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Wedding Wednesday: Doors

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Doors, Doors, Doors.  I have used them in a few weddings.  They are all over Pinterest so just Pinterest them for inspiration, but today I thought I would share where I get all my doors for weddings and how I have used them.  Lets start with Rebecca’s wedding.  She had borrowed doors from her aunt who had some old doors.  Have you ever wondered how I have two doors standing upright…not leaning on anything?

Boos wedding 22

My trick is large industrial shelf brackets like this.  This is not the exact one I used, but I went into Lowes and got the biggest one I could find. Industrial sized L-brackets work too. In fact, I have bought these at a Re-Store before as well.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it just needs to be big and sturdy.  Screw two brackets into the bottom of  each side of the door and secure it down with some sandbags.  Voila….free standing door. I didn’t get a picture but here is my best attempt at a diagram.  Note:  I made sure to place these where no one would be running around them.  The sweet table was in a nook and there was no reason to go behind it.  They are sturdy but it’s not a fortress.  Make sure it’s not in a high traffic area.

I used doors to make a pretty blah entrance a little more grand.  I just leaned them up against the glass wall….carefully.  The Venue would not let me take down the signs.

My greatest task was to hide really crazy storage.  Behind this wall of doors are probably 100 airport chairs, a couple of coke machines, lots of boxes, a few airport banners and lots of random.  I lined the edge of the storage area with an entire row of those really heavy hard to move airport benches.  (the kind of chair/benches that you sit in while you wait to get on your flight.)  Those things are HEAVY!  I just leaned the doors against the back of the benches and layered them.  Again, it is not a place for lots of traffic and kids running around, so I just pushed the tables close to the doors and made the Aisle’s wide enough that people would go down the aisle away from the doors to get out of this area., flea market wedding

I haven’t shown this shot because I didn’t get a good shot.  I think at this point of the wedding day I was looking for chocolate bars and asked my husband to snap a few shots.  The brides happiness comes before blogging.  My hubby, not being a blogger, forget to move my bag of stuff.  Oops.  Anyway, I used Doors to cover an airport baggage security machine.  It was immovable unless I had 20 college football players.  I didn’t, so I hid it….with doors of course.

I use doors to hang wreaths.  Just stick a push-pin in the back of a wood door and use the loop of the wreath to go over the top of the door and hook onto the pin.  If it’s a metal door use a removable hook placed upside down.

 Boos WEdding 20

I even used a door to cover the pie storage.

pie table, wedding reception,

Where can you find doors?

  1. Ask family and friends.  You never know what people have lying around.  I was renovating a house (shocking) and I called a gal I knew was looking for doors.  She came over and picked up a few old doors we were taking to the Re-Store.  She painted them and glazed them to look old.
  2. Re-Stores have TONS of doors.  You might even find a vintage one.  You can make anything look vintage.  Most doors at a Re-store cost $5 but are flat and hollow. Don’t be afraid of those.  A little fabric and you could cover that door and use it for a picture gallery. Add some hinges to connect to and you can create a screen that can stand up on its own.
  3. Flea Markets – Go outside and look on the sides of the buildings.  I usually find doors there.
  4. Architectural Salvage Stores – these are a little pricier but there are really cool vintage doors there for sure.
  5. Craigslist/Facebook Garage Sales.  Take the initiative and say you are looking for old doors.  Be careful though!  Your safety is not worth a door.
  6. Garage Sales – hit and miss.

Doors are an easy way to make something look vintage.  It can hide something or it can just be a fun part of your decor.

Hope this helps…happy wedding







Wedding Pie

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Today I want to share with you  how I set up the wedding pie table for a vintage flea market style wedding reception.  Next week, on Wedding Wednesday, I will share how you can  save a TON of money on your wedding cake or pie (if that is your flavor) doing something like this.  Last week I shared pictures from the wedding reception I decorated in August.  The bride’s family is known for their pies.  Yum!  She didn’t want wedding cake, she wanted pies., flea market wedding

Carissa, the bride, and her family had been collecting all sorts of vintage decor. She gave me full creative license on this pie table.  I had an idea in my head and started rooting through all she brought me.  The table is a large conference room table that was in the airport.  We created a layered look with a lace table-cloth, a yellow gingham table-cloth, and a burlap runner.  When Carissa told me that she wanted pies I asked her to collect lots of cake stands.  I knew that I wanted all the pies to be on different levels so a scavenged the decor stack to see what I could find.  This table actually evolved during my decorating day.  The pies didn’t arrive until later but I would just walk by the table and add some height, or I would find something in the decor stack that I like better and switch something out.

pie wedding table,

Here are the things that I used:

  1. I used all sorts of cake stands that she had collected.  The biggest one merited a spot in the middle as the Bride and Groom’s pie.  The cake stands were all different heights but putting them all on the table by themselves looked a little boring so…
  2. I used stacks of vintage books.  Some pies (like #2 in the picture) were on a simple stack of books.  I also used vintage books to place under a pie stand.
  3. I used a large wooden box I had in my garage.  I found it at a thrift store and used them for the cupcake stand in this wedding.
  4. If you look at #4 you will see I covered a stable, shallow plastic bin with burlap.  It was used to bring stuff in and was never intended to be decor…until I needed it.
  5. I had so many coffee cans left over from the centerpieces that I just grabbed one and wrapped some burlap around it.  It was wide enough and sturdy to hold the pie.
  6. I found a wooden crate and covered it with a vintage lace table runner.
  7. My last little addition to the table was to flip a wicker basket upside down and place a pie on top of the basket.

One of each of the flavors of pie where laying on the table.  Most people will take a piece from the pie on the table.  You will see a little lower in the post, this was my strategy and the people refilling would move pies forward and replace the ones in the middle or back.  I filled the rest of the table with the Pie sign ( a frame with painted burlap), a lantern, and the cool looking lamp.  The table was right next to an outlet so the lamp actually turned on.  The table was really cool when all the little tea lights were flickering and the lamp light was on.  The bowl was filled with wonderful whip creme that people could dollop on their pie.   Here is a closer look:, flea market wedding, flea market wedding

A wedding reception table can be pretty but it MUST be functional.  There were 350-400 people to be line to get a slice of pie, so I had to think through function in the design. This was of utmost importance.  What you see on the table was the exact amount of pies on the table the entire night.  What is on the table is obviously NOT enough pies for 400 people.  There was NO kitchen in this venue so we had to store the extra pies close to the table.  It would have been a nightmare carrying pies back and forth even if there was a kitchen.  The bride’s family has a bakery cooling rack in their inn, so we brought it in and placed the extra pies on the trays of the rack.   I placed the rack behind the table against the wall and leaned a door up against it to hide it.  I took the pictures during the daylight so you can see the rack behind the burlap covered window of the door.  At night in the twinkle light of the room, the rack was hidden.

pie table, wedding reception,

I almost chose to display the rack because it looked cool and vintage but I liked the door better.  Carissa had a few people help to replace the pies during the reception.  When there was none to replace, they could sit in the little bench., flea market wedding

Here are some serving tips:

  • Make sure everything you use to add height is stable and can hold the pies while people are scooping out their piece of pie.
  • Have the pies already cut.  Like any wedding cake, we didn’t cut until after the bride and groom had cut their piece the photographer could take lots of pictures.  What we did BEFORE the reception was cut all the pies in the back.  After the bride and groom had cut theirs and the photos were taken, we replaced all these uncut pies with a cut version, and of course cut these pies.  No pies were just for show.
  • Create a system of bringing the back pie forward.  We made sure there was an easier to reach version of the pie in the back.  When a new one was needed the two people working the table would move the back pie forward and replace the pie in the back.
  • Cut the pieces into small slivers.  With so many options to choose from, people want to try different types so they will want small pieces.  Three small slivers made up one piece of pie for me! Okay, maybe it was actually four slivers.
  • You don’t need as many pie servers as you think.  We had five types of pie so I made sure we had 6-7 servers.  I placed the servers in places where one server could serve all the same types of pies.  No chocolate in the lemon pie. Carissa’s grandmother, the pie matriarch, would have come after me if there was pumpkin in the lemon pie or raspberry in the pecan pie. Two or three of the same pies were placed in close proximity to each other to help with no cross-pie contamination.

This was a yummy deviation from the normal wedding cake scene and I loved it.  In this day and age anything goes in weddings.  Wedding are meant to have special meaning and pies are special to Carissa’s family.  If you are ever in Branson Missouri eat at the Bradford Eatery and you will see why it is so special.

Thanks for reading,




It’s the First Official Wedding Wednesday!  

This is new to the iloverehabs blog.  I have been asked to do a handful of weddings so I thought I would show you what I have been up to lately.  Here is what you might see on Wedding Wednesday:

  • Weddings I have done
  • DIY Wedding Projects
  • Wedding Moodboards
  • Wedding Downloads
  • Tips on doing a DIY wedding that you can enjoy.
  • Money Saving Tips for Weddings

I thought I would kick this off by showing my friend Carissa’s wedding.    Carissa is a dear soul.  She is super creative and really great with people.  She asked me to decorate her wedding reception with a Flea Market Vintage Wedding.  I asked her what she wanted and she basically told me that she wanted her wedding to look like a really cool flea market.  The kind you get excited about ever little turn that you make in the store.  I could get behind that.  She and her family did all the work collecting stuff.  I have never see that much stuff….but it all found a place.

Carissa’s colors were mint and creme.  She wanted burlap and she wanted denim.  Her flowers would be sunflowers.  I think it turned out the way she wanted and it was a really fun wedding to do.  Did I mention that the venue was in an old airport lobby?

The Challenges to decorating and airport lobby:

  • So much space
  • moving all the airport furniture.  There were so many benches!
  • You couldn’t put anything on the walls (that is typical)
  • Airport signs everywhere…the kind you can’t take down.
  • Balance of covering random and embracing random.
  • It was really tall and she wanted part of it to feel cozy.

I think I will let the pictures do the talking with just a little bit of commentary.

This is how you walked into the venue.  You felt at home. One thing I did not catch a photo of (because it was at the ceremony when I was taking pictures) was the guest book.  It was a rocking chair just like this one.  She had people sign it!  I thought that was such a great idea!, vintage flea market wedding

aaa, flea market wedding


The centerpieces were a mixture of coffered coffee tins, flowers, mason jars, and tea lights.  All of the coffee bins were made by her friends.  We used cut up bed sheets and Christmas lights to drape across the large beams.  The 400 people at the wedding made it hard to get this room with the glow of the twinkle lights.  It was a fun place to be., flea market wedding

There were tables all over the airport.  It was mostly round tables but we used this little nook to pack in lots of people.  I actually sat down over here for a little while, it was the fun place to be.  There are so many imperfections to this airport in the day light.  There was no over head light in this area so when the party began at 8pm, this area was totally illuminated by candles with a splash of  light from other lit areas.  It had ambiance and you didn’t even notice the imperfections., flea market wedding

I decided to do very uniform and very simple table decorations  I wanted this area to be glowing.  I also had to cover up all the stacked airport benches and airport signs.  Behind these door are chaos, but you can’t see it.  Some of the doors were old, some were new, some were borrowed, and one was blue…literally!, flea market wedding

Here is the photo booth.  I have a few DIY tricks up my sleeve on this one.  I had to hide ugly again.  Behind those curtains was another view of the storage chaos., flea market wedding


Incorporating denim can be a little tricky.  It was mixed in the centerpieces here and there, but its largest presence was in the wedding party table.  I am sad to say that I never got the finished shot.  It was hard to get with 400 people.  The only thing that is missing is the bridesmaids bouquets.  Carissa saved money by using them.  I kept their vases on the wedding party table just in case the girls wanted them.  Being that they were walking down the aisle with them when I shot this photo…its not the full effect.  Imagine fresh country flowers in each of those coffee tins., flea market wedding

Another tricky part of the wedding is that you could see into each of the rooms.  I had to make sure whatever I did another room looked good from the back., flea market wedding

This table looked really neat all lit up., flea market wedding

The bride’s family run bed and breakfast’s all over the Branson area.   One of their Inns has an eatery.  They are known for their pies.  I have eaten there.  They are worth the trip.  I don’t even think you are allowed to know how to make the pies in Carissa’s family until you are engaged.  Pies are so special to Carissa that she didn’t want a wedding cake.  She had all pies., flea market wedding

These were all made by her family members and we had tons of them.  I just simply place the pie stand behind a door so they could be replenished when one was eaten., flea market wedding

I just used random things to put the pies on different levels., flea market wedding

The pie on the white pie stand was Caleb and Carissa’s pie.  You would be sick if I told you how many of these I tried., flea market wedding

If you didn’t like pie you were in luck, there were tons of cookies., flea market wedding

If you didn’t like cookies you could eat s’mores.  The first table had all the fixings.  I used baskets and drawers to hold the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate., flea market wedding

The second table had skewers and burners set in a vintage feeding trough.  I spread coffee beans for filler.  The burners were the kind you light and put under a buffet server to keep the food hot.  They were also held upright by a ceramic planting pot., flea market wedding

The gift table was in a blocked off entrance to the airport.  I used burlap and hanging pictures to create this fun look.  This was tricky because I couldn’t hang anything, but I have a secret tool that helped me., flea market wedding

I used burlap to cover the door.  The pictures were fun quotes and verses that have to do with life.  It was an actual gift to the bride so she wanted to include them., flea market wedding

Here is a closer look at the centerpieces.  I have done two wedding with all different centerpieces.  I love the look but it literally takes an entire day mixing and matching and switching out., flea market wedding

I wanted to show you another way small splashes of denim was incorporated.  Carissa did a great job casting vision to her bridesmaids who helped her make all of these coffee tins.  They got the coffee tins from their families bed and breakfasts.  They usually go in the trash or recycle bin.  For month’s Carissa collected these cans.  There were probably over 500 candles to light 30 minutes before the wedding.  I did have help but I will tell you I got good at lighting two candles at a time., flea market wedding

This was a DIY wedding and I didn’t do a bit of the DIY.  Carissa and I met at the airport months before and got a plan.  I had a full-time job so it was on Carissa to execute the list of stuff that she needed and she went above and beyond.  It made my job figuring out how it all should go together super easy.

I will post more on on how I did some of these projects!

Thanks for reading,


My good friend Mary is a Photographer.  She does wedding, portraits, family portraits and all sort of good stuff.  If you remember, In December, she gave me a free printable for you to download.   Mary is busy expanding her business and she decided to do a stylized shoot.  A stylized shoot is where a photographer sets up parts of a wedding reception and ceremony and stages in order to photograph elements of a wedding.  It allows customers to see what she can do as she showcases a wedding.

 Many of the photographs you see in a wedding magazines are staged weddings. There are some that are actual weddings, but advertisements and some features are staged wedding with models.  What does all this have to do with me?  Well, part of setting up a stylized shoot is you recruit vendor’s to help you.  It is an opportunity for a vendor to get to showcase their talents and gain more customers.  I am not a vendor, but I have decorated a few weddings so Mary asked me to do the staging.  Mary knew what theme she wanted and she is relying on me to create that vision for her.  For about a month I started putting together mood boards and pinning things to a private mood board.  I gave Mary a few options and once she decided on one it was “Ready, Set, Go” to find all of things that we needed to make it happen.  Once the style board was in place we were able to go to the vendors to present the theme.  The fun thing, is they get to use their creativity to fit our plan!

The Theme:  1920′s Great Gatsby-Esque Wedding

I am not going to tell you which one we are doing, but here are the three options I send to Mary:, great gatsby 1920's wedding Source:  Fabric for tablecloth (background) (background); Dinner Plates:; Camera’s: Lack Luster; Gold Votive’s: Candle Select; Crystal votive:; Trumpet Vase:; Feathers:; Vintage Glasses: Vintage Rhino, Etsy  Napkin:; Menu: Purple Sapphire Design Etsy  (recolored by me); Flowers:  Ruffled Blog  Chair: Pinterest, great gatsby 1920's wedding Source:  Fabric for tablecloth (background); Dinner Plates:; Camera’s: Lack Luster   Gold Votive’s: Koyal Wholesale Crystal votive:; Trumpet Vase:; Feathers:; Vintage Glasses: Vintage Rhino, Etsy  Napkin:; Menu:  Purple Sapphire Design Etsy (recolored by me)  Flower:  Ruffled Blog  Chair:  Pinterest, great gatsby 1920's wedding

Source:  Fabric for tablecloth (background) (background); Dinner; Camera’s: Lack Luster   Gold Votive’s: Candle Select  Crystal votive:; Trumpet;; Vintage Glasses:  Machomachisimovintagephotostream  Napkin:; Menu: Purple Sapphire Design, Etsy (recolored by me); Flower: Red Dahlia; Chair: Pinterest (re-colored by me)

She was really excited about one of them so I am running with it.  Here is a hint:

Stylized Shoot

You probably think you know which one we picked, but I may be having these re-upholstered or painting the upholstery them to fit the grey option.  I still can’t believe I found these 1920′s appropriate fan chairs.

Here is what I am in charge of getting ready:

  • Reception Table – I will do everything but the flowers.  We shared with them what we wanted and there is a vendor providing those.
  • Entry Table
  • Dessert Table – I do everything but the food.  We have a vendor providing a cake and other goodies
  • Odds and ends for props of certain shots

I don’t want to share too much but here are a few things to look for:

  • We are shooting at a train station
  • We are shooting at a massive lakeside estate
  • We are shooting during the day
  • We are shooting at night
  • A bridal shop is allowing us to borrow a vintage wedding dress
  • We have models
  • We are looking for a hair dresser.  (If you are in the Branson Area and you want to show off your talent…hopefully to be published in Wedding Online and Print Publications…email me)

What does this mean for you?

I have learned stylized shoots you go all out to create a theme.  I shows what you can do, elements of and it inspires elements for readers.  Of course, I am the DIY queen so I will have some DIY tutorials for all of you who are looking for wedding centerpieces.  These could be used for weddings, showers, or even fun party events. Soon after the reveal post, I will share how you can create the look we have on a budget.  Are you excited?  Okay, you don’t have to be, but I am.

The 1920s…they are coming back in style almost 100 years later.  Isn’t that crazy?  Thinking of how everything comes back around, I feel the need to get on my knees and pray. Soon the 1980′s wedding with tinsel backdrops and poofy wedding dress sleeves will return.  Hopefully, we will all have the creativity to rehab it.

Have a Great Monday,



Do You Have A Sweet Tooth?

Jennifer —  July 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

Lets go back to the vintage themed wedding from a few months ago.  The bride and groom have a sweet tooth.  We had a cupcake table….

….and we had a sweet table.

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Wild Wedding

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Last Friday, I promised that I would share how to get a really dirty tub clean.  You know, the kind that hasn’t been cleaned in years and you don’t know who has been in it.  The kind where you demo the shower door and there is all sorts of treasures underneath.  Well, I had planned on posting that “how to” today.  I usually plan my posts out for the week each weekend.  There is one little problem.  I  misplaced my phone.  My phone has the pictures.  So plan B was another post on my guest bathroom. I sat down ready to post and then I realized I left the camera in the car the Hubs has today.  We went to a wedding this weekend and I took the camera.  My job has me working really late tonight so that post would get out today if I waited until I got home….so plan c.  Thanks for being flexible.  Everyday in the summer, at work, I am surrounded by 400 kids age 7-13 and about 130 college-aged staff.  I am sorry I might be a little sporadic.  While there is no way around being a little sporadic for three months know that  my goal is to be consistent.  I don’t want to neglect my faithful readers by not posting or giving poor content.  So please bear with me, I am so sorry.

So Plan C’s post is inspired by my recent trip to Arkansas for a wedding.  I realized I had not finished a few posts about the wedding that I decorated a few months ago.  It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and it proves you can do a lot with a little money and a lot of help.  Todays topic:  The flowers.

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Vintage Centerpieces

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Lets go back to the vintage wedding.  I have lots of posts to share but I didn’t want to just overwhelm you with post after post.  Since its wedding season all summer, I thought I would sprinkle in some wedding stuff. 

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Burlap Goes with Everything

Jennifer —  November 30, 2011

There are a few elements of the centerpieces that I have not shared with you.  The first things are the blocks that the vases sit on.

I got the fabric at FM fabric for 2.99 a yard.  I bought three yards.  I scavenged the Home Depot clearance wood stack and got a bunch of 2X6s and various other lumber that could work for a total of $2.00.  I cut the wood into 4X6 squares and then I covered them in fabric.  I had to do this 35 times but it gave the centerpieces some height.  Total cost:  11 bucks so .31¢ a table.

Our total is now up to this:

Blocks: .31¢ per table

Vases: $1.05 per table

Advice Cards and note from couple: $2.19 per table

Total: $3.55 per table

The votives that you see on the table came with the table setting.  It was part of the rental of the venue.  You got tables, tables cloths, and two votives.

The main attraction was the lanterns.  The bride wanted the lantern.  It was originally a “no” because it was out of the budget.  The cheapest we found were at lowes for $9 a pop.  I just happened to be a Lowes at the end of September.  Low and behold the lanterns were on sale for $1.05 a pop.  I bought 35 immediately.

Now we are up to per table: $4.60

Now for the flowers.  Debbie had her florist make these “mum balls” to hang on the church pews at the ceremony.  There were 16 total.  I placed these on 16 of the tables.  This was counted in her floral budget so this was free.

We needed something floral for 19 other tables.  We also needed something to hold the flowers in as well.  On top of that we needed something to hold pens for people to write on the advice cards.  Here is where the burlap comes in.  I bought one yard of burlap for $2.99 at my favorite fabric store.  I called all my friends and had them collect their food cans as they used them for three months.  Everyday I would come to work and there would be a sack of empty cans, label free, sitting on my desk.  I collected 54 cans of food in total.  This was completely free.  I wrapped the cans with the burlap and secured it with hot glue.  The smaller cans held a few pens.  I then tied a cute little orange ribbon around the pen can.  I bought the ribbon at Wal-mart for $1.97.  I ended up having to buy three rolls of ribbon.

The above picture was the thow away bouquet.  I made sure that it was at my table so it could stay intact for the bouquet toss.  For the other 18 tables without flowers, I went to Lowes on the wedding day and bought four mum arrangements for $3.96 a pop. (the kind you see sitting outside the store all fall)  I filled the larger burlap covered cans on 19 tables (the ones without the mum balls) with mums from

those arrangements.  I just cut them and stuck them in the can with a little water.

The total for 54 cans covered with burlap cans for pens and flowers: $2.99.  That is .24¢ a table!

The total for the flowers were $15.84.  which turned out to be .45¢ per table.

Finally, I had to find tall candles for the lanterns.  Tall candles are pricey but I walked in Bed Bath and Beyond to get a shower gift one day and I found a 3 pack of 6 inch tall candles for $3.99.  That is cheap.  I bought out that entire store and bought out the Springfield, MO store to have enough.  My total was $46.55 which equals $1.33 per table.

So drumroll please….the wedding centerpiece total cost for 35 tables turned out to be:

  • Blocks: .31¢ per table
  • Vases: $1.05 per table
  • Branches for vases:  Free (all from the ground)
  • Advice Cards and note from couple: $2.19 per table
  • Flowers (mums and mum balls) .45¢ per table
  • Burlap vases: .08¢ per table
  • Lanterns: $1.05 per table
  • Candles: $1.33 per table
  • Grand total: 6.46 per table!  for a grand total of $226 for the wedding centerpieces for a 350 person wedding reception.

I was able to accomplish exactly what the bride wanted, a unique, vintage centerpiece that looked like a collection.  This took a lot to time to gather and DIY all these things but I hope it encourages you that you can have a fabulous centerpiece on a limited budget.  Even if your wedding is big.

Thanks for reading,


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Debbie's Wedding

Jennifer —  October 17, 2011

First of all I want to apologize for not posting on Friday.  Last week was wedding week and I was swamped with getting everything ready for my friend Debbie's wedding.  She got married in Kansas City and I had to have everything ready to set out in the short amount of time I had to decorate.  When I arrived I had a total of 2 hours to decorate the ceremony and a total of 3 hours to decorate the reception due to other events there.  I have never been so exhausted but it was all worth it.  Since I was running around everywhere putting it all together, I had the hubs my resident photographer take pics because I was working up until the last-minute.  (I was literally ironing the communion table-cloth as the girls were coming up to take pictures)  I ran to the hotel, got dressed and saw my friend get married.  The hubs didn't get all the pics I wanted but that's okay.  You will get the gist of it all!

Debbie got married at a church in Liberty Missouri and had her reception at Uptown Theater in Downtown Kansas City.  My job was to decorate her entire wedding on a $500 budget.  She had a guest # of 350 people.  The good thing is that within the cost of renting Uptown theater she got table cloths and table setting.  (Whew!)  I didn't have to do all that!  She also had a good friend arrange her flowers.  That was another clear “Whew” for me.  What did I have to do:

  • 35 unique table centerpieces
  • Cake table decorations
  • Ceremony Decor
  • Entryway table  at the ceremony
  • Kids Table (Which the hubs my resident photographer forgot to get pics of but don't worry…I will recreate it for you!)
  • Gift Table
Here are the highlights.  I will show you how I did it all in posts to come.
There were two types of tables.  They both were generally the same except the flowers.  The florist made 16 mum balls for the aisles of the ceremony. I will break down how I did this centerpiece and the cost of them all in an upcoming post.   I used those for the centerpieces which left me 19 table to do something different.  Here is the centerpiece with the mum balls:
Here is the centerpiece with a burlap vase of mums.  (The burlap vase was a large food can covered with burlap)
They all had the same elements except the flowers were different on half the centerpieces.  Here is the other side of the vase.  This card was a note from the couple that explained what to do with the advice cards:
Here is the view of my centerpiece at my table halfway through the reception:
Here is a view of the entire tables.  The little cards are advice cards for the couple:
Here are all the tables:
Here is a shot of them lit up at night:
Here is the cake table.  The bride did something really unique to save some money.  She didn't have a traditional wedding cake.  She had friends make all types of cakes (that any good cook would make for her family)  She picked cakes that were her family member's favorites.  We just set them on cake stands and I made a chalkboard label with a picture explainin

g each cake.  She could have spent a lot of money on a huge wedding cake for 350 people but because she was creative she avoided that huge cost.  It was unique and everyone liked the variety.

Here are the little stands in front of all the cakes looked like.  (This was infront of the bride and groom's favorite cake)
Here is what the church looked like.
This is the back of the church:
The weird thing about this church is the guests did not enter this way.  There were side doors they entered into but the bride did enter this way.
The doors into the church:
The entryway table is not a great picture.  The hubs didn't get the finished product.  Darn.  I  am glad the photographer did.  The entry way was TINY. You had to leave room for guest needing to use the elevator to come through yet the wall was awkwardly away from the front door. The guest book was on another table.  The church had a china cabinet that was not allowed to move.  So I moved a bench in front of it and covered it.  This shot was a work in progress.  Take away the ribbon roll, the glue sticks and imagine a few floral arrangements next to the tin with programs.  Better pics soon I promise.
I am sorry to say the hubs didn't get a great pic of this BUT the photographer did and Debbie bought the rights to her pics so when she gets her pics I will share the end product with you.
Here is me about 10 minutes after I should have left to go get ready.  The wedding was at 4…this was at about 2:45
Here is some of my sweet friend's engagement pictures.  My good friend took them and she just quit her job to pursue this full-time photography thing.  If you are in the Dallas area and need a great photographer….check out her blog here.

source here

I felt privileged that my friend wanted me to decorate her wedding.  It was a fun wedding to be apart of and I really wanted to make it special for her and at the same time make it easy on her family.  The greatest part of this weekend was seeing, what I believe, a great marriage begin.  I hope you are having fun on your honeymoon Deb!
Stay tuned for how I did this, a few more things on Asa's room, and……finally….my laundry room rehab is finished.  YES!!!!
Thanks for reading,


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