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The Evolution of a Laundry Room

Jennifer —  September 12, 2012

The Friday of Labor Day Weekend the Hubs and I decided we wanted to revamp our laundry room.  We love our laundry room and we are in it a ton, so a year later we realized that we wanted the room to evolve to what best fits our needs.  For a reminder of this space I thought I would share a few photos.

Laundry Room Before

Welcome to our laundry room when we moved in.  We did a major rehab in space plan a few years ago.  I explained how we did that here.  A year or so later it was finally finished as best we know it.  This is the laundry area.


This is the office area:

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The Water Heater….it is a much-needed commodity but it does not have any design integrity.  Its ugly and really no one wants to see it.  Of course we could’ve gotten one of those sleek tankless water heaters but our water heater was brand new when we bought the house and buying a new one would be frivolous.  I was saving for a couch at the time and goodness knows I didn’t want to spend $500 on a water heater…..BORING.  Here is the water heater in all its glory:

My first thought was to frame a little closet around the water heater.  Since we were having someone do all the structural renovation we brought that up in our consultation.  It was a great idea but framing around the water heater would take up valuable space in the room. The room was already narrow and once we taped out what was necessary to make it happen…it made the room look choppy.  Bummer.  In home renovations, sometimes you get your cake and eat it too…sometimes you have to make decisions for your home.  You have to choose what is more valuable.  I wanted the space to look and feel open.  On top of that framing the closet put the laundry rehab a couple hundred dollars over our budget.  I wasn’t sold on we opted out of that decision.  The problem still lingered….the very much seen water heater.

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