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Rehab in Progress: My Living Room

Jennifer —  November 11, 2011

My family is coming for Christmas and its time to finish the living room.  Really, there is no renovation..well, maybe a little.  Mostly it's finally decorating the living room.  Here is what it looked like when we moved in:

Of course it has furniture…. Here is a more updated preview:


I really enjoyed reading this post this week.  It's an interesting take on trends in the interior design world.  My thoughts are this

  1. pick the colors and patterns you like
  2. make sure the colors blend or “pop” in a good way
  3. stick to basic space planning rules
  4. Splurge on pieces that benefit your comfort and will last.
  5. Let in natural light as much as you can.
  6. If you like a pattern that you worried is a trend and are worried about it going out of style.  Go for it anyway.  Maybe use it with inexpensive pieces.  Maybe use it in pillows, framed art, or curtains (that aren't expensive)  That way, you can change it out without any major cost.   Maybe don't but the expensive rug or recov

    er your couch in it.  Or do…because if you like it who cares?

I believe if you do the above you will have a great room that will last a long time.  You live in the space…you get to enjoy it.
Part of my living room rehab that I am doing at this point is new curtains.  I need more color on my wall.   I also don't want to open and shut my curtain so I am lining these blinds so no one can see in when the curtains are open.  The trick is to line them for privacy yet let in light.  Here are my old curtains.  I like them and will use them in the third bedroom.  (Family's coming…got to get that ready :)
I don't have a budget for this so I am trying to get rid of some scrap fabric I have.  $0 spent that is the goal.  More on that soon…
Makingitlovely posted this a few days ago.  I am so much in awe that I had to share it with you.  Check out MakingitLovely usually once a week she does an honor roll that I try not to miss.
Happy Weekend!
Thanks for reading,



If you have read the post on Asa's Room you saw that our budget was $100.00  This is really tough to do if you can't re-use what you have.  Here is how I did it:

  • Moved the dresser all the way to the wall and took out the rocking chair into the new babies room $0.00
  • Painted one wall with chalkboard paint. The great this is they had a full can because they painted a door in their kitchen with it.  I did not want to  spend $12.00 on more paint so I was scraping the can.  I did it!  Asa's parents also had paint supplies.  $0.00.


  • Art Wall.  I explained how I did here.  Since I had the trim it cost $2.18 total
  • Record covers and sheet music:  We had all of this.  This family is musical $0.00
  • Lamp on dresser:  0$  We had this Ikea lamp.
  • Other decor:  The piggy bank, sketch of Asa, race car, baskets was all in Asa's room to begin with.  $0.00
  • Stainless Steel Spray Paint:  $7.00  (Used for rug, clips, and some frames)
  • White Spray Paint $7.00  (Used for rug, trim, hamper)
  • Children's Book Wall:  I explained how I did it here.  $15.00
  • White paint for book wall: I had it in my paint shed.  $0.00
  • Crates: They were in their garage.  Here is how I covered them. Score!  $0.00


  • Fabric for crates:  I had this in my fabric stash $0.00
  • Wood for crate ottoman:  This is from my wood pile.  Here is how I did it.
  • Foam for crate ottoman:  I didn't like the cushion to the original chair I slipcovered.  It was way too big.  So I cut some foam off of it and re-used it here.  $0.00
  • White Side Table:  Lowes, clearance outdoor furniture $8.00
  • Chair:  Church Army Thrift Store, $10.00cialis online

ge-1242″ title=”Slip Covered Chair” src=”” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”669″ />

  • Fabric for chair:  XL twin sheet set on clearance at Target, $13.00  ( I used everything…sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow case)
  • Bed:  Hand me down from Asa's parents relatives.  The crib will now be used by Avery.  She is coming soon!
  • Entryway wall:  I had these Ikea shelves when we first moved in our house.  I have never been able to find a great place for them.  Now I have $0.00
  • Decor for entry wall:  $0.  I scoured her house for frames, cards and pictures.  I
  • Record Decor:  Asa's dad is quite the musician.  When they moved into their house the previous owner left $100s of records.  None of which are the taste of Asa's parents.  So I just stenciled Asa's name on three and attached them with double sided sticky tape.  I used the white paint I had and cut some stencils on my Cricut.  I paid $1.17 for the tape.
  • Curtains:  These are bed sheets.  I found the gray plaid set at Wal-Mart on clearance for $15.00.  It was a queen sized sheet set.  I used the fitted sheet for the closet.  (You take out the elastic, rip the corner seams out and you have a ton of flat fabric to use)  I cut the queen sheet into 4ths for the two windows.  Each panel was a little narrow so I sew them onto some black fabric.  The black fabric is also two twin sheets cut in half.  The twin sheets were from Wal-mart for $5.00 a pop.  Total for the curtains:  $25.00
  • aaa

    • Curtain Rods:  2 Cafe Rods from Lowes for $3.97 a pop.  Total:  $7.94
    • Curtain Clips:  I had some leftover from my master bedroom curtains.  I bought one more pack $2.94 ( I sewed tabs on the back of the closet curtains, using fabric from one of the pillow cases.  I did not need clips for those)
    • Closet Curtain Rod:  Shower Curtain Rod I found in their garage ) $0
    • Bedding Pillows:  made from my stash of fabric.  I also used the other gray plaid pillow case from the sheet set. $0.00
    • Stuffing for the Pillows:  cut up two old bed pillows I found in their storage. $0.00
    • Toy Storage:  Wicker Hamper I had and painted it white with extra Spray Paint. $0
    • Blue Blanket:  On of my 10,000 blankets I have around the house. $0.00
    • Gray Blanket:  Found it in Asa's parents hall closet.  $0.00
    • Lamp:  I made a swap with Asa's mom.  She and I both bought this lamp at a hotel sale.  I always wished I had bought two for my living room console table.  My wish came true. I put this lamp I had in my house (that I also got at a thrift store) in Asa's room and she gave me the matching lamp!  YES!!!!  $0.00
    • Rug:  Because I had made this rug in my laundry room and had to cut it down, I used the left-over for Asa's room.  I listed the cost of the paint above $0.00

    Grand total for Asa's room:  $99.17

    Here is my tip for the day….”YOU CAN DO IT!  Look around your house.  What do you have?  Make swaps with friends.  Buy a can of spray paint!  If you have something you want to repurpose but you don't have any ideas…send me a picture and give me the room you want it to go in and I will give you my best try.

    Happy Weekend!


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