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This is what is going on in my rehab world this week:

Now You See It…., basement

Now you wish you could close your eyes, snap your fingers and not see it…


Now you don’t., basement

Lee took the picture from the other angle of the room, the fireplace used to be to the right of where the drywall is leaning against the wall.  He also took it panoramic…which doesn’t fit in my blog post well.  Sorry it looks squatty, but doesn’t it look clean?

Why we took out the Fireplace.

#1.  It didn’t work.  

It was more money to fix it than to remove it.

#2  The top was cut short by the air vents which made squatty.

We looked into moving the ducts up but in this house, it was not possible.  It was also not possible to move them anywhere else.  The space between the mantle and duct work was about 8 inches.

#3.  It made the room look small.  

When you rounded the corner from the stairs your eye went straight to the squatty fireplace and it triggered the thought in your mind, that the room has really low ceilings.  The room only has a 7.2 foot ceiling (standard is 8ft) but the fireplace made it feel like 5 ft ceilings.

#4  It defined the room because it was in the middle of the room.

Any furniture felt weird right in front of the fireplace because you were right under the duct.  If you jumped up to cheer on your favorite football team you would hit your head.  There was also no place for a television to fit nicely into the space.  The best use of the space is to let the duct be a room divider.  I made this floor plan here. The fireplace was hindering that floor plan.


Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 5.24.28 PM

We want someone to walk into the space and say these three things

  1. This is a nice space
  2. This is big
  3. This is bright.

When you renovate and flip a house you have to think about how most buyers would use the space the most.  We chose that most buyers would want a spacious basement rather than an awkward space.

Happy Wednesday!


Our Guest Bathroom

Jennifer —  April 8, 2013 — 2 Comments

As you can tell, if you have spent any time on my blog, I am in this massive process of reorganizing this whole place. It has been fun and frustrating all at the same time. Fun, because I am finally learning how to make it all look how I want it to look. Frustrating because it is tedious, sometimes doesn”t work like I want it to.   Things that can take hours to figure out, and honestly drive me crazy. Thank you for being patient.  My house tour has been very unorganized, so I am trying to get some posts that compile all the room in my house.  Just for fun, here are the posts that I have done so far…

Today I am going to reveal my Guest Bathroom.  I have shown you many projects but its just fun for you to see the process.  I am done with this room.  I might add a picture or change out something but with renovating…I am done. Here is what the room looked like when we moved into the house.

Bathroom before


“Holy Orange!”  The first thing that came to my mind when I walked in was “Orange Power.”  All you Oklahoman”s get that reference, I realize that might be a little weird if you are not from Oklahoma.  “Orange Power” is what the fans of Oklahoma State University (where my husband went to college) yell at their sporting events.  Click here to experince it.  The problem is that I am a Sooner, born and bred.  Even though my husband is a Cowboy, the last thing that I want to think of is “Orange Power”.   My school has the better, more storied in tradition,  “call and response” Boomer Sooner.  Click here to experience it. See, doesn”t it sound more epic?   Sorry, OSU, I like ya because your part of my state and because my husband loves you, but I don”t think “Orange Power compares to Boomer Sooner.  You can even see it in the vidoes.  The passion and unity of Boomer Sooner just inspires chills down your back when you in the middle of it.  Anyway,  my husband was not going to be okay with a Crimson and Creme bathroom, so we decided the bathroom was going to be neutral ground.  The orange had to go.  Therefore, I painted it white just to be a little neutral.  This is how it stayed for three years.

Guest Bathroom



guest bathroom

Then, I decided to tackle the room.  The shower tile, countertop, and faucets had been replaced before we moved.  They weren”t exactly what I would have picked but I still liked them.  We didn”t want to spend to much on this bathroom so we decided to work with what we had.  The only think I didn”t like about the countertop was that it was mostly creme with white swirls.  I love a good bright white in the bathroom, but I decided to make it work with painting the walls a creme and white stripe.  The creme was Valspar”s Oatbran.

DIY Striped Walls

Here is how the bathroom turned out:

Guest Bathroom 2

You can read how I built this blue mirror from scratch, using the wall mirror that was in my master bathroom that we replaced with the medicine cabinet.

iloverehabs,com, guest bathroom

Here is the bathroom from the other angle.  I easily changed out the knobs to match the faucets (they were an antiqued bronzish color) and it made the cabinet pop.

Guest Bathroom 1

I spray painted an exterior light from Lowes for the vanity light.

Barnlight Bathroom Fixture

Here is the tub, I decided to add floor length curtain panels to frame out the shower.  You can see how I did that here.  The actual fabric shower curtain is hidden behind it.  The window that you see is to the front of the house, YIKES!  I made a waterproofed roman shade out of a fabric shower curtains and some old

blinds.  It works perfectly.  No inappropriateness in our house.

Guest Bathroom 2

My favorite find was these floating shelves on clearance.  They were the exact size of the stripes and the same color.  They look like the stripes just decided on popping off the wall., bathroom shelves


Since the cabinet has tons of storage, we decided to just decorate these shelves with pictures and then some supplies for when our guest come to town.


I did the same thing on the vanity.  The jar contains extra shampoo and conditioner from Hotels I have stayed in for work.  The taller containers have extra soap (for the hand soap pump refills) and mouth wash.  When I have guests, I will give them dixie cups so they can pour the mouthwash in the cup.  If you come to my house, all you will have to bring is your toothbrush.  I will provide you with everything else.

Guest Bathroom 5

Finally, I added a magazine rack above my towel rack.  So, now you can read if you want to…..yeah, you know why. I DO read when I take a bath, but others might read at other times in the bathroom.

Guest Bathroom 3


As far as the flooring and tub goes, we also worked what we have.  Its all pretty neutral.  I just had to scrub the grout to brighten it up.  I am thankful that the Orange is gone…

 Guest Bathroom 2

How about you?

Happy Monday,


Hillbilly Kitchen

Jennifer —  March 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

On Wednesday I explained what was coming up for the house that we are renovating.  I also explained that the not so fun stuff was happening such as electricity and drywall.  The great thing about electricity in a complete renovation you get to make the home more lighting friendly.  You also get to remove weirdly place lights and put them in a place where they make more sense.  Yesterday we had to tell the electrician where to place the electricity.  Just for fun, here is the kitchen before we started renovating:

Caudill House,

We are keeping the existing cabinets, adding more, and replacing the doors

Caudill House,


Of course you know that we had to gut the entire living room and take down the huge wall separating the kitchen from the living room.

Here is the lighting I know that I wanted:

  • Pendant over the sink

  • Two pendants over the island

  • Pendent over the table

  • Can lights along the “L” of the kitchen.  (Between the island and cabinets)

Yesterday we had to decide, with confidence, where the light boxes for the pendants.  I had to move the cabinets back into the kitchen to be sure.  This is the floor we had to carefully walk them over to get them into the kitchen.  #Treacherous!  We are leveling out the joists in the laundry room. level subfloor

After we moved and nudged and inched and pretended we were cooking, opening drawers and doors to see if we had room…we came up with this plan. I laughed because it looked like a hillbilly kitchen.  We have electricity, we have storage, and I found a countertop in the garage.  Whats even funnier is that we don’t have water but we bought gallons of water to put in the sprayer to remove the popcorn ceiling.  So, our Hillbilly kitchen is complete.  Its been cold out at night so we could just put the food on the back deck.  Ha!  I don’t think the house will sell this way.  Note:  That end cabinet on the island is not a part of the plan.  I think that will be a shelf, but I just had to spatially place something there so I could see the end product.  The fact that there are 2 X 4s holding it up adds to the hillbilly effect., kitchen renovation

aaa, kitchen renovation

aaa, kitchen renovation

aaa, kitchen renovation

Here is a better understanding via floorplanner., kitchen floor plan


aaa, kitchen floor plan


We marked the pendants on the ceiling and called it a day.  Well, kind of.  I did my least favorite thing yesterday and will continue to do it this weekend….stay tuned.

Happy Easter!


Preview of Tomorrow

Jennifer —  February 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

You would think that the world is coming to end here because

snow is on the way.  Well, at least the weather man says snow.  I have never seen all lines full with 5 people in front of me with full carts.  What?  Yes its snowing tonight but seriously?  I looked at my little basket of oatmeal, cookies, and milk and thought…do I need to get more?  Thank goodness for the iphone that will tell me full on sleet will happen tonight but it will be 45 degrees on Friday.  I figured if I was trapped I would only be trapped a day and I would be good to go with the food I had at home.  Well, maybe I grabbed a bag of sweedish fish in the spirit of “stocking up”.

Why the

randomness?  Well, I finished a room.  Completely.  Done.  Check it off my list.  I finished it last night and am taking pictures in the best light of the day.  I will reveal it all in all its goodness to you tomorrow.  Yep, I am blogging tomorrow.  Today, check out these posts to get ready…


Here is my Laundry from the beginning

I decided to reorganize the room here

Here we are today?  Are you excited?  I am.

Laundry Room, iloverehabs

Until Tomorrow….hopefully I will have internet and power.  IF NOT…see ya Friday


Bathroom Moodboard

Jennifer —  January 25, 2013 — 6 Comments

We are in the process of renovating a home to re-sell right now and I have been helping the hubby with the design.  We are working hard on the exterior of the home right now but we are in planning stage for the interior.  My tip for saving money in room rehab is to get a plan.  I want to share the plan we have for the guest bathroom.  Here is what it looked like when we first purchased the

The cabinet was very poorly put together.  Its not a cabinet, someone built it and put doors on it.  It fell apart when we took it out.  I opened the doors and the door openings were uneven.  We knew this had to go.

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I Am Beaming

Jennifer —  January 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

Last Friday I shared with you how the wall between a living room and kitchen came crumbling down.  The good news is that it didn”t.  We built a temporary wall to remove a “load bearing” wall and then replace that wall with a beam.  If you want more information on what the temporary wall look like or on the potential costs of removing a wall and a load bearing wall check it out here.

Here is the room before we picked up a sledgehammer:

aaa  Continue Reading…

The Walls Came Crumbling Down

Jennifer —  January 18, 2013 — 2 Comments

…on purpose.

When we walked into the house we are renovating the first thing that came out of my mouth is “that wall has to go.”  To understand what I saw I made a floor plan of the house.  You can see below that when you walk into the front door (lower left hand door) you enter directly into the living room.  It looks small and really boxy, so much that I felt clausterphobic.

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Turn On the Light Please

Jennifer —  January 4, 2013 — 3 Comments

Warning:  I had a reader tell me that she experienced a fire due to a folded/knotted chord.  Mine is not like this anymore so maybe don”t do this.  I still want to post it because its all apart of the learning process.

I am back with a another rehab in my master bedroom. I am excited to begin another rehab journey this year so stay tuned for Monday!  Have a great weekend.

Our Bedside Lamps have transitioned just as much as our master bedroom has. I am sad to say that I do not have pictures of our first try at our bedroom. It really was not much. It was just four walls, our matching bedroom set and a couple of sliding mirrored closet doors. Yuck. When I went to Ikea with to get our billy bookcases for bedside storage I had to figure out what I wanted to do for bed lamps. I had an idea….hanging pendent lamps. The problem was I didn”t want to hard wire them. I thought I could figure it out and picked up two Hemma cord sets for $3.99. I knew I had two shade covers at home that would work. Here is what I came up with:

1.) I spray painted the black part of this cord white:

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Five Dollar Curtain Rod

admin —  September 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

Wednesday I showed you a little more of the evolution on my Laundry room.  Lucy went from being alone…

Laundry room,


to now having some friends.

Laundry room,


I decided to upgrade this window a little.  The window was covered with this plain white roman shade.

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Canyon's Room

Jennifer —  September 28, 2012

A month ago I posted that I would help the first person that emailed me to do a Mood Board for a space in their home.  The first person to email me was a new mamma who was wanting a mood board for her soon-to-be baby boy”s room.  She hadn”t registered because she wanted to register with a plan in mind.  So, she sent the pictures to Canyon”s current room.

Canyon”s room has this great entryway with a built-in bookshelf:

The only other storage is the closet and a cool place for storage above the closet:

This blank wall is shared with the entry way to the house on the other side.  The entryway is part of the living room.  It would seem the natural place to put a crib but all you mammas know that the most quiet place to put a crib trumps the best place design wise.

The room has wonderful windows.

The only furniture they had for Canyon”s room was this dresser.  I think it is the coolest dresser.  Especially for a little boy”s room.

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