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Garage Rehab: The Finale

Jennifer —  May 13, 2011 — 5 Comments

I had hoped that the hubs could write this post today but I didn’t realize he had such a jam packed day!  So I am sad to say that its just me again!  I am excited to share with you the final post on our big Garage Rehab.  If  you have missed out on our other posts then please check them out here:

Just for old-time sake…here is the before pic of the garage.  It is not at its worst so you can imagine how bad it was before.
Finally, Here is the main wall of the garage after our big rehab:
For some reason I can’t explain I couldn’t get a close up pic of all of it so here is what is on the other side of the cabinet.
The storage consists of ceiling cabinets that the hubs built, old school lockers I found last weekend, and a wall span of peg board hooks.  Lets get down to business in explaining the ceiling storage.  I think the hubs did a fabulous job.  We got this idea from the house that we flipped.  The garage was the only thing we didn’t have to rehab and we loved the storage because you could walk under it and it wouldn’t hinder space for your car.  We had planned to put doors on them but we decided against them.  We like being able to see what is up there and not have to deal with a door when we are trying to get something out.  Here is a closer look:
This is where we store tools and bigger items that we don’t use on a regular basis.  We have a miter saw, wet saw and nail guns stored up here along with drill cases and other equipment.  Underneath, we have organized the things we use on a regular basis on the peg board.  The peg boards where there upon move in,so a few years ago we just went to Lowes and got a variety of peg board hooks.  All of these things we use more often so we hung them in a way that we could see where they are quickly, and more importantly, put them back easily.
The school lockers were a great find.  I went to garage sells last Friday with my best friend and boss (who happens to be the boss of both of us)  We went to help her find some dining room chairs to rehab.  Both of us had no intention on purchasing anything.  At the end of the day my boss bought a motorized scooter and I bought these lockers!
I found them at the Mountain County Homes of Hope Warehouse Store.  It is like a good garage sale everyday!  They were $25.oo.   I was going to buy some plastic shelves, but they were a little bulky and not as clean-looking as these.  I can store lots of stuff and then close the door.  In here we store our dog food, trash bags, gardening clothes, tarps, and wet/dry umbrellas.
I have always wanted to rehab some lockers to put in a little kids room or even a mudroom.  If my life transitions that way then I will clean them up a little more, slap a fresh coat of paint on them and move them inside.  I like to buy rehabs that can transition.  There it is, if you don’t want to know how we made the ceiling cabinets you can move onto the next place in your web/blog surfing adventure.  The last part of this post will be the cost break down and the “How To”.  Before you go, I want you to know that this garage rehab has been good for the soul!  I will leave you with the full reveal shot.  We will call this the “Neighbor View”.  I hope their eyes can rest easier when we have the garage door open and maybe we will start “rehabbing” our reputation  from being the “junky garage neighbors” to the “neighbors who maximize their garage space .”
Cost Breakdown:
  • Craigslist cabinets and paint:  Free**
  • Supplies and chalkboard paint for cabinets $20.00
  • Sports Storage, Lowes: $70.00 with tax.
  • Brackets for wood pile and trimmer: $6 for two
  • Lockers: $25.00 at MCHH
  • Peg Board Hook Kit, Lowes: $15.00**
  • Wood for shelves in nook:  $20.00**
  • Cleaning supplies storage, Wal-Mart $3.00**
  • Wood and Supplies for Cabinets:  $85.00
**These projects were done two years earlier
Total for the entire project: $235
Please note that we really only went $27.00 over the budget we set last month for this project.   $58.00 was spent a few years ago, and I couldn’t resist the $25.00 lockers.  Take those costs out we spent $152.  Our budget we set a few weeks ago was $150.00.  So, not bad.
Okay for those who want the “How to”, let me first explain this is how we did this.  There are probably many ways to do this but this is what worked for us.  Our goal was a cabinet 20inch depth that was super sturdy, especially because our cars were going to be parked underneath.  Here is what you will need to make this happen:
  1. 5-6 2X4s depending on the size you want your cabinets to be.
  2. 6-7 Sheets of cheap plywood for cabinet fronts and bottom.
  3. 3 inch wood screws.
  4. 4-5 Medium Sized L-Brackets
  5. 3-4 Large L-brackets
  6. Wood Glue
  7. Chalk Line for leveling
  8. Level
  9. Stud Finder (Some people can do it just by knocking on the wall and hearing the hollowness behind the wall)
Step One:
Clear the area
Step Two:
Determine your dimensions.  We were dealing with a light fixture in the way and we wanted to be able to walk underneath them.  Ours are 22.5 inches tall and 22.5 inches deep.  The entire cabinet spans 9 ft wide.  Once you have determined your space then figure out the amount of wood you need and buy it.  If you don’t have saws at home them you will have to know your dimensions exactly so that Lowes and Home Depot can cut the wood for you.
Step Three:
At the edges where you want your cabinets to end measure four inches down.  Use your chalk Snap to make a line.  If you don’t know how to do that this is a great tutorial.  Use this line to line up where your top 2X4s go.
Step Four:  
Find your wall studs then find your Ceiling studs.  When you find them mark them with painters tape.
Step Five:
Screw in a 2X4 horizontally (ours was 9 ft)on the wall the width of the cabinets at the top.  And then screw in the  beams that are vertical on the wall right on the studs.  Ours were 16 inches tall
Step 6:
Screw in the ceiling beams right on the ceiling studs (see above pic)  These beams were also 16 inches for ours.
Step 7:
Line up the 4 inch side of a 2X4 with the bottom of the vertical wall beams.  Wood Glue and screw into the bottom of the vertical beams.
Step 8:
Line up the four-inch side of a 2X4 with the exposed edges of the ceiling beams.  The 2 inch side should be touching the ceiling.  Wood glue and screw it into the ends of the ceiling beams.
Step 9:
Now you are going to work on the front of your cabinet.  These 2x4s don’t need to line up with the vertical beams on the studs.  These are the edges of your doors/openings so spread them part.  They do however, need to be the same length as the vertical beams on the wall (ours were 16 inches).  Wood glue the edge of each vertical beam into the bottom of the front vertical 2X4.  Screw into the top beam at an angle.
Step 10:
Now wood glue and screw the 4 inch side of a 9ft horizontal 2X4 to the bottom of the front vertical beams. Line up the 2 inch edge to be flush with the front horizontal beam.   You now have part one of the bottom of the cabinet front.  The two bottom 2X4s are screwed in on the wider side to create a lip fora more sturdy plywood bottom to you cabinets.
Step 11:
stabilize the cabinets where you see fit with your medium-sized L-Brackets.
Step 12:
For more stability, screw in 2×4 beams to the bottom of the cabinet.  Ours were 20 inches and they spanned across the bottom and were screwed into the bottom of the two horizontal bottom 2X4s.  You can see them in the pic below.
Step 13:
Measure your plywood for the inside of the cabinet bottom.  It will rest on the lip you created with the horizontal 2X4s.  Screw it in.
Step 14:
Measure your plywood for the sides and screw it in. (My advice is if Lowes or HD is doing the cutting save cutting these pieces until after you have your cabinet skeleton up)
Step 15:
Measure you plywood for the facing of the cabinets.  We did two long horizontal pieces and four vertical pieces.  Screw or nail gun it in.
Step 16:
For extra stability the hubs put a bottom layer of plywood on the bottom beams.  Now there should be no 2X4s exposed on the outside
Step 17:
For extra stability screw in your large L-Brackets under the bottom of the cabinet.
You are done!  I hope this helps.  Thanks for reading.


MY BLOG HAS GONE CRAZY!!!!  For Some reason it is showing all the wrong pictures  and its showing the same picture over and over.  I am trying to figure it out.  Sorry for the confusion. 

First of all its 90 degrees outside!  It feels like the middle of summer and I am lovin” in.  My job is an outside job all summer and an indoor job all fall, winter, and spring so I am getting excited to be outside!  I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day!  I am not a Mother so I just celebrated my mom.  My Dad and his wife (my stepmom) came to visit.  My dad is a HUGE THOR fan so we all went to see the new movie THOR.  I loved it!  My dad was like a kid in a candy store so it was fun to see it with him.  Yesterday we finished the garage!  YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!  I can”t tell you how much I have opened the door to the garage just to see it.  I sigh every time I walk in it.  Its been three years of Chaos.  We moved in and the previous owner left us piles of goodies and trash.  Thanks.  Note to self: If I am selling a house….clear the garage of my junk.  The new owner does not want it, even if I think its cool.  We remodeled the house so that made the pile even bigger.  Then…we cleared it.  But then, as we continued to remodel and do things, we would acquire more tools and supplies with no storage to hold them.  This resulted in new piles.  Then, we flipped a house.  The garage was empty for a while but when we finished, all of our tools and some new tools showed back up.  Still, we had no storage.  Of course, we recently acquired hand me downs when the hub”s mom sold the house he grew up in alongside a few DIY projects I had going like this one and .  Until now, we had not made the time to create usable storage except for this project .   I am a person who simplifies.  So…first things first.  GET RID OF WHAT WE DONT USE.  I did just that in the garage sale a few weekends ago.  That didn”t help much because we literally use everything in our garage.  Here is the before pic:  (This is not even at its worst. Imagine one big junk pile on the left side of the picture…no blue cabinets, lots of wire shelving that made no sense, and bulky cabinets that kept a car from fitting in.  That was the scene on move-in day. Plus, you can tell the drywall is new by the door.  See the piece of wood on the ceiling at an angle.  That used to be an angled wall.  Only one car could fit back then, but really none because of the bulky cabinets.)

I am going to reveal this garage in three posts.  I am doing this to make your reading time shorter and still give good explanation of what we did.  Today you get to see the left side of the garage.  This side now is known as the sports corner and supply closet.  Here is the view of the entire wall.

I posted here about these free Craigslist cabinets that I got off of someone”s curb .  The hubs and I reorganized them.  They now are the home for our paint, nails, screws, lawn chemicals, plumbing stuff, car cleaning stuff, smaller tools, extra saw blades, painting supplies, tool accessories, and all sorts of other goodies.  Of course after reorganization I wrote what was in the cabinets on the chalkboard painted fronts.  The hubs has found two things without having to ask me.  (I am the “finder” in our relationship).  Here is an updated pic:

Underneath the Cabinets is my project wood supply.  I am always needing wood for a project and I plan to make frames out of extra trim so we had to find a place for it.  We found these brackets at Lowes for $6.00     We screwed them in on studs, laid the wood on top and “Voilà” wood storage.

Then, we needed a place to store our trimmer.  So I took two bungee ropes that we had and made two loops (all you people who went to camp with me in the summer, knots class paid off yesterday) and got that bulky trimmer out of the way.

The blank space underneath is for our expandable ladder.  It is at our flip house right now.  It will rest on this concrete lip and be held up by some hooks. Finally, our lawn mower (that is currently in the shop) will sit sideways on the floor underneath the cabinets.  When we pull the car in we still have plenty of room to get out and walk around the car.  Someday we want to build a shed in our backyard.  When that happens all the lawn supplies will be out of the garage.  That project is way down the list though.

The hubs had great plans to DIY a sports organizational system.  He started all the plans that included shelves, hooks, pegboard, and wooden bins.  We started pricing and it was starting to become about a $100-120 build.  Not bad, but since we wanted the entire project to stay under $150 we started rethinking it.  We didn”t have to think long because we went four feet down the garage organization isle and found a store-bought system for about  $70.00!  It had all we wanted and it would take us about 10 minutes to assemble.  DONE!  Here it is:

Missing from the picture is the hubs golf clubs and shoes.  He might golf today after work and its well deserved because he worked so hard.  The clubs fit in that open space and the shoes go right under his cycling shoes.  This also houses my tennis rackets, some workout gear, the hubs cycling gear and tools for his bike.  See the makeshift “leg Raiser” on the right side of the system.  The concrete lip I mentioned above  can cause a few obstacles.  (You can see it in the pic) To maximize space we placed the system on the concrete lip.  All but one leg made it and the hubs rigged up a scrap-wood leg raiser.  Not pretty…but it works AND we get storage underneath.  The hand-held weights are staying.  The hubs uses those.  Our garage can fit two cars easily but reality is that we will only use it for a one car garage.  We will use this side of the garage for a “workout” area, but if the weather is bad…both cars can be in!

The bike is held up by a sturdy hook that we got at Lowes in the garage storage section a few years back.  We screwed it into the cabinet and it helps hold the bike.

Did you see the glimpse into our college “glory” days?  Here, take a closer look.

I found these in a sentimental box when I was reorganizing for my “be ready when disaster Happens” project.  Yes, I was a sorority girl and the hubs was in a frat.  We never went to a date party together because we went to rival schools. I went this great school.  He went to the other. Not only that, but I am older (insert cougar joke here).  We did graduate the same year though….Nevermind that I was graduating from college and He from high school! (Insert another Cougar joke here).  Let it be stated that I did NOT meet the hubs until way after college.  We met in the summer and our first four months of dating were in his half a semester victory lap of a senior year.  (It took him 4 ½ years to graduate)  Anyway, all you Pi Phis out there “Ring Ching”.  I doubt there are any FIJI”s reading but I have no lingo to throw at ya.  I decided to hang the paddles because it made me laugh.  What do you do with these outside of college?   I loved my college days and I loved Pi Phi, but these would be something I would leave behind if I had to get out of the house quickly.  In fact, unless I had a week to get out and pack my stuff….these would be left behind.  Do you have any funny memorabilia in your garage that you don”t know what to do with, but you really can”t give it away…and just don”t feel right tossing it?

Here the cost breakdown of this project:

  • Cabinets and Paint:  Free  (see here for details)
  • Brackets: Lowes, $6.00 for two
  • Sports Storage:  Lowes, $70.00 (that includes tax)
  • Bungee Chord:  Free (had it)
  • Learning to tie knots:  years of camp tuition.  (this was the most expensive thing :)
  • Bike Hook:  Lowes, Free (we had it, but they are like $4)
Did you see the weights are missing?  Yep, they are not gone yet…but soon.  I got my workout in while moving them to get all the shots.  Now I have to go move them back.  Stay tuned for more to come!  I hope you can get some ideas.
Thanks for reading!


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