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30 Hour Backsplash

Jennifer —  August 31, 2012 — 2 Comments

A few years ago I tiled my kitchen backsplash with subway tile.

It was my first tiling project and I really enjoyed doing it.  It took me forever but I learned a ton.  Since that time I have helped a friend tile her shower, I also helped her tile a backsplash and paint her countertops.  The hubs and I tiled our master bathroom:

The Hubs and I tiled two floors in a house we renovated.  Part of the budget for that renovation was a tile wet saw, which is one of my favorite tools.

When Debbie called me and asked me to come, she asked if we would have time to do a tiled backsplash.  I told her it depended on how fast everything else went but I would bring my tile saw just in case.  Their budget was a  $100 for the backsplash.    They have a really small kitchen as you can see below.   They had 48 inches long and 14 inches high on the window side.  On the fridge side, they had 85 inches long and 16 inched tall.  They didn”t have alot to tile so I figured we could get it done quickly.


With subway tile being .22¢ at Home Depot.  I only needed 115 tiles.  All my former math teachers should be proud.  I used my math skills.   I really only needed 100 tiles but I knew I would mess up on some of the tile cuts so I got extra.

Price of tile:  $26

Did I mention that I had about 30 hours to do this project?  That meant no mortar.  Yep, you have to wait 24 hours for your mortar to dry before you grout. and then another 24 hours for grout.  No worries.  I decided to use this product.

I have used Bondera, which is a different brand of tile adhesive mats and loved it.  I used it for replacing tile in this bathroom.  I had not heard of this brand of tile adhesive, but Home Depot didn”t have anything different…so we went for it.  Here are the other tools needed:

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