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Lock and Click Vinyl Tile

Jennifer —  June 22, 2012 — 1 Comment

In our friend”s house the bathroom floor was 15-20 year old vinyl.  It was old and it had some major scratches.  We didn”t have much time and we didn”t have much money to work with but we knew that we wanted to change the floors.  Our friends have two bathrooms.  One main bathroom with a tub/shower.  The other bathroom is just a sink and toilet.  In both bathrooms, the vinyl floor looked like this:

We were trying to keep the full renovation under $500 per bathroom.  Everything needed an overhaul so our budget was tight.  We tiled our master bathroom floor and tiled the floor of both bathroom in another house we renovated.  We have the tools, but this time around our time was limited and we were close to going over budget with a few oops like this one:

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