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Canyon's Room

Jennifer —  September 28, 2012

A month ago I posted that I would help the first person that emailed me to do a Mood Board for a space in their home.  The first person to email me was a new mamma who was wanting a mood board for her soon-to-be baby boy”s room.  She hadn”t registered because she wanted to register with a plan in mind.  So, she sent the pictures to Canyon”s current room.

Canyon”s room has this great entryway with a built-in bookshelf:

The only other storage is the closet and a cool place for storage above the closet:

This blank wall is shared with the entry way to the house on the other side.  The entryway is part of the living room.  It would seem the natural place to put a crib but all you mammas know that the most quiet place to put a crib trumps the best place design wise.

The room has wonderful windows.

The only furniture they had for Canyon”s room was this dresser.  I think it is the coolest dresser.  Especially for a little boy”s room.

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  Today I have another reader rehab for you!  Her name is Jane and she and her good friend Rachel own a really fun Etsy store called The Red Thread.   She is a good friend of mine and she is really talented at making things.  Often times we will see something in a store and we will reply “Thats so Jane” meaning that she could figure out how to whip that $100 thing up and it would probably look better.  I convinced her to share a fun DIY project that she did with my readers.  Make sure you scroll down to check out what you could find at her and another friend of mine’s etsy store.

 Hello iloverehabs readers!  I’m so excited to share one of my favorite little DIYs with you.  This is a project that not only looks cute, but provides great storage and organization.  Double win!  A friend of mine has 3 little girls, ages 3 and under.  As you can imagine her house is busting at the seams with girly girl accessories!  She asked me to help her take control of all the headbands and hair bows.  I was so excited to help her tackle this. 

 The supplies:

  •  A paper towel holder
  • roll of paper towels
  • 1/4 yard of fabric
  • 2 spools of ribbon
  • Small piece of elastic
  • 1 can of spray paint

First, I spray painted the paper towel holder.  Then, I created a “tube” out of the fabric to fit over the paper towel roll.  A standard roll of paper towels measures 15″ around and 11″ high.  Cut your fabric 16″ by 13″.  Sew the long sides together with a ¾” seam allowance.  You don’t want it to be too tight or you won’t be able to fit it over the paper towels.  I sewed elastic in each end so it would fit tight but still slide onto the holder easily.  If you don’t want to mess with elastic, you could just glue the fabric to the inside of the cardboard tube inside the paper towel roll.


The headbands just slip right on! 


Next we had to tackle the hair clips and bows.  Hayley already had this great rose hanger with three hooks on their wall.  I took strips of aqua and white polka dot fabric and just tied them to the hooks with a knot at the top and a knot at the bottom.  Just clip on the hair clips and ta-da! 


Cute and organized.  That’s my kind of DIY.  Thanks for having me, Jennifer! 

 If you want to check out Jane and Rachel’s  Etsy store it’s called The Red Thread

Click Here to Go to the Store

Here are some things you might find:

I love this cute elephant onsie!

I also love this bunting Tea Towel:


I actually own a few of these reversible headbands from The Red Thread. They are Clutch when I need to spruce up a ponytail/bun day. They are reversible so you get two headbands for the price of one!




Do you need a unique baby gift?   I love these burp cloth’s

The crazy thing is that their prices are the same or even better than something at Wal-Mart or Target! Thanks for sharing Jane!

Thanks for reading,


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