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Old & Cruddy to My New Buddy

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Remember this bathroom?


Remember this cruddy shower?

Remember this annoying door to door non-functional closet?

Remember this dresser?

Remember this moodboard?

Bathroom Moodboard, iloverehabs

It didn’t turn out exactly like the moodboard, but this guided our direction…even when we switched things up.  This bathroom now looks like this:

and this…

and this…

More to come soon!

Happy Monday!


Halloween is over and I am moving on to Christmas.  Just kidding.  I love Thanksgiving, but I do start my Christmas shopping before December….especially if the gift is handmade.  It seems like every week of December is filled with Christmas events so if I am doing something handmade…November is my month.  Apartment Therapy is doing a little Handmade Holiday Link-Up so I thought I would link it my favorite handmade gift and then spend some time checking outrall the goodies that people are making.  I had planned on reposting this later in the Holiday season, but I figured why not join in the Apartment Therapy fun.

Christmas Bells 4

I love my Christmas Bells. Every where I take them everyone loves them.  They are a home run hit for your family or for for a gift.  This year I planned on making these for some good friends (which ones….I cannot say).  These are an inexpensive gift that will last for many Christmases to come.   We always have fun with them at every Christmas party we go to.  People will call us to make sure we bring them.  Here is a picture of my family playing these on Christmas Day.

Here is my family playing these things.  I am trying to post a video on our crazy family playing these things.  Its hysterical.  Lots of laughter and Christmas fun.  A family member posted it on facebook so, if I can figure it out, I will.

This is great gift idea that people will love!  Its unique and it allows people to be a “hit” at their next Christmas party.  I am going to make these for people at Christmas.  I have done it before and it really isn’t that hard.

Here are the tools and material you need…

Piper Cutters, Drill Bits, and Conduit Pipe…

Christmas Bells 8

Here is a closer look at the large pipe.

CHristmas Bells 6

The Detailed List

  • 1/2 inch Conduit Pipe.  The expensive kind does not cut well. Don’t get it.  The inexpensive kind actually sounds better as a bell.  I bought mine at HD for $2.97  You will probably need two, depending on what sizes they offer at your store.
  • Kobalt pipe cutter (Seen Above) – $9.00 (Just tell the Hardware store employee you need a pipe cutter for 1/2 inch conduit.  They will take you right there.)
  • 5/8 inch metal boring drill bit (seen above) $4.00
  • String ( you can also use skinny ribbon or the gift wrap ribbon that curls)
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler or tape measure

When it’s all said and done your first one will cost you $19.00.  Every time after that it will cost you $6.00 because you already have the cutter and drill bit!


  1. 13 amp; 3/8 inches
  2. 13 inches
  3. 12 amp; 5/8 inches
  4. 12 amp; 1/4 inches
  5. 11 amp; 7/8 inches
  6. 11 amp; 1/2 inches
  7. 11 amp; 1/4 inches
  8. 10 amp; 7/8 inches
  9. 10 amp; 5/8 inches
  10.  10 amp; 1/4 inches
  11.  9 amp; 7/8 inches
  12. 9 amp; 5/8 inches
  13.  9 amp; 3/8 inches
  14. 9 amp; 1/8 inches
  15. 8 amp; 7/8 inches
  16. 8 and 5/8 inches
  17. 8 and 3/8 inches
  18. 8 and 1/8 inches
  19. 7 and 7/8 inches

How to:

Step 1

Measure where your first cut will be.  Mark a line at the measurement with a pencil.  Cut right at the line or if you want to be super accurate just to the right of the line.  The pencil mark is exactly the length the bell needs to be.  If you cut just to the right of the line, it gets a more accurate length.  I have posted this for those perfectionist DIYers.  It doesn’t matter really.  I have done it both ways.  These are not symphony instruments.  You will not get into Julliard playing these.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  They need to be close but if they are one 16th off…it will work.  The smaller you get the closer they are in size.  Be as accurate as you can when you get to the smaller pipe measurements.

Step 2

Use the pipe cutter as instructed and cut the pipe.

Step 3

Mark the pipe with the corresponding number

Christmas Bells 5

Step 4

Drill a hole at the very top with your drill bit.  I used a clamp to hold the bell down.

Christmas Bells 2

Step 5

Tie string, or ribbon loop through the hole. This is crucial for the bell’s ringing capabilities. (When playing, you have to hold the bell thru the loop or it won’t chime.)

Christmas Bells 3

Step 6

Repeat for all 19 pipes (each pipe has a different measurement)

Step 7

Print off the music.

Here are two sheets of music for these bells.  I plan on posting more soon!  I realized I only have about four songs.  Go make your bells and then come back to grab all the music.  I literally have to string up the bells on a broom, write out the words to a Christmas song and figure it out.  I am using those flute playing skills after all.  My musician dad should be proud.

Away in a Manger Music

Click on Image to Save and Print


O Little Town of Bethlehem Music

Click on Image to Save and Print

Click on the image, save and print.  I would print at least 10 copies of each song so a big group could play.  This is super cheap at Staples or Office max.  I might make folder of Carol Songs.

Finally, to give them you can wrap them up in a fun way.  I wrapped mine in some extra Jute Webbing and some plaid ribbon.  I would also write a little instruction note to go with them.  Make a set for you, play them FIRST at a Christmas party and then have a set wrapped for your White Elephant game.  There will be a fight for these.

CHristmas Bells 1

How do you play?

With spoons of course!  You have to put your hand through the loop and let the bell dangle and smack it with a spoon when your number comes up on the music.  

Thanks for Reading,


The Master

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I am so sorry posting has been late this week.  I am in the middle of training 200 college aged staff to be great camp counselors  and we are rehabbing a huge massive camp!  When this week is over my posts will be more consistent!

Last week I showed you about the guest bathroom shower that we tiled (or had tiled).

Today I want to show you what we decided to do with the master bathroom. Here is the before shots of the bathroom.

MAster Bathroom 2 Caudill


Master Bathroom Caudill

Here are the problems to this bathroom

  1.  No Double Sink
  2. It needs more storage.
  3. It”s a small master
  4. Bathtub is super is small.  No stretching out you legs in that one
  5. Dirty, moldy, outdated.

Unfortunately, when you flip a house you cannot do everything.  The goal is to make money!  We had to be strategic how we used our mobile Barbie dressing game download money.

 Here are the solutions we will accomplish:

  1. No Double Sink.  It was too expensive to move the plumbing.  If we wouldn”t have had to pour a driveway, then there would be a double sink.
  2. We added a space for an “in-wall” medicine cabinet.  We are also adding storage shelves.
  3. We can”t change the square footage of the bathroom but we can make the square footage look bigger.
  4. Bathtub is gone. No one wants a short tub so we decided to do a nice walk-in shower.
  5. We are updating all the fixtures, toilet, cabinet, and faucets.

About the shower…..  Here is the shower in construction phase.  This is the cement board painted with a moisture barrier.


Caudill Master Bathroom

Here is the shower tiled.

master bathroom

We found this grey tile on sale at Lowes for .97 cents a tile.  We decided to tile it in a subway pattern.  I am a big believer that you can make inexpensive tile look more expensive by doing a different pattern.  We will tile the floor with the same tile and install a glass shower door. The goal is to make the shower look bigger by using the same tile on the floor to draw your eye up.

This is what we have been up to in the house.  I can”t wait to share with you more!

See ya on Friday,








Lindsay emailed me a few months ago asking me to help her with some kitchen ideas.  Here was what she emailed me:

“Wondering if you would be willing to help me decide on ideas for my kitchen. I just got black appliances (rid the white) and now feel like back splash and a floor change would make the world of difference. Maybe new hardware for the cupboards too. The hood range is also coming in black soon I hope. So: if you have time and any thoughts could you tell me what you think would look nice in the way of backsplash/flooring and hardware? Thanks a million.”

After asking her tons of questions about her style, colors that she likes, and any thoughts that they had they emailed me and told me that they had just bought black appliances and that they had one idea for the backsplash:

“Also, we have thoughts about the backsplash. My husband works in he glass industry and installed this kitchen a few years ago that he really wants to replicate. It is one solid piece of glass used for backsplash which is painted on the backside (any colour).  So the glass is transparent but coloured from the painted side. Not sure if you can imagine that or if you have seen anything like it?”

I was pumped!  I love it when a reader gives me something that they have in mind.  The glass backsplash was genius and it would brighten that entire place up and make it so fresh.  I am so glad they thought of it and it was the inspiration for the entire mood board.  Here is her kitchen.


What Lindsay wanted:

  • Find a place for the microwave
  • Add a dishwasher either on the wall the microwave is currently on or add an apartment sized DW by the sink.
  • Wanted fun color.

My Strategy:


I wanted the floors to compliment the black appliances, but still look good if they sold the house and someone bought another style.  I love the classic look of black and white floors.  Here is an example.  I thought, what if you tiled in a stripe pattern.  It would make the room look bigger and make the roo stand out.  I googled it and found this and this.  I was sold.  If they wanted to do it on the cheap, they could do the peel and stick linoleum tiles.  If they wanted to spend a little more they could do the ceramic tiles.


The glass of course and I am counting on Lindsay and her husband to teach me how to do it!  You won”t see the backsplash in the mood board, but imagine the wall color behind it!


Keep the dark wood. I love dark wood.

The Mood Board:

Source List with Links:

Fabric: Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Pristine Poppy (For the window shade); Pendant:  (For over the sink); Flooring: Home Depot  (these are vinyl tiles which would cost them about $50, you could do ceramic tiles);  Cabinets: Ebay (these are just for show, this is a color similar to hers);  Hardware Pulls:  Lowes   (for the doors)   Hardware pulls: Amazon (For drawers); Countertop: Lowes (This is a laminate countertop)  Door: Pinterest   (this is a screen door from a blog that was not linked in Pinterest…boo, You could replace the screen with wood and put a chalkboard or add more of the fun fabric to the back of the screen); Light: Shades of Light; Cart: Ikea  (for the microwave wall…see the sketches below); Wall Shelves: Ikea (for the microwave wall);  Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Waterscape

Here were my ideas in amateur sketches for the microwave wall.  My first thought was a pantry but her pantry is in her laundry room, which is the doorway you see in the picture

Option #1

This would be how they can use the space if they removed the drawers by the sink and added a apartment sized dishwasher.

Option #2

This option is if they decide to move the dishwasher over to the wall where the microwave is currently.   Its the most costly option because you have to move plumbing but not that bad because the washer is on the other side of the wall.


Here are all my ideas I gave her on how to DIY or other options.  Its kind of long, but if you want to read them here they are.

Thank you Lindsay for thinking of me to help you.  I hope this inspired your own ideas and I can”t wait to see what you do!


What Matters Most…

Jennifer —  February 29, 2012 — 7 Comments

This is the Quote on My Quote board this month:

I am going to abide by it today and forgo the post I was going to do today.  Our Little town got hit by a Tornado last night.  The Hubs has been out helping out in a neighborhood that suffered severe damage.  Posting about my rehabbed coffee table just doesn’t seem to matter today.    We are fine and we actually have power in our home but since tons of wires and power lines are down the internet is a little patchy so this post won’t be that long.  Here is our little town:   (The top pic is the Hilton Convention Center near our major shopping area, The next two are a store and a theater on our main “strip”.  For those of you who don’t know my area we are a tourist town.

Here is our outdoor shopping center where I got my bicycles

Here is our church:

This is tough for our little town because most everyone is just now fully recovering from the flood.  Thats all I have for today because my internet has gone out twice trying to upload these pictures.  We are thankful that we are fine, but this is how we need to spend our time today.  Helping others and maybe even hosting those who don’t have power.  I will be back on Friday (hopefully with stronger internet) with normal posting!

Thanks for reading,


Thanks for voting for me in the Apartment Therapy Homie contest.  You can still vote for iloverehabs (click Here) if you want to.  I am not anywhere close to winning but its been fun to get some new traffic my way.

Less is More

Jennifer —  November 15, 2011

My good friend is about to have her baby.  We are waiting any day now and we are so excited for little Avery to come into this world.  Avery is Asa’s sister.  Mom wanted to get Avery’s room as ready as possible and I helped her a little bit.

Avery’s mom was describing the colors that she wanted in the room and I brought her this Amy Butler Lotus  fabric remnant I had.

source here

She loved it and wanted to use it in the room.  So we pulled out my Benjamin Moore Paint colors and found a grey close to the one in the flower.  We took it to Home Depot and matched it to their Behr paint.  We didn’t have a lot of the fabric.  So we had to be strategic how we used it.  It wasn’t enough for curtains or crib bedding, but there was enough to make a statement somewhere.  The question was where.  Avery’s mom reminded me about the rocking chair they had.  Since we placed a new chair in Asa’s room we moved the rocking chair into Avery’s room next door.  Here is a reminder of what it looked like.  (Sorry I didn’t have a better pic.  They had a friend paint it so it was being painted by the time I got involved)

My friend painted the rocking chair base white.  It was more of a creme color.  My job was to recover the cushions.  I didn’t have enough fabric so my friend bought a queen sheet set at target.  In upcoming posts I will share all the things we did with this queen sheet set.  Back to the point of this post.  Here is how I recovered the chair:

    1. I took off the cushion and traced it onto the backside of the fabric.  I simply laid the cushion (with its cover still on) on the fabric and made sure my pencil was touching the edge of the cushion as I traced it.
    2. I took a sewing tape measure and measure 1-inch from the traced line all the way around.  I connected the measurement marks (grown up connect the dots really) and made a 1-inch border around my traced line.  This would be the line I would sew on.  (Note:  When you trace the cover like I did above you are tracing the shape of the cushion.  The 1 inch border will help you cover the thickness of the cushion.)
    3. I placed the back fabric right side up on the floor.  I placed the traced fabric right side down on top of the back fabric.  (Right sides should be facing each other).  Pin the fabric together and cut about a ½ inch around the outside border.
    4. Sew your fabric around the outer line that you drew.
    5. Leave the bottom open so that you can turn it inside out and insert the cushion.
    6. Turn the sewn fabric inside out and iron if you need to.
    7. Measure on the back of the original cushion where the ties are sewn on.  Cut off the ties on the original cushion.  Take the above measurements and mark where the cushion ties should be sewn.

  • I cut some grosgrain ribbon and hand sewed it onto the places where the ties should be.
  • Insert the cushion into the new cover.  Since my cushion was bigger on top than on bottom I folded it to get it through the bottom opening.
  • Fold and pin the bottom seam together.
  • There are many ways to do this.  Since I was using invisible thread I sewed the bottom seam shut with the cushion in it.
  • Repeat all the steps for the seat cushion.  This time, fold some grosgrain ribbon in half.  Insert the ribbon into the pinned fabric at the back corners where the ties are in between the fabric.  Since the back is where I insert the cushion, I just rounded the corners as I was sewing a bit and kept the back open so I could turn it inside out and insert the cushion.


The ottoman:

You could take the ottoman apart and cover the top. I just covered it and stapled it.  You could even tack it if you wanted to.  This took me 10 minutes.

The total process took me all of about 1.5 hours.  Here is the dramatic transformation:

What a fun transformation and it was so fun to see it “pop” in the room.  I think that a little of this fabric goes a long way in Avery’s room.  It served its purpose in doing the following things:

  1. It determined the wall color.
  2. It became the foundation for  the color palate.

Here is the color palate we chose for her room.  The fabric comes from my fabric remnant, a queen sheet set, and two pillow cases.

Picture source , here and here.

I added a few tissue pom poms above the rocking chair to make it even more fun.  You can buy them at hobby lobby for about $5, but your color choice is limited.  I bought three packs of .99¢ tissue paper and made them myself.  You get the colors you want that way.  Martha Stewart gives a great “how to” or…they are all over the internet.  I hung them by twisting a hook in the ceiling.

Stay tuned.  The back of this rocker is from a queen sized sheet set.  It comes with a sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases.  My friend bought it at Target for $43.00.  For $43 of fabric we were able to make a closet curtain, window curtain, crib bumper, pillows, and line the back of the rocking chair.

Thanks for reading!



Today I realized that I hadn’t posted anything about my house in a while.  Today I want to show you a little project I did in my living room.  My living room is a work in progress.  It didn’t begin well but now I have a plan.  I really like my furniture and I have a plan but it has taken me a long time to execute the plan.  I am in the middle of the process.  When the hubs and I first moved into the house we bought our first set of furniture.  We measured and looked around for what we wanted.  We were in Kansas City and we thought we had found the perfect couch.  We purchased it and it was delivered to our home.  We bought a couch and a love seat.  I hated them.  They looked different from they did in the store and the gray almost looked like khaki.  What I hated the most was the love seat.  Our living room has this window in it.  It’s weird because it’s not really a sitting window but it has a little shelf.  (p.s. this is when we first moved in)

I never got a picture but the loveseat blocked part of the window and it made the room crowded.  I cried.  Yep, I admit that.  I really don’t care about things but I was so upset for spending my saved up money on something I thought I liked but in the end…I absolutely hated.  I called the store back and there was a 30 day return policy but I would have to pay $70 for them to come back and pick it up.  I was willing to do that but I thought…what if I try Craigslist for a couple of weeks and THEN return them if no one buys them.  Sure enough…I sold them and got exactly what I paid for them because I could literally list them as brand new.  The delivering fee from the store was $0 because we bought them during an incentive time at the store.  Whew…I had a clean slate.  I knew that I didn’t want a couch loveseat combo.  I tried a few chairs (that I already had) but the  chairs seemed to block the window as well.  If it were just a window it wouldn’t be a big deal but it looks too much like a window seat.  Then I had an idea…what if I the Hubs built a bench? (the couch in this pic was the new couch from a local store)

  Continue Reading…

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