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I shared on Monday that it was time for my guest bathroom to be redone.  The picture I showed on Wednesday is what my guest bathroom looked like when we moved in over 4 years ago.

The orange was atrocious but we didn’t want to tackle this one until after our master bathroom rehab was done.  We had to have a bathroom to use!  This bathroom makeover didn’t get to happen until 4 years later!  Besides the orange, the bathroom actually had good bones.  There was some functional problems such as the mirror.  I am 5’9″ and the Hubs is 6′ tall.  The mirror was not hung high enough so we both had to squat to see our faces.  Most of our guests were taller than the mirror so that was constantly an issue.  We couldn’t hang the mirror higher due to the light fixture.

The former owner tiled the bathtub and did a great job.  It’s not the tile that I would have picked but it is done well and nice, so there was no sense ripping it out.

The bathroom cabinet was in great condition, so we decided to keep it.  I debated if I should paint it or not…I will let you know what I chose later.

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