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My Blue Mirror

Jennifer —  July 16, 2012 — 3 Comments

Lets pick up where we left off in MY bathroom.  I have been telling you about my friend’s neutral bathroom renovation on a budget.  I renovated my guest bathroom on a budget and just a reminder of my progress….It started here:

And here it is from my last post.

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Cleaning the tub…

Jennifer —  June 20, 2012 — 1 Comment

The Good news is that I found my phone!!!!!  It had fallen between the seat and the console of my car.  Phew!  So that means that I can finish my blog about my dirty tub.  We helped a friend renovate her house and her main bathroom was on the list for renovation.  The bathtub was really dirty and had an old sliding glass shower door.  It was dingy and old and we decided that the bathroom would look bigger if it came down.  With the shower door in place, your eye immediately stopped at the shower door.  I figured a clean tub with no door would draw your eye farther and make the bathroom look bigger.  Here is what the tub looked like after the door was pulled off:

Here is the before Pic:

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Striped Walls

Jennifer —  June 13, 2012 — 5 Comments

This is one of those projects that I thought would take a few hours.  It was a small room so I thought I could knock it out in a morning.  WRONG!  This took me all morning, all afternoon, and all evening.  I have never been in a small space for that small amount of time!!!  Here is how I “gotter done”:

#1 – Painted the wall the lighter color.

(Excuse the towels, I had guests come to stay the night after step one so I had to put some towels back)  I wanted the stripes to be white to help make the white toilet and tub pop and I wanted the other stripes to be a light sand color.  I used what I had left of my favorite Valspar color Oatbran.  I have used it in my guest bedroom, my master bathroom, and recently in my master bedroom.  My hope was that the mixture of sand and white would make my white with creme swirled countertop blend in.  (It really sounds hideous, but the swirls clomid spain are subtle)

The wall was painted all white for the base coat.  I had to do two coats.

#2 – Tape stripes on the wall

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I shared on Monday that it was time for my guest bathroom to be redone.  The picture I showed on Wednesday is what my guest bathroom looked like when we moved in over 4 years ago.

The orange was atrocious but we didn’t want to tackle this one until after our master bathroom rehab was done.  We had to have a bathroom to use!  This bathroom makeover didn’t get to happen until 4 years later!  Besides the orange, the bathroom actually had good bones.  There was some functional problems such as the mirror.  I am 5’9″ and the Hubs is 6′ tall.  The mirror was not hung high enough so we both had to squat to see our faces.  Most of our guests were taller than the mirror so that was constantly an issue.  We couldn’t hang the mirror higher due to the light fixture.

The former owner tiled the bathtub and did a great job.  It’s not the tile that I would have picked but it is done well and nice, so there was no sense ripping it out.

The bathroom cabinet was in great condition, so we decided to keep it.  I debated if I should paint it or not…I will let you know what I chose later.

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When you are rehabbing on a budget you more than likely need to embrace the old to save moolah.  The old item in the two bathrooms in my friend”s house were the two medici How To Get Your Ex Back ne cabinets:


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Company Is On Their Way

Jennifer —  December 21, 2011 — 2 Comments

This is iloverehabs in real-time.  I am getting reading for Christmas.  That means I am getting ready for guests.  Sometimes I need motivation like this to finish a project.  Here is what I am working on today.

Our guest bathroom looked like this when we moved in:

YIKES!!!!!  It just  pops you in the face and makes you take a breath.  I think you need another look.  How about the window to the shower overlooking the front porch.  I might be wrong but I don”t think that bottom frosted pane is hiding anything from the unexpected visitor.

This was our main bathroom while we renovated our master bathroom so we couldn”t change it up that much, but I could not deal with the orange.  So here it is with a calmer color.


The mirror is gone because you have to squat to see yourself.  The light fixture is gone mostly because its not my style but also because it wouldn”t allow a higher mirror.  Sadly, the above pic is how it remained.  Well, minus the mirror and light.  (Yes, we have been without a fixture for about a year.)  There is an overhead light and those wires are tied off safely.  I was waiting to find the one that I wanted.

Here are some inspiration that is going into this overhaul:


I love the barn light.  This is from barnlight electric.

via barnlight electric

Love this blue mirror.  Check out Our Humbled  A{Bowe}d  They have great stuff over there.  Love it.

via our humbledabowed

I love this blue Ikat.  This is actually a rug from Liora Manne but its my inspiration for a shower curtain.

via Liora Manne


Finally, my main source of inspiration.

via this old house


Do you think this room could escape having stripes?  No way!  I better get back to work.  I have tonight and one full day to finish!

I pray you all have safe travels!



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