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As I am writing this title I am thinking of The Wizard of Oz.  You know the part where Dorothy finally pulls back the green curtain to see that the Wizard of Oz is a normal man.   For a blast from your childhood here is what I am talking about:

As you saw last week that I have many curtains in my master bedroom.  We don’t have a lot of space so curtains make the space more functional.  It also softens the walls and make the room more inviting.  Just in case this is the first time you are visiting my master bedroom, here are all the places that a curtain is hiding something.

Today I would like to share what is behind this Curtain:

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If you walk into my house you will see a theme….stripes.  In some rooms there are small doses like in my guest bedroom pillow and sheets.  You will find some in my kitchen, my hallway and finally….my master bedroom.

Just for old times sake, here is a picture before:

Here is a picture in transition:

Here is the almost final stage of my master bedroom.

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My Master Bedroom has been a work in progress the past three years.  It started out like this:

The only structural thing we have done is we replaced the matted, old carpet.  Here is the floor plan of our house so that you can see where the master bedroom fits:

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Well, its finally done.  I just took the pictures about five minutes ago.  For those of you who don”t know.  When we moved in our bathroom looked like this:

A few years ago we did a full rehab.  We added floor tile, a new pedestal sink, new shower doors, new toilet, a clearance bathroom cabinet… and ended up with this:

Not Bad but we rehabbed it without thinking thru storage. It drove me crazy that I couldn”t put everything I wanted in the bathroom.  This is what I wanted in:

  • Towels and Hand Towels
  • My Make-up
  • Extra Soap, toiletry storage
  • All toiletries that we used
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • My Hair supplies including dryer and straightener
  • No more cluttered shower!  I want to be able to sit on that seat,

This rehab was not a full rehab but more of a storage rehab.  This is what we ended up with:

You can read about the Medicine Cabinet that I built :  Here is what it looks like on the inside:

You Can read about the small storage that I built here.  Its  decorative yet totally functional storage around the toilet.  Above it is my towel storage, make-up storage, and all the extra toiletries you could ever need.  The basket on top and on the toilet came as a pair at Wal-Mart for $16.00.  I love that there is a lid because it hides the clutter….and the girl stuff.  I feel totally fine with anyone using this bathroom and I don”t have all my personal stuff out!

Ignore the white space above the toilet basket.  There will be a picture that I am working on right there.  I will show soon! I love the hooks for the towels.

Here are the pictures on the wall that you walk into:

The hooks I got from the Walmart.  The cute Bathroom signs I printed off from the internet and framed them in a 50 Cent frame from the dollar store.  I think they give my cottagy bathroom a modern touch.   All of the frames are from Dollar General.  While I do love the all white and creme in this bathroom but I just needed a little color.

The hubs is from Kansas City, Missouri and I am from Lawton,Oklahoma.  This was a cute way I found on a blog (I can”t find it for the life of me, but I will link it when I do) of showing our home states.  I just printed an outline of our states from a pic I found on the internet, cut out the shapes, outlined the edges in orange, drew a heart from our home town, and matted on a piece of scrap book paper.  Missouri went on top because that is how it is on the map.  From two states we came together….corny but it makes me smile.  The picture was taken by Alec Vanderboom of  Alec Vanderboom Photography.  Alec rocks if you ever need a great photographer.  The hubs and I did 5 year anniversary pics.  We have self titled the album “Still Dating…five years”  This pic sums that theme up.

Here is the quote in the frame.  I thought it was good one to read everyday when I come into the bathroom.

I made it on my computer.  It was really easy.  But if you want to download it for yourself, click here!

The blank wall across from the toilet needed some color. So, I framed the fabric with a $8.oo frames from Dollar general.  Have you noticed a theme about me?  I am kind of obsessed with stripes.  It is the cohesive item that is sprinkled throughout my house.  I am not kidding you…in every room I have a splash of stripes or chevron pattern.

Look at the above the seat is clear in the shower!!!  A hanging caddy has never worked on our shower sprayer because of how it is shaped.  But we figured out how to make it work.  I can sit in the shower!

There it is…its done!  The goal was $120-$150.  Guess what…I did it in $122!

Cost Breakdown:

  • Medicine Cabinet – Built it – $44.08
  • Shelves, Lowes – $6.99 a piece times 2 – $14.00 (they are the stock white shelves depth- 9 inches -Width 35
  • White Baskets – Ikea, Free..I had them.  They are $9.99 for a set of three
  • Wicker Baskets (on the shelf and toilet), Walmart $16.00
  • Dollar General frames (hand towel wall) $8.00
  • Dollar General Frames on Blank wall $8.00 a piece. – $16.00
  • Small Storage I built around the toilet $16.40
  • supplies:  (Caulk, Paint, light fixtures..Free.  I had them from our flip house)
  • Hooks for hand towels:  Walmart 1.57 for two
  • Towel Hooks:  Lowes, Free I had them in the other bathroom.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Holder:  TJ Max.  Free (I had it)  I think I bought it for $7.99
  • Big Wicker Basket:  Free, I bought it from Walmart three years ago.
  • Trash Bucket:  Walmart, $6.00
  • Shower Caddy:  Free.  I had it in our guest bathroom.

Total:  $122.05

Well, there you have it.  I love my bathroom and use it to its fullest extent.  Who says you can”t have all you want in a small bathroom.    Have a Happy Easter!

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Have ever started a project and it gets worse before it gets better?  That is our garage.  This picture that I showed during this post has nothing on what it looks like right now.

To build the shelves that we are building we had to remove everything off the peg board area.  So…its all on the floor.  Plus all of our building so tools are out!  I can handle it though because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The fun thing is that I have been told by a few people who have a  garage storage rehab on the on the horizon for their home.  Literally since my post on Friday I have had about four people tell me that.  So, hopefully we can maybe help you along the way.  I know I gave you a sneak peek of the progress on Monday.  These are the skeleton of some serious overhead shelving.  They are high enough that we can walk under them.  Since they will be over our head and over the front of our cars they have to be seriously sturdy.

That is not all for our garage rehab.  We will be reorganizing, adding shelves and other hanging systems.  The goal:  everything is in its place the garage is clear for two cars. Well, that won’t really happen until the weights are taken…but summer is coming!  Okay enough talking.  I want to share with you a project that was done a few years ago.  Our garage cabinets:

These were cabinets from Craigslist.  Someone posted a pic of these cabinets (there were lots of them and they were white) and said “they will be on the curb tomorrow morning at this time. Please come take them for free”  I called the hubs and had to do some convincing…we borrowed a truck and were there at the exact time the ad said.  There were tons but they were old!!!!  There was also an endless amount of nails sticking out of them.  We took  all the cabinets but ended up throwing out a few.  The hubs spent a couple of hours using the dremel to saw off the nails and a hammer to pry out others.  He had to buy a few pieces of wood to cap off the end.  (I think then entire row went wall to wall in the house….so the end of each cabinet did not have a side piece.  Here is how the added end turned out:

Finally, we decided to paint them.  Random color I know but the hubs had just brought home some paint from his office that his work was going to get rid of….it was very blue.  Heck…its free and who says you can’t have a little pop of color in your garage.  Then, I got the idea to paint the front part with chalkboard paint.  They way we could know what is inside each one.


Here is a pic of the inside…remember that they will be reorganized.  Much of the stuff on the pegboard wall got shoved in these cabinets.  The cabinets were so old they did not have cabinet backs.  We used a couple 2X4s we had to brace them underneath the top of the cabinet and the shelves.

The hubs thought I was crazy to go get the cabinets.  He tried to convince me that we didn’t need them.  When he saw them on the road side He almost pulled a u-turn and I had to beg him to see their potential…literally.  Now that they are up.  He loves them and thanks me for talking him into the rehab.  That’s me though.  The title of this blog is “i love rehabs” for a reason.  I realize that some things cannot be rehabbed but it never hurts trying.  We got a wall of Garage cabinets for about 20 bucks.  Here is the project break down:

  • Cabinets:  Free, Craigslist.  If you are looking for these post on Craigslist that you want cabinets that are being taken out.  It’s a win, win.  If they are not going to sell them you can haul them away for them.
  • Hardware:  we reused what was on there.  Free
  • Wood:  $5.  We pulled wood from the clearance section (outside at Lowes)
  • Paint:  Free
  • Chalkboard Paint:  $10.00
  • Trip to the Transfer Station to dump the unused Cabinets:  $5.00
What’s left to do in the garage?
  • Finish building Cabinets
  • Paint Doors with leftover chalkboard paint.
  • Add a few garage shelves in other areas
  • Utilize peg board space.
  • Reorganize existing cabinets
  • DIY bike storage and yard tool storage.
See ya on Friday.  Hope this helps!
P.S. – to find a craigslist find like this I have found that you have to put yourself out there and post that you want cabinets.  People will contact you and then you decide if its what you are looking for.  You also must check craigslist every day.  Habitat Humanity Restores could have cabinets for pretty cheap.  Homes of Hope in Hollister Missouri always has cabinets in stock from house renovations.  Unused cabinets are out there!  Just look!


Oh how I wanted to post the final reveal today of this project.  The plan was to work on it on  Friday and Sat and put the finishing touches on Sunday….then I got an eye infection.  My eye was almost all swollen shut!  It randomly started on Friday morning.  By the time I got home from work…wow.  Needless to say, since my eye was watering every two seconds…Friday was movie watching night instead of project night.

Saturday I was a little better but I was determined to press on.  The hubs and I worked on the garage and I worked on the bathroom.  Wednesday the full reveal of my rehabbed bathroom  will be posted. All is done except I must hang some art/pics and change out the outlets.   Today, I am going to share part of my storage solution for this bathroom.  I posted here why I started this project.  We needed more storage.  I must say that we have more storage now.  Really, more than enough!  Here is a before pic.

The “level yet looks unlevel” bathroom cabinet is gone.  I built a medicine cabinet for the mirror.   See the space around the toilet.  That space has bugged the heck out of me.  First of all because one the seam in the bead board we installed has separated.  I tried to fix it with caulk but it just looks janky.  (is that a word?)  Here is my failed attempt….such an eye sore!

Amateur mistake. We should have used the lock and click bead board.  It would have cost us about $50 bucks more so we decided on the big sheets of it.  Penny Pinching is good, but in a rehab if the better/easier solution on a big project is just a little bit more….its worth it.  Cut back on something else if you have to.  Oh well, lesson learned.    If you do bead board in a bathroom install the lock n click kind….unless your bathroom wall is smaller than one big sheet. (which ours was too big on the wall without the door and I can’t imagine a bathroom smaller than mine…well, unless it’s a bathroom with just a toilet or sink.)  With lock and click bead board there are no seams!  (by the way, I still profess to be an amateur…oh and if you don’t know what bead board is…its the white grooved panelling you see from the chair rail down.  It’s great for bathrooms and can be an inexpensive kitchen backsplash)

I thought about putting trim over it but I thought it would be weird.  I actually bought a piece…yep, weird.  I thought about spacing out pieces of trim.  This would look great but it only looked good if the trim was equally spaced.  Much to my dismay…the equally spaced trim did not land on the ugly seam…bummer.  So I thought about it harder. (Sometimes I think about stuff like this when I am driving or can’t sleep) and I thought…what if I add some small storage…decorative…yet functional.  So I sketched out what I was thinking:

Here is what I needed to make this happen:

  • One-2 foot 1in X 8 inch piece of pine wood that I cut down to seven inches (that was the space between the sink and toilet )  This piece was cut down into 6 shelves.  ( I used the extra for another project….) The Cost: $3.97 at Lowes
  •   One – 1/2 inch thick  48in. X 48 in.  piece of smooth plywood cut down to a 7in. X 38in. piece….twice ( I was making two flanking both sides of the toilet.)  The Cost:  This piece would have cost me about $4.00 but I had some scrap leftover from some shelves I made for my friend kitchen…so free.
  • Can of primer and white paint:  I used primer spray paint.  $3.43, Krylon – Wal-Mart.  The white paint I had from our the hallway project.  High Gloss, Valspar..Lowes.
  • Wood Screws – free..had it.
  • Caulk (free.  we bought in bulk when we rehabbed the flip house.  We have some left.)
  • Finish Nails – Free…had it.
  • Containers…I had two so I picked two more up at Wal-Mart for about $8
  • Total Cost to Build and decorate/use:  $16.40

Here is  a Pic in the Process:

Here is the Final Pic:

Not sure what that black line is.  Its not there in the pic on my computer…Oh Well, 30 minutes of my day has been spent trying to fix it…wasted time.  Just ignore it.

I wanted these shelves to look white/crisp and uniform.  I also wanted them to have purpose.  There is no  room for decor that didn’t have purpose in this bathroom.   The hubs and I both use cotton balls,q-tips, and face pads.  I know the candles seem decorish…but think they are a necessity.   A bathroom always needs a good candle.  (especially if you have a small house…if you know what I mean).  I like to change out Loofah’s a couple of times a year.  (I usually get poison ivy in the summer…so out goes that loofah.)  Now I have some extra on hand.  The toilet  paper dispenser got a new home.  (it’s on the right now)  Before I could put it there Lee had to sit down on the toilet and make sure it was and easy reach….it was.  Of course the other side is easier….but in the name of storage and covering of the ugly….it works.

Inside the big basket: 

  • Cleaning Supplies/Paper towel
  • Straightener, comb, and Hair dryer

Inside the small basket on the toilet. – Stuff girls use.  Enough said.  I don’t think you need to see a pic of that.

The Brush Nickel Cylinder holds the toilet bowl cleaner.  I hate the trash can.  It works for now.  I am trying to find a nice white one with a lid…for cheap of course.  I don’t want it to look cheap though.

Here is the “How to” if this would work for your bathroom.

(*note: any of these cuts can be made at Lowes or Home Depot.  Just know your measurements before you go)
  1. Take the 1/2 inch plywood and cut it with your table saw down to the width you want your shelving unit. (mine was 7 inches.  (note:  I chose 1/2 plywood because I didn’t want it overhang the baseboard or chail rail.  If you don’t have this go with a little sturdier depth of wood.)
  2. Cut your two pieces of plywood to length.  Mine needed to be 38 inches.
  3. If needed cut one inch off the side of the 1 X 8 to make it a 1 X 7.  (note:  this all depends on the amount of space you have.  Get the piece of wood closest to the space you have and cut it down to size.)
  4. With a chop saw cut the now 1X7 into Six - 5 inch shelves.
  5. Figure out how much distance you want between the shelves.  Measure and mark the two pieces of plywood. (if you lay them down side by side you can mark them at the same time)
  6. Attach the shelves with wood glue and clamp for at least an hour.
  7. Screw in a few screw into each shelf from the back side (the part that rests on the wall)
  8. Prime and Paint
  9. Attach the shelves to the wall with 2 inch finish nails.  (note: thankfully, where I wanted them to go, on both sides, was a stud.  That makes it more secure.  If you don’t have a stud to drill into you will have to insert a couple toggle bolts to the wall and drill a screw in from the front side.  If you countersink the hole  then you can cover the hole with the screw with wood glue and touch it up.)
  10. Caulk or fill, and touch up with pain!  You are done!

Hope this helps you.  Here is a preview of a rehab in progress…I just realized that my shadow is the focal point of that pic.  Look at the soon to be cabinets

I have lots of fun posts this week…see you Wednesday,


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Well, its spring and the weather has been beautiful…well, until today.  Its cold.  The hubs and I have a rehab in progress.  Well, the progress starts tomorrow…the garage.  Before I post the pic first let me give you all the possible excuses for why my garage is this way.  We were working on our flip house all last fall.  If I would have posted a pic in the fall the garage was more empty…and clean.  Then we finished the house, brought it all home and bam…our garage is a mess.  The hub’s mom moved out of the house he grew up in.  We helped her moved and acquired some things out of her house.  Here is the pic:

By the way, we don’t lift weights much.  Well, Lee does but not enough to have all that stuff.  Those are from Lee’s old house (the one he grew up in) and we are donating most of them.  The problem is that we are donating them to my favorite camp for kids (for their staff)  and they don’t need them until summer.  So those will stay for another month.  Also, see those blue cabinets.  That’s a funny story I will share next week.  I made the hubs pull go and pick up some thrown out cabinets on the curb of someone’s house.  They were bad and he said that they could be salvaged.  I will share how they turned out soon.  I need to organize whats in them first….they are overflowing.   All that said…I can’t stand it…and I have had it up to here (I am holding my hand above my head) and the hubs has committed his weekend to this project. ( I have the best husband by the way…not because he does stuff for me but just because he thinks rehabbing the garage together is fun.  I love spending time with him.)  Anyway, he has some great ideas for DIY storage.   Check back next week because hopefully we will have the finished product.  I will also post about our finished bathroom storage project.  Yippee!!!  HAve a great weekend.  I hope your weather is better than mine here in Missouri.

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A few days ago I posted that I would be working on my Master Bath.  Its not a total renovation.  We did that a few years ago.  We just have not liked its function.  So, it’s getting a rehab.  The bathroom is TINY….We had to get a smaller toilet so you could walk by it to get to the shower.  We could have gotten a cabinet/sink for the sink area but we went with a pedestal because it makes the bathroom look bigger.  The negative to the pedestal is that there is not alot of storage….bummer.  We thought the cabinet over the toilet would be enough.  Boy…we were wrong.  We did not have a place for towels or cleaning supplies.  The goal was to simply and make our bathroom highly functional.  The best way to get storage in was a medicine cabinet.

My goal is to not spend a lot.  I think I wanted to do this rehab in $120-$150.00.  So, I began my search for medicine cabinets.  I knew that I could not recess the sink medicine cabinet because the plumbing to the guest bath shower is in the way.  I also had to find a shallow surface mount because I still wanted the lighting to overhang the medicine cabinet.  I know, I could get another light, but I don’t want to.  New lighting would subtract from the budget…and the hubs okayed the budget to get more function…..not another light.  Besides, I like the light that I chose and it matches the faucet. Off to Lowes I go….nothing.  They have great stuff, but I wanted white and it needed to be 20 inches wide and 25 inches tall.  The white ones they had were either too small, too deep (the light wouldn’t overhang), or too big.  (29 inches tall seems to be the standard….I needed less but not 16 inches less, which was my next option)  So…off to Home Depot….same problem.  There was one at Lowes that fit and was silver.  I could have spray painted it white but for 98 bucks (over half the budget and I needed more storage elsewhere…it was a no.)  My rule of thumb is if I am spending 98 bucks on something small I don’t want to have to change it.  So….since I live in a small I go.  Nothing.  Same problem as Lowes and Home Depot.  Then I jumped over to my favorite blog younghouselove and read this post.  I was inspired how they wish that they would have built more stuff in their past renovations.  It inspired me to make my own medicine cabinet.  It was easy!!!!!  (skip down to the very bottom to get the bullet point how to)

I went to TJ Max and immediately found this frame for 14.99.  Its is 20X24….one inch short of perfect…I’ll take it!

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Okay, I worked a retreat for my job this weekend so I get today off.  As the hubs left this morning he asked.  “What are you working on today?”  He knows me well.  On a side note, He worked on a little project for me while I was working.  He even took pictures!  I am still working on the finishing touches….I will post about that later on this week.  But….I wanted to show you what I was up to today.  The rehab..My master bathroom.  Now,  I will say that the hubs and I did some major rehab to

this bathroom about 2 years ago.  Here is what it looked like when we moved in.

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Happy Monday!  I had so hoped to post the final Pics of the East Nashville rehab, but I don’t have them yet.  The countertops are in but the bro and sis in law have to patch up some holes from the old countertop backsplash….and paint it.  As soon as that’s done, I will post the pics and the product breakdown.

So, instead I thought I would share with you another Kitchen before and after.  Last week I told you that the hubs and I flipped a house!  Here is what the living room looked like.  It was a long process but we learned a lot.  I know you got a glimpse of the before and after above.  Here are some more pics.  Man…this kitchen was bad!!!!!

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