on posting  how we did some of these things in different posts.  First of all, when we flip a house we budget entire projects before we set room budgets.  For example, we set a “flooring budget” that includes flooring for every room.  We set a “Drywall”, “Wall Paint”, “Electrical”, and “Trim”, budget for the entire house.  A room budget only has things specific to that room such as “kitchen cabinets” or “kitchen appliances.”  I tell you this because I will be giving you estimates on whatsome of the things cost in this room.  I can tell you exactly on some projects but things like drywall cost, might be a little trickier because I know how much it cost for the entire house.  Our goal was to transform this room for about $4K-$5K (after budgeting all the “whole house” projects like the ones listed above).  This means the room rehab was probably about $6K-$7K if you count flooring, drywall, window, trim, and lighting.  Enough about all that.  Here is the kitchen while standing in the living room.  Our goal was bright and open., Grey and white Kitchen


Lighting was a huge decision in this room.  We wanted can lights to brighten the room, we upcycled the pendants we pulled out of the bathroom, and I DIYed a school light fixture for over the sink.

Caudill Kitchen After 3

Here is the view of the kitchen when you walk in the front door.

Caudill Kitchen After

We got rid of the soffits to make the ceiling look taller.  We couldn’t increase the kitchen square footage but we could make it look bigger by making it look taller.  We hung the cabinets just a tad bit higher than normal.

Caudill Kitchen After 2

My initial idea was to add white or stained wood open shelving underneath the cabinet.  Just one shelf like this or this picture.  We actually were going to do this but my hubbie talked me into leaving it “unshelved” due drilling into the tile.  Believe me, tile drilling doesn’t scare us, but its pretty permanent for those who might not want it.  We left it where you can add it if you want to or leave it as is.  The sink above was a $99 deep stainless steel sink.  The faucet we got all together with our bathroom faucets.  I wanted a tall faucet with a pull out sprayer.  I believe it was $99.  You can negotiate more discounts when you by them all together

Caudill Kitchen After 9  We used the existing cabinets but ordered all new drawer fronts and doors.

Caudill Kitchen After 7


We will do this again. I don’t know where or when, but I was super impressed how easy it was to order doors.   The total cost for the MDF (paintable only) doors and drawer fronts was $900.  That included shipping.  To replace every cabinet with this style of new cabinets would have cost around $3000-$5000.  The knobs were on sale at Lowes.  The knobs were $.97 and the pulls were $1.03.  Of course I would’ve picked something a little larger but when you flip you want the best bang for your buck.

Caudill Kitchen Cabinet 1

We just flipped the island around and trimmed it out.  Click here to see where it was.  It has room for three larger bar stools or 4 smaller.  T

Caudill Kitchen 5

Lee built a fridge cabinet for $130. It wasn’t need it but it made the kitchen look more custom:

Caudill Kitchen After 6

We had to use spacers and fillers to make these cabinets fit and be centered, but wood filler, caulk and paint hide it well.  We had to purchase all new appliances.  We bought the house in early November and cashed in a stellar deal on Black Friday.  All four stainless steel appliances for $1800.  The tile was the cheapest part of the project. We used $.16 white American Olean tiles in a brick pattern.  I wanted grey grout…Lee wanted white.  I let him win this battle because it was not my house.

Caudill Kitchen After 10

For the counters we chose white Corian.  The neighborhood comps suggested higher end than laminate and Corian was more cost-effective than granite or quartz.  The pantry for this kitchen is the door you see in the laundry room.  It is a nice deep closet.  It is bigger than any pantry I have ever had.

Caudill Kitchen Countertop

Finally, here is where the kitchen/dining room table would go.  I grabbed a stainless steel barn light at Lowes for $19.  This space merits a really fun pendant, but that is for the new owner to pick out.  I am just picturing a long buffet with large pieces or art, or maybe some built ins with glass doors on the upper cabinets, or maybe incorporate this moodboard idea I gave a reader.

Caudill Kitchen Dining Area

There is our massive kitchen renovation.  Friday I will post the time line to get this all done.

Have a great Monday!

Thanks for reading,



Kitchen Before and After

Jennifer —  October 4, 2013 — 1 Comment

I have so many fun posts coming that have to do with a major kitchen renovation.  We just finished one and I am excited to share all the nitty gritty of this kitchen rehab.  It was major…yet still on a budget.  To get you excited I am simply going to show you the before and after.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to share how we turned this:

Caudill Kitchen Before 2

…and this…

Caudill Kitchen Before, iloverehabs


Into this…

Caudill Kitchen After 3, iloverehabs

…all on a budget.

Stay tuned to find out how we did everything.  Be ready for some kitchen “how we did it” posts.

Happy Friday!

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We finally finished tiling the master bathroom and I love how it turned out.  Excuse the darker pictures, my husband actually did this while I was at work so he used is iPhone.  Here were the steps we took to get this room to this point

Step: 1

Demo the old bathroom and get it down to the studs.  We found a few rotten studs behind the shower due to water getting through.  We replace a few studs.

Step 2:

Move the vanity light box higher so a medicine cabinet could fit and open up underneath.   (here is medicine cabinet after we drywalled)

Step 3:

Buy a medicine cabinet and frame up a space for it to fit.

Step 4:

Make sure plumbing is where we want it to be.  It was so we were good to go.  We did move the shower head up a little.  Moving plumbing up is not a big deal.  Its moving it somewhere else that makes it a little pricier.

Step 5:

We moved the outlets to a good location.  The studs were open and we know how to move electrical so we did this.  The outlet that someone would use for a hairdryer was closer to the wall with the door and we wanted it to be next to where the vanity was.  Our bookshelf storage idea would block the outlet.

Step 6:

We had a contractor come and build out the shower for us.  We have never done this before so Lee watched and learned.  Next time we do it we will show you how, but we had the experts do it this time.

Step 7:

We surrounded the shower and floor with cement backer board.

Step 8:


Our shower tiler prepped the shower drain and shower.  Again, we had never done this before and we wanted to learn so we hired this out.  I am glad we did.  He showed us how we put a cement skim over the backerboard to create a slope to the drain.  He painted a moisture barrier over the backer board to even make the shower more water tight.

Caudill Master Bathroom

Step: 9

The contractor tiled the shower and the floor of the shower.

Caudill House Master Bath 2

Step 10:

We grouted the shower

Step 11:

We tiled the floor


We still have alot to do, but honestly, what we have left can happen in a day.

  • Paint the walls
  • Install the vanity
  • Install the shower fixture
  • Install the shower door
  • Install the toilet

More to come soon!

Thanks for Reading,







The Master

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I am so sorry posting has been late this week.  I am in the middle of training 200 college aged staff to be great camp counselors  and we are rehabbing a huge massive camp!  When this week is over my posts will be more consistent!

Last week I showed you about the guest bathroom shower that we tiled (or had tiled).

Today I want to show you what we decided to do with the master bathroom. Here is the before shots of the bathroom.

MAster Bathroom 2 Caudill


Master Bathroom Caudill

Here are the problems to this bathroom

  1.  No Double Sink
  2. It needs more storage.
  3. It”s a small master
  4. Bathtub is super is small.  No stretching out you legs in that one
  5. Dirty, moldy, outdated.

Unfortunately, when you flip a house you cannot do everything.  The goal is to make money!  We had to be strategic how we used our mobile Barbie dressing game download money.

 Here are the solutions we will accomplish:

  1. No Double Sink.  It was too expensive to move the plumbing.  If we wouldn”t have had to pour a driveway, then there would be a double sink.
  2. We added a space for an “in-wall” medicine cabinet.  We are also adding storage shelves.
  3. We can”t change the square footage of the bathroom but we can make the square footage look bigger.
  4. Bathtub is gone. No one wants a short tub so we decided to do a nice walk-in shower.
  5. We are updating all the fixtures, toilet, cabinet, and faucets.

About the shower…..  Here is the shower in construction phase.  This is the cement board painted with a moisture barrier.


Caudill Master Bathroom

Here is the shower tiled.

master bathroom

We found this grey tile on sale at Lowes for .97 cents a tile.  We decided to tile it in a subway pattern.  I am a big believer that you can make inexpensive tile look more expensive by doing a different pattern.  We will tile the floor with the same tile and install a glass shower door. The goal is to make the shower look bigger by using the same tile on the floor to draw your eye up.

This is what we have been up to in the house.  I can”t wait to share with you more!

See ya on Friday,








Nice and Square

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This week we worked on the bathrooms.  Life has been a little crazy and we have been packing up our house, getting ready for summer (the busiest time for my job) , and trying to finish this house.  We are on schedule, but we called in reinforcements.  We hired a tiler for the showers.  It is against everything I know as a DIYer but sometimes your time is worth more than money.  The tiler was the guy hired to do our wood floors and when Lee found out he was a tile guy he looked through his portfolio and decided to hire him.  Here is the guest bathroom before:




We had our drywall contractor prep the tub for tile.

The goal, when you flip a house is to make money on the resale of the home so you don’t want to go to extravagant with the tile.  A little trick is to take inexpensive tile and do an interesting pattern.  We picked the 6 X 6 plain, white square tile and decided to tile it in a subway pattern.  (technically its called “Running Bond” pattern or “Brick Pattern”).  This is the most common use of this tile.

 Jane's Kitchen

This is in another house we renovated to be a rental.  We kept the backsplash but painted it to brighten it up.  These tiles are actually 4X4 tiles.  We went with 6X6 and they were 48 cents per tile.  We needed about 270 tiles to complete this project so the cost of tile was around $130. With grout and mortar this shower tiling project cost us about $200.  Not bad!  I tweeted this preview out a few days ago:; square tile running bond pattern,

We chose grey grout and one word to the wise about grey grout is that your tile has to be straight because a darker grout will show any inconsistencies.  We knew that and were extra careful.  Here is the finished product.

 iloverehabs, square white tile brick pattern


iloverehabs, square white tile brick pattern


iloverehabs, square white tile brick pattern


For those of you pricing out a new shower.  I am telling ya it’s not that bad.  Here were the costs:

  • We bought a New tub:  We got this one from Lowes for $138.  You can sometimes find great deals at Re-Stores so check there first.  They are hit and miss and it was a miss this time for us.
  • Plumbing:  $100.  We didn’t change the plumbing but we will call a plumber to install the faucets.  We don’t do plumbing.  Believe me, we have opened up enough walls in different homes and seen what water can do.  We don’t want to have any part of that mistake.
  • Shower Prep:  (Hardie Backer Board and Supplies $100)
  • Tile and Supplies $200
  • faucet and shower head:  $150
  • Caulk and finishing supplies:  $20
  • Hired Tile Guy:  $200 (Since he was doing our hardwood floors and our master bathroom he gave us a discount…which was a blessing)

Total for this project:  $700 if we would have done it ourselves.  $900 total since we hired it out.  The good news was that while he was tiling we worked on the downstairs bathroom.  We are trying to get that all done for less than $500.

Have a Great Weekend!


Living It Up

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Five Years Ago we loved into our house and this is what the living room looked like:

I loved the large bay windows and how the room was open to the kitchen. Last Wednesday I shared you the Google Image of our house before we bought it.  It had a massive tree in front.  You can see a winterized version of the tree here.

Living Room

This was how the room looked for a little while.

Living Room

Our living room was the last on the lis to rehab.  Mostly because I just couldn’t decide how I wanted it to look.  Here is the transitional stage.  (Sorry for the bad picture)

Living Room transition

The fireplace was what was throwing me off.  It was very red and I don’t love the color red as the main focal point in the room.  I do love read accents but this red was defining this room. It took a little patience to get Lee on board with painting the fireplace but when I finally did, the room just came together naturally.

Living Room Final

We built the bookcases to flank each side of the fireplace and I covered the Ikea Lack floating shelves with fabric. I was nervous to do it, but I am so thankful I painted the fireplace, and Lee is too.  We use it every winter so painting it did hinder its purpose.  I never could decide what to put on the mantle.  I tried different things but everything I could find was too big or too small.  To be honest, I kind of liked the minimal look.

Living Room Final 2

This is my favorite little nook with my rock star chair that I found on Craigslist for $50.    I read my bible here every morning.  I blog here.  Its my favorite spot.

Living Room Final 3

Here is an up close shot. I made the bible poster and the book cover art here.  I also have a stack of all my favorite design books.

Living Room Final4

The other side has our television and all of our electronics.  We don’t have cable but we do have an antenna.  See how we installed that here.  Read here and here on how we watch television without cable.  I also found this chair on the side of the road and recovered it.  This chair is my husband’s favorite chair.  He usually pulls this back to the couch and watches t.v. in this chair.

Living Room Final 5

Here is the view of the living room from the kitchen.  I bought a carpet remnant and cut it to fit the room perfectly.

Living Room Final 6

I built this ottoman/coffee table from an Ikea Lack Coffee table.

Living Room Final 7

I made a tray from an old cabinet door and it is the perfect place for coffee and drinks.  That is Lee’s car that he made to race when he was little.  Are you impressed?  I am.

Living Room Final 8

I needed extra seating but I did not want to block the window.  We bought a love seat originally but I returned it.  The hubs built me a bench and I made a cushion.  Its extra cushy and I love laying on this bench and taking a nap.  The bench is as big and as deep as a love seat.

Living Room Final 9

I also made these curtains out of fabric scraps I had on hand.  They are all different weights of fabric.  The trick was to make sure the heaviest weighted fabric was at the top and bottom.  I had to calculate my stripes based on how much I had while still making the two panels identical.  I didn’t have enough blue and white for the curtains to be long enough…so I added black.  Random, but I love them.

Living Room Final 10

Here is the view of the room from the fireplace.  You can see how our hallway goes back to our bedrooms.  I found my couch at a local store called Brashears.  Around here, leather and tan couches are king so I was thankful to find a grey couch with modern lines.  The pillows are from target and Ikea.

Living Room 11

In this picture you can see how the living room flows into the kitchen.  I love how open and cozy it all is.

Living Room Final 12

If you have followed this blog long you know I have a love for all things Danish Modern.  I had no intention of getting a new entry way dresser until I found this dresser for $50.  I made the chalk board quote wall out of framed drywall.

Living Room Final 13

I style this area often, but this is how it has been for a while.  I found the F sign for $1 at a flea market, I love vintage books and the jar is full of the Christmas cards we received this year.  I like to pull one out every once in a while and pray for that family.

Living Room Final 14

Speaking of drywall, I used fabric covered pieces of clearance drywall and ikea frames to create this gallery wall.  You can see here what all the art is on the wall.

Living Room 15

The frames go all the way into the hallway.  I love how it turned out and I ofter catch my self looking at them all and smiling.

Living Room 16

Its been a progress and I have loved this room, especially on a cold winter night with a fire.  It looks much different today because we have started packing it all up.  I wish I could put it all back.

Have a Great Weekend,


Industrial Cottage

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Its time to start buying some stuff for this house we are renovating so I wanted to share some updates with you.  I don”t know if you remember this moodboard for the exterior.  I am trying to make this house transform from standard to original.  What I mean, it is pretty standard for a house around here.  It has the standard color of Khaki siding with white trim.  I am trying to punch it up with stain, color and fixtures.  My goal:  Industrial Cottage

Caudill Exterior Moodboard,

Source List: Pillow-, Deck Stain- Deck Restore, Shutter-Lowes, Adirondak Chair – Amazon
, Planter (resized to get look-Amazon, Door (I made it out of shapes on Mac Pages because I couldn”t find the right blue door online), Door Numbers-Wayfair , Wall Clock-Amazon, Light- Shades of Light.

Lee likes the industrial look so I thought he would be on board, but he was a little worried that it didn”t fit the house.  He

had not seen the plan, so I whipped it out to show him.  He looked at it and said..”okay”.  I was a little saddened by “okay”.  I was expecting..”perfect”, or maybe “love it”, or I would have even taken “oh yeah, I like it.”  The good news was “okay” was enough to trust me and take them to the register.  These were $32 from Home Depot and I am obsessed. The light fixture in the moodboard was smaller and $99.  I felt that I had found the jackpot by finding a similar style, bigger size for $67 cheaper.  I wanted my husband to experience my winning with me.  He laughed at me and said “you have thought about it more than I have.”  To his credit he is busy working on the things I never want to think about, like getting the eletrical wires up to code. We needed four of them, three for the garage and one for the front porch.  Here is a little preview:

I don”t love the look of the energy efficient bulb.  I know they make more sytish ones, but my husband reminded me that they were more expensive.  I might switch them out when he is not looking…just kidding…kinda. In short, he came home and said that he loved it.  I have said before, my husband trusts me, but in some situations he just needs to see the vision and see my confidence.  I don”t know if I would have had the confidence without the vision, therefore I always have a plan.

Have a great weekend,


We Got Audited

Jennifer —  January 15, 2013 — 2 Comments

Mom, don’t freak out.  The IRS is not after us, we pay our taxes on time.  We got an energy audit., energy Audit

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