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Hi I am Jennifer.  Five years ago my husband and I bought a house and began to renovate one room at a time. This process has taken 5 years because we got side tracked with helping our friends renovate, and transform old houses in our community.  Our DIY journey was born out of necessity but eventually became a hobby for both of us.  All of the sudden the hobby became a passion and a career path.  We rehab homes and I love to rehab spaces and furniture. Our passion is people.  We seek to help people transform their house to give them a place that they can enjoy as their home.  Seeing a house turn into a home can meet the needs of not only a family, but eventually a community.  Big or small, I love the challenge to maximize a space to its fullest function and potential to become a place that a family can use and loves to belong.  Don’t read this blog looking for experts.  Think of us as a neighbor who cares about you and wants to help.

If you need some ideas for your space, check out a few moodboards I have done for readers here.  I would love to help you with a space in your home.  Contact me with the details for a style board, customized floor plan, and product and diy ideas for your space.

As adventurous as life can be, along side of this DIY process I have been asked to decorate and coordinate a number of weddings.  I guess there is a little event planner in me that come with being a summer camp director for many years.  Check out my weddings here and if you want ideas for your DIY wedding check out my wedding moodboards here (coming soon) or download yourself my DIY wedding organizer (coming soon)  If you want to contact me for a customized wedding moldboard just email me at the address below.

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6 responses to The Rehab Team

  1. Mitzi Jeffery April 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Awesome….can’t wait for you to come tomorrow to the store to help me put the table on Craig’s List…enjoyed your blog…Mitzi

  2. Lindsay and I think this is awesome. You’ve always been incredibly creative.
    I work in real estate in Cabot/ Central Arkansas and have been focusing on foreclosures. Within the next week or two I’m going to start looking for a house to flip. That might make a good topic, “How to pick a good flip house.” I’ve got to work on estimating the cost of improvements. I’ll probably be asking you for some pointers along the way.
    Good Luck!

  3. I just found your blog and I love it so much already. We are a lot alike. I just finished my first home rehab and it’s so addicting. Keep up the great work. I’m adding you to my Google Reader to stay updated with your new projects :)

    • Thanks alot! I just spent a few moments on your blog! When I have some time I will spend some more! I love reading about people’s projects. Thanks for reading! Jennifer