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What's Cooking in My Kitchen

Jennifer —  March 18, 2013 — 1 Comment

So, I decided to take some more recent picture of parts of my house.  As you can see, my blog is still a work in progress.    I noticed that my kitchen pictures were taken with my old dingy camera in bad lighting so I thought I would try again.  Plus, I have updated a few things since that original post.  As I was starting my spring cleaning for my annual garage sale, I decided to deep clean the kitchen…which prompted the pictures.  Just for fun, here is the kitchen the day we moved into the house

Kitchen, iloverehabs

I do like red in kitchens, but the red was pulling out the reddish wood and I was excited to change it.  I wanted to paint it grey.  I went with a friend to pick out a grey and we picked out Silver Grey.  We painted the entire kitchen convincing ourselves it looked grey not country blue.  Another friend came over to help and immediately said “I love the light blue” and I headed to Lowes to get more paint to start over.  I learned my lesson then about buying paint samples first!


Two years before Lee and I bought a house I found a picture in a magazine of a kitchen with black cabinets and

I loved it.  It was a bold move for a first time home.  White cabinets would have been more safe.  I said the words “painted black” and my husband didn”t question it.  Others did, but he didn”t.  I have since learned that he is way open to my crazy ideas.  He has his opinion on finishes and “the how” it gets done, but he lets me be bold. I am thankful for that.


Get excited, there”s more…

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