Kitchen Before and After

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I have so many fun posts coming that have to do with a major kitchen renovation.  We just finished one and I am excited to share all the nitty gritty of this kitchen rehab.  It was major…yet still on a budget.  To get you excited I am simply going to show you the before and after.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to share how we turned this:

Caudill Kitchen Before 2

…and this…

Caudill Kitchen Before, iloverehabs


Into this…

Caudill Kitchen After 3, iloverehabs

…all on a budget.

Stay tuned to find out how we did everything.  Be ready for some kitchen “how we did it” posts.

Happy Friday!

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It’s the First Official Wedding Wednesday!  

This is new to the iloverehabs blog.  I have been asked to do a handful of weddings so I thought I would show you what I have been up to lately.  Here is what you might see on Wedding Wednesday:

  • Weddings I have done
  • DIY Wedding Projects
  • Wedding Moodboards
  • Wedding Downloads
  • Tips on doing a DIY wedding that you can enjoy.
  • Money Saving Tips for Weddings

I thought I would kick this off by showing my friend Carissa’s wedding.    Carissa is a dear soul.  She is super creative and really great with people.  She asked me to decorate her wedding reception with a Flea Market Vintage Wedding.  I asked her what she wanted and she basically told me that she wanted her wedding to look like a really cool flea market.  The kind you get excited about ever little turn that you make in the store.  I could get behind that.  She and her family did all the work collecting stuff.  I have never see that much stuff….but it all found a place.

Carissa’s colors were mint and creme.  She wanted burlap and she wanted denim.  Her flowers would be sunflowers.  I think it turned out the way she wanted and it was a really fun wedding to do.  Did I mention that the venue was in an old airport lobby?

The Challenges to decorating and airport lobby:

  • So much space
  • moving all the airport furniture.  There were so many benches!
  • You couldn’t put anything on the walls (that is typical)
  • Airport signs everywhere…the kind you can’t take down.
  • Balance of covering random and embracing random.
  • It was really tall and she wanted part of it to feel cozy.

I think I will let the pictures do the talking with just a little bit of commentary.

This is how you walked into the venue.  You felt at home. One thing I did not catch a photo of (because it was at the ceremony when I was taking pictures) was the guest book.  It was a rocking chair just like this one.  She had people sign it!  I thought that was such a great idea!, vintage flea market wedding

aaa, flea market wedding


The centerpieces were a mixture of coffered coffee tins, flowers, mason jars, and tea lights.  All of the coffee bins were made by her friends.  We used cut up bed sheets and Christmas lights to drape across the large beams.  The 400 people at the wedding made it hard to get this room with the glow of the twinkle lights.  It was a fun place to be., flea market wedding

There were tables all over the airport.  It was mostly round tables but we used this little nook to pack in lots of people.  I actually sat down over here for a little while, it was the fun place to be.  There are so many imperfections to this airport in the day light.  There was no over head light in this area so when the party began at 8pm, this area was totally illuminated by candles with a splash of  light from other lit areas.  It had ambiance and you didn’t even notice the imperfections., flea market wedding

I decided to do very uniform and very simple table decorations  I wanted this area to be glowing.  I also had to cover up all the stacked airport benches and airport signs.  Behind these door are chaos, but you can’t see it.  Some of the doors were old, some were new, some were borrowed, and one was blue…literally!, flea market wedding

Here is the photo booth.  I have a few DIY tricks up my sleeve on this one.  I had to hide ugly again.  Behind those curtains was another view of the storage chaos., flea market wedding


Incorporating denim can be a little tricky.  It was mixed in the centerpieces here and there, but its largest presence was in the wedding party table.  I am sad to say that I never got the finished shot.  It was hard to get with 400 people.  The only thing that is missing is the bridesmaids bouquets.  Carissa saved money by using them.  I kept their vases on the wedding party table just in case the girls wanted them.  Being that they were walking down the aisle with them when I shot this photo…its not the full effect.  Imagine fresh country flowers in each of those coffee tins., flea market wedding

Another tricky part of the wedding is that you could see into each of the rooms.  I had to make sure whatever I did another room looked good from the back., flea market wedding

This table looked really neat all lit up., flea market wedding

The bride’s family run bed and breakfast’s all over the Branson area.   One of their Inns has an eatery.  They are known for their pies.  I have eaten there.  They are worth the trip.  I don’t even think you are allowed to know how to make the pies in Carissa’s family until you are engaged.  Pies are so special to Carissa that she didn’t want a wedding cake.  She had all pies., flea market wedding

These were all made by her family members and we had tons of them.  I just simply place the pie stand behind a door so they could be replenished when one was eaten., flea market wedding

I just used random things to put the pies on different levels., flea market wedding

The pie on the white pie stand was Caleb and Carissa’s pie.  You would be sick if I told you how many of these I tried., flea market wedding

If you didn’t like pie you were in luck, there were tons of cookies., flea market wedding

If you didn’t like cookies you could eat s’mores.  The first table had all the fixings.  I used baskets and drawers to hold the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate., flea market wedding

The second table had skewers and burners set in a vintage feeding trough.  I spread coffee beans for filler.  The burners were the kind you light and put under a buffet server to keep the food hot.  They were also held upright by a ceramic planting pot., flea market wedding

The gift table was in a blocked off entrance to the airport.  I used burlap and hanging pictures to create this fun look.  This was tricky because I couldn’t hang anything, but I have a secret tool that helped me., flea market wedding

I used burlap to cover the door.  The pictures were fun quotes and verses that have to do with life.  It was an actual gift to the bride so she wanted to include them., flea market wedding

Here is a closer look at the centerpieces.  I have done two wedding with all different centerpieces.  I love the look but it literally takes an entire day mixing and matching and switching out., flea market wedding

I wanted to show you another way small splashes of denim was incorporated.  Carissa did a great job casting vision to her bridesmaids who helped her make all of these coffee tins.  They got the coffee tins from their families bed and breakfasts.  They usually go in the trash or recycle bin.  For month’s Carissa collected these cans.  There were probably over 500 candles to light 30 minutes before the wedding.  I did have help but I will tell you I got good at lighting two candles at a time., flea market wedding

This was a DIY wedding and I didn’t do a bit of the DIY.  Carissa and I met at the airport months before and got a plan.  I had a full-time job so it was on Carissa to execute the list of stuff that she needed and she went above and beyond.  It made my job figuring out how it all should go together super easy.

I will post more on on how I did some of these projects!

Thanks for reading,


Something A Little Shuttering

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Thanks for listening to my recent life posts, but today I am ready to post a good DIY post.  For all of you that are wanting to do something to the exterior of your home I have got just the post for you.  We decided to change-up many things about the exterior of the home we renovated.  Here is the before pic just for fun.

Caudill House Before

Here is what we have done so far:

One of the last things that we wanted to do was add some chunkier shutters.  The original shutters were green vinyl.  Shutters have no function in this home, but they just add am element of texture to the exterior.  They break up the khaki siding in a pleasant way.  It completely transformed the first house we renovated.  I wanted navy blue to be the accent color so I went on a mission to find navy shutters and the cheapest that I could find were these from Lowes.  I liked them, but they were a little skinnier than the size of shutter I had in my head. I also could not order the exact dimension I needed for the windows. Yes, I could find a company that could do such a thing but I would also have to add another $30-$50 per shutter.  No thanks.  We made these stock shutters fit by allowing a little overage so I thought I would try them out.  The cost of the Lowes shutters were reasonable at $150, but after you add tax and supplies need to install them it would add up to about $175.  If they fit, ordering and installing could be worth my time.  I decided the next time that I went to the house I would see if I was okay with the width.  Unfortunately, I was not.  The former shutters were bigger and these new shutters would not cover the holes in the siding.  I knew my only option was to make my own.  Ordering custom shutters would have been a $300 adventure and that was not in the budget. Here is a picture of the window (before the new windows) without a shutter:

Caudill Exterior Before

Here are the new windows with the new shutters:

 caudill exterior 3

Here is what I used to build the shutters:

Continue Reading…

The Odd Couple

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When we packed up our house Lee tried to get me to toss the drywall frames.  “You can do them again if you really want them, but you probably won’t use them.”  More than likely he was going to be right but I could not do it.  I was thinking of many ways I could re-use these.  Today, I am glad that I didn’t pitch them.  For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about this is my drywall frame wall in my old house.  You can see how I made them here:

 Living Room 15

Thankfully I packed some of them with my lamps, which was a box that I unpacked.  I forgot they were in there so I was pleasantly surprised!  I didn’t know how I would use them but I knew that I would figure it out.  I am into organizing my stuff these days. I have lived out of suitcases, bags and boxes for the last four months so its kind of the way I am figuring out what I have.  I was planning on doing a cheap jewelry organizer from a Pinterest Pin like this one or this one until I glanced over at my drywall frames and thought…I could use those.  I grabbed a box of pins out of my sewing box and this is what I came up with.; jewelry storage

Who knew that Drywall + Jewelry could equal storage.  They are an Odd Couple but they work together well.  For those of you who wasn’t reading my blog a year ago, I covered a cut up piece of clearnace drywall to hang on the wall.  It served as a psuedo bulletin board.  Here is how I did it.  Each frame cost me about $1.50.  The drywall takes a little more “umph” to get the pins in, but when they are in…they are sturdy; jewelry storage

 I did find this burlap covered canvas at Wal-mart for $3.97; jewelry storage

You are getting a little preview of my new master bedroom.  Do you see the green?  I love green but wow…it is bold.  It also is so bold that it shows the imperfections on the wall…because your eye naturally is drawn to that wall.  I am learning that if you have a wall with imperfections…maybe fix the imperfections before painting bold OR paint the wall a more neutral color.; jewelry storage


Its a rental so it is what it is….so I am working with it. .  It works much better for earrings than the drywall.  I love the color that my jewelry adds to the room without having to hang any decorations.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading,


Seven Step Rescue

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Everyone loves a good before and after. I love good before and after shows. My favorite before and after are with matters of the heart.  They, in my opinion are the ones that matter.  I also love a good before and after makeover on HGTV or on all those makeover shows.  Today, I have one for you.  Next week I will focus my post on how we made this makeover happen.  Here is the house that we renovated before we moved.

Caudill House Before

The potential was there but this house was dark, and pretty much all one color.  I would have loved to change the roof line over the porch to be a little more open but that was absolutely not in the budget.  So we had to change it up by adding different textures.  The siding was in good condition so it had   De mechanische rollen slots zijn vaak simpel van opzet en laten geen twijfel over hun speelwijze. to stay.  Here is our final rehab turned out to be:

Doesn”t it look so much better?  The largest cost was that silly concrete driveway.  I think it ended up nice minus the squirrels dive bombing the driveway with acorns from the tree.  Do you know how many times that I swept that driveway to come back and hour later and it looked the same?  It was as if the squirrels were taunting me.  I can”t wait to share with you what all we did to update this exterior.

Let There Be Bright

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Sorry I have been MIA lately.  I have been off the radar because life has been a little crazy lately.   I am balancing a ton right now but I am super excited about all my adventures.  I know that I have been cryptic but a few more things to put in place and I am ready to let blog world know what is going on with me lately.  Right now Lee, my husband, and I are busy finishing a house and I am busy being a camp director.  Yes, I am a camp director as my full-time job.  Its summer and every day I am busy with 400 campers and 200 college aged staff.  Needless to say, the blog has been neglected.  In years past I have been able to blog ahead but with other life changes like renovating and selling a house….I have chosen to take sleep over the blog.

Today I want to share with you an update on the house we are renovating but to do so I want to start from the beginning.

The Basement….Dark, squatty and no place I would want to spend time with my family, basement


 caudill basement


caudill basement

We decided that is was less expensive to take out the old, non working fireplace than to replace it and fix it.

So, out the fireplace went.


This opened up the entire room because the fireplace was smack in the center of the room under the duct work that could not be moved.  The support beam was about 8 feet away.  There was no room for any furniture and it messed with the function of the room.  Here is the other half of the biggest part of the basement.


Here was our to-do list with the basement:

  • Demo
  • Take down ceiling
  • Pull Up Carpet
  • Take out Fireplace
  • Insulate the walls with foam insulation
  • Drywall
  • Install New Sliding Door
  • Fix electrical since ceiling was exposed
  • Add Can Lighting
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Paint Walls
  • Carpet Room

Here is the basement after we installed drywall., basement

Here is the basement after the first coat of primer on the ceiling.

On Friday I am going to give you our step by step process.  The basement is not done yet, we have to install the trim but here is the basement as of today.

Caudill Basement

It is amazing how bright it has become!

Caudill Basement

Thanks for being patient with me this summer.  I am more private than I am public but when the timing is right I will share what is going on with our rehab life!

Thanks for reading,


We finally finished tiling the master bathroom and I love how it turned out.  Excuse the darker pictures, my husband actually did this while I was at work so he used is iPhone.  Here were the steps we took to get this room to this point

Step: 1

Demo the old bathroom and get it down to the studs.  We found a few rotten studs behind the shower due to water getting through.  We replace a few studs.

Step 2:

Move the vanity light box higher so a medicine cabinet could fit and open up underneath.   (here is medicine cabinet after we drywalled)

Step 3:

Buy a medicine cabinet and frame up a space for it to fit.

Step 4:

Make sure plumbing is where we want it to be.  It was so we were good to go.  We did move the shower head up a little.  Moving plumbing up is not a big deal.  Its moving it somewhere else that makes it a little pricier.

Step 5:

We moved the outlets to a good location.  The studs were open and we know how to move electrical so we did this.  The outlet that someone would use for a hairdryer was closer to the wall with the door and we wanted it to be next to where the vanity was.  Our bookshelf storage idea would block the outlet.

Step 6:

We had a contractor come and build out the shower for us.  We have never done this before so Lee watched and learned.  Next time we do it we will show you how, but we had the experts do it this time.

Step 7:

We surrounded the shower and floor with cement backer board.

Step 8:


Our shower tiler prepped the shower drain and shower.  Again, we had never done this before and we wanted to learn so we hired this out.  I am glad we did.  He showed us how we put a cement skim over the backerboard to create a slope to the drain.  He painted a moisture barrier over the backer board to even make the shower more water tight.

Caudill Master Bathroom

Step: 9

The contractor tiled the shower and the floor of the shower.

Caudill House Master Bath 2

Step 10:

We grouted the shower

Step 11:

We tiled the floor


We still have alot to do, but honestly, what we have left can happen in a day.

  • Paint the walls
  • Install the vanity
  • Install the shower fixture
  • Install the shower door
  • Install the toilet

More to come soon!

Thanks for Reading,







The Master

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I am so sorry posting has been late this week.  I am in the middle of training 200 college aged staff to be great camp counselors  and we are rehabbing a huge massive camp!  When this week is over my posts will be more consistent!

Last week I showed you about the guest bathroom shower that we tiled (or had tiled).

Today I want to show you what we decided to do with the master bathroom. Here is the before shots of the bathroom.

MAster Bathroom 2 Caudill


Master Bathroom Caudill

Here are the problems to this bathroom

  1.  No Double Sink
  2. It needs more storage.
  3. It”s a small master
  4. Bathtub is super is small.  No stretching out you legs in that one
  5. Dirty, moldy, outdated.

Unfortunately, when you flip a house you cannot do everything.  The goal is to make money!  We had to be strategic how we used our mobile Barbie dressing game download money.

 Here are the solutions we will accomplish:

  1. No Double Sink.  It was too expensive to move the plumbing.  If we wouldn”t have had to pour a driveway, then there would be a double sink.
  2. We added a space for an “in-wall” medicine cabinet.  We are also adding storage shelves.
  3. We can”t change the square footage of the bathroom but we can make the square footage look bigger.
  4. Bathtub is gone. No one wants a short tub so we decided to do a nice walk-in shower.
  5. We are updating all the fixtures, toilet, cabinet, and faucets.

About the shower…..  Here is the shower in construction phase.  This is the cement board painted with a moisture barrier.


Caudill Master Bathroom

Here is the shower tiled.

master bathroom

We found this grey tile on sale at Lowes for .97 cents a tile.  We decided to tile it in a subway pattern.  I am a big believer that you can make inexpensive tile look more expensive by doing a different pattern.  We will tile the floor with the same tile and install a glass shower door. The goal is to make the shower look bigger by using the same tile on the floor to draw your eye up.

This is what we have been up to in the house.  I can”t wait to share with you more!

See ya on Friday,








Nice and Square

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This week we worked on the bathrooms.  Life has been a little crazy and we have been packing up our house, getting ready for summer (the busiest time for my job) , and trying to finish this house.  We are on schedule, but we called in reinforcements.  We hired a tiler for the showers.  It is against everything I know as a DIYer but sometimes your time is worth more than money.  The tiler was the guy hired to do our wood floors and when Lee found out he was a tile guy he looked through his portfolio and decided to hire him.  Here is the guest bathroom before:




We had our drywall contractor prep the tub for tile.

The goal, when you flip a house is to make money on the resale of the home so you don’t want to go to extravagant with the tile.  A little trick is to take inexpensive tile and do an interesting pattern.  We picked the 6 X 6 plain, white square tile and decided to tile it in a subway pattern.  (technically its called “Running Bond” pattern or “Brick Pattern”).  This is the most common use of this tile.

 Jane's Kitchen

This is in another house we renovated to be a rental.  We kept the backsplash but painted it to brighten it up.  These tiles are actually 4X4 tiles.  We went with 6X6 and they were 48 cents per tile.  We needed about 270 tiles to complete this project so the cost of tile was around $130. With grout and mortar this shower tiling project cost us about $200.  Not bad!  I tweeted this preview out a few days ago:; square tile running bond pattern,

We chose grey grout and one word to the wise about grey grout is that your tile has to be straight because a darker grout will show any inconsistencies.  We knew that and were extra careful.  Here is the finished product.

 iloverehabs, square white tile brick pattern


iloverehabs, square white tile brick pattern


iloverehabs, square white tile brick pattern


For those of you pricing out a new shower.  I am telling ya it’s not that bad.  Here were the costs:

  • We bought a New tub:  We got this one from Lowes for $138.  You can sometimes find great deals at Re-Stores so check there first.  They are hit and miss and it was a miss this time for us.
  • Plumbing:  $100.  We didn’t change the plumbing but we will call a plumber to install the faucets.  We don’t do plumbing.  Believe me, we have opened up enough walls in different homes and seen what water can do.  We don’t want to have any part of that mistake.
  • Shower Prep:  (Hardie Backer Board and Supplies $100)
  • Tile and Supplies $200
  • faucet and shower head:  $150
  • Caulk and finishing supplies:  $20
  • Hired Tile Guy:  $200 (Since he was doing our hardwood floors and our master bathroom he gave us a discount…which was a blessing)

Total for this project:  $700 if we would have done it ourselves.  $900 total since we hired it out.  The good news was that while he was tiling we worked on the downstairs bathroom.  We are trying to get that all done for less than $500.

Have a Great Weekend!


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