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Hack the Lack Part 2

Jennifer —  March 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

This is part 2 of a two-part series.  If you haven’t checked out part 1 you might be a little lost.  The good news is that you can check it out here.

A few weeks ago I posted part one of my Lack Coffee Table Overhaul.  Here is how I did it and here is a picture of where I left off:

 I left the ottoman this way for a couple of weeks. The next step was to purchase a piece of nice plywood to cut for the bottom shelf so that it could sit on the metal rungs that formerly held the old bottom shelf.

The problem is that the nice plywood (the smooth and thick kind that won’t bend in the middle) is 26-36 dollars.  I know I am super cheap but that price is for a large 4X8 ft peace and I don’t need that much.  I am basically paying that much for half of the piece of wood.  Yes, I know I am cheap and yes, I could probably use the extra for another project but I don’t have one in mind.   It would end up cluttering the garage and it would probably be there for a while.  That is why I left the ottoman at part 1.  It was serving its purpose well.  Then, last week the Hubs brought home this:

The Hubs works for a contracting company here in town and these were the extra trim pieces for custom kitchen cabinets from a remodel.  The cabinetry company didn’t want them and they were headed to the dumpster.  The hubs swooped in and saved them.  He had no idea how I would use them but he knew that I would.  Isn’t he great?  The only way to make these work was to build  a slatted shelf.  I hesitated because that seemed rustic to me.  I love me some rustic, and rustic modern speaks my language, but its not the vibe of my current living room.   In the name of “free” I  figured that since its mostly covered by the top and would be filled with stuff, you wouldn’t even notice.    I could modernize it a little with paint.

Here is how I did it:

  1. I made a rectangle base.  I attached it using wood glue and flat brackets.  One of these days I am going to break down and get a Kreg  jig.
  2. I cut the slats to size.
  3. I primed and painted each slat.  I did this because I knew there would be a tiny 1/64 inch space between each slat.  This would make it impossible to paint, yet I anticipated that you could see the unfinished wood.   To avoid this, I had to paint the slats before I constructed it.
  4. Using a brad nailer, I attached the slats.
  5. I flipped the shelf over and used a chisel to chisel out a place for the metal rungs to rest.  This is how the shelf stays on without sliding off.  Before I moved on, I checked to see if it worked and it did!
  6. Using Durham’s Water Putty I filled the holes on the top and sides.
  7. I used 60 grit paper to sand the entire thing and then finished it off with 150 grit paper.
  8. I primed 2 coats
  9. I painted 2 coats.  I used Glidden Parchment White.  Thankfully, younghouselove had to match Ikea’s white for one of their projects and they had done the research of what matched Ikea white.  It worked for them and it worked for me.
  10. I laid the wood shelf on the rungs and here it is!

Now this busy side table is clutter free again…

Because all the stuff went here:

I am not done, I need to get a basket for remotes and playing cards.  Yep, we play cards here.

Just A Fun Reminder of the Before:

To This:


Living Room Final 6

Total Cost of the Ottoman:

  • 2 yards of fabric – FM fabrics (3.99 a yard) – I used a gift card ($0)
  • Two packs flat brackets – Lowes – $3.50 total
  • Lack Coffee Table – $19.00.  I had this coffee table so free for the overhaul.
  • Slats for shelf – leftover construction wood – Free
  • Primer – HAd it leftover from my bookcases.
  • 1 quart Glidden Parchment White (semi-Gloss) - Home Depot – $12.00
  • Wood Glue – Had it
  • Brad Nails – Had it
  • Hammer and Chisel – Had it
  • Batting:  Had it leftover from another project
  • Foam – Two Target twin-sized foam mattress topper, On sale for $9.99 a pop – $20.00
  • Grey underside fabric – Free- It was leftover from my guest bedroom headboard
  • wood for the top and braces underneath - Free – Had it in the woodpile
  • wood for the side edging – 2 1X2 from Lowes – $4.00
  • Buttons – Wal-Mart – 5 boxes – $10.00
  • Hot glue, staples, staple gun, fishing twine, upholstery needle – Had it

Total Cost: $50.00

Since all I used was the Lack Table’s legs, you don’t have a lack coffee table you could do the entire process and purchase legs at Lowes, or chop the legs off of an old table and install them like I did this bench. For the metal rugs you could use of those reversible screws like this one.  You would prep the shelf and lay it just as I did.

Is everyone having a great monday?  See ya tomorrow for more Rehab Life!

Thanks for reading,


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