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If you have read the post on Asa's Room you saw that our budget was $100.00  This is really tough to do if you can't re-use what you have.  Here is how I did it:

  • Moved the dresser all the way to the wall and took out the rocking chair into the new babies room $0.00
  • Painted one wall with chalkboard paint. The great this is they had a full can because they painted a door in their kitchen with it.  I did not want to  spend $12.00 on more paint so I was scraping the can.  I did it!  Asa's parents also had paint supplies.  $0.00.


  • Art Wall.  I explained how I did here.  Since I had the trim it cost $2.18 total
  • Record covers and sheet music:  We had all of this.  This family is musical $0.00
  • Lamp on dresser:  0$  We had this Ikea lamp.
  • Other decor:  The piggy bank, sketch of Asa, race car, baskets was all in Asa's room to begin with.  $0.00
  • Stainless Steel Spray Paint:  $7.00  (Used for rug, clips, and some frames)
  • White Spray Paint $7.00  (Used for rug, trim, hamper)
  • Children's Book Wall:  I explained how I did it here.  $15.00
  • White paint for book wall: I had it in my paint shed.  $0.00
  • Crates: They were in their garage.  Here is how I covered them. Score!  $0.00


  • Fabric for crates:  I had this in my fabric stash $0.00
  • Wood for crate ottoman:  This is from my wood pile.  Here is how I did it.
  • Foam for crate ottoman:  I didn't like the cushion to the original chair I slipcovered.  It was way too big.  So I cut some foam off of it and re-used it here.  $0.00
  • White Side Table:  Lowes, clearance outdoor furniture $8.00
  • Chair:  Church Army Thrift Store, $10.00cialis online

ge-1242″ title=”Slip Covered Chair” src=”” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”669″ />

  • Fabric for chair:  XL twin sheet set on clearance at Target, $13.00  ( I used everything…sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow case)
  • Bed:  Hand me down from Asa's parents relatives.  The crib will now be used by Avery.  She is coming soon!
  • Entryway wall:  I had these Ikea shelves when we first moved in our house.  I have never been able to find a great place for them.  Now I have $0.00
  • Decor for entry wall:  $0.  I scoured her house for frames, cards and pictures.  I
  • Record Decor:  Asa's dad is quite the musician.  When they moved into their house the previous owner left $100s of records.  None of which are the taste of Asa's parents.  So I just stenciled Asa's name on three and attached them with double sided sticky tape.  I used the white paint I had and cut some stencils on my Cricut.  I paid $1.17 for the tape.
  • Curtains:  These are bed sheets.  I found the gray plaid set at Wal-Mart on clearance for $15.00.  It was a queen sized sheet set.  I used the fitted sheet for the closet.  (You take out the elastic, rip the corner seams out and you have a ton of flat fabric to use)  I cut the queen sheet into 4ths for the two windows.  Each panel was a little narrow so I sew them onto some black fabric.  The black fabric is also two twin sheets cut in half.  The twin sheets were from Wal-mart for $5.00 a pop.  Total for the curtains:  $25.00
  • aaa

    • Curtain Rods:  2 Cafe Rods from Lowes for $3.97 a pop.  Total:  $7.94
    • Curtain Clips:  I had some leftover from my master bedroom curtains.  I bought one more pack $2.94 ( I sewed tabs on the back of the closet curtains, using fabric from one of the pillow cases.  I did not need clips for those)
    • Closet Curtain Rod:  Shower Curtain Rod I found in their garage ) $0
    • Bedding Pillows:  made from my stash of fabric.  I also used the other gray plaid pillow case from the sheet set. $0.00
    • Stuffing for the Pillows:  cut up two old bed pillows I found in their storage. $0.00
    • Toy Storage:  Wicker Hamper I had and painted it white with extra Spray Paint. $0
    • Blue Blanket:  On of my 10,000 blankets I have around the house. $0.00
    • Gray Blanket:  Found it in Asa's parents hall closet.  $0.00
    • Lamp:  I made a swap with Asa's mom.  She and I both bought this lamp at a hotel sale.  I always wished I had bought two for my living room console table.  My wish came true. I put this lamp I had in my house (that I also got at a thrift store) in Asa's room and she gave me the matching lamp!  YES!!!!  $0.00
    • Rug:  Because I had made this rug in my laundry room and had to cut it down, I used the left-over for Asa's room.  I listed the cost of the paint above $0.00

    Grand total for Asa's room:  $99.17

    Here is my tip for the day….”YOU CAN DO IT!  Look around your house.  What do you have?  Make swaps with friends.  Buy a can of spray paint!  If you have something you want to repurpose but you don't have any ideas…send me a picture and give me the room you want it to go in and I will give you my best try.

    Happy Weekend!


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