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Our Guest Bathroom

Jennifer —  April 8, 2013 — 2 Comments

As you can tell, if you have spent any time on my blog, I am in this massive process of reorganizing this whole place. It has been fun and frustrating all at the same time. Fun, because I am finally learning how to make it all look how I want it to look. Frustrating because it is tedious, sometimes doesn”t work like I want it to.   Things that can take hours to figure out, and honestly drive me crazy. Thank you for being patient.  My house tour has been very unorganized, so I am trying to get some posts that compile all the room in my house.  Just for fun, here are the posts that I have done so far…

Today I am going to reveal my Guest Bathroom.  I have shown you many projects but its just fun for you to see the process.  I am done with this room.  I might add a picture or change out something but with renovating…I am done. Here is what the room looked like when we moved into the house.

Bathroom before


“Holy Orange!”  The first thing that came to my mind when I walked in was “Orange Power.”  All you Oklahoman”s get that reference, I realize that might be a little weird if you are not from Oklahoma.  “Orange Power” is what the fans of Oklahoma State University (where my husband went to college) yell at their sporting events.  Click here to experince it.  The problem is that I am a Sooner, born and bred.  Even though my husband is a Cowboy, the last thing that I want to think of is “Orange Power”.   My school has the better, more storied in tradition,  “call and response” Boomer Sooner.  Click here to experience it. See, doesn”t it sound more epic?   Sorry, OSU, I like ya because your part of my state and because my husband loves you, but I don”t think “Orange Power compares to Boomer Sooner.  You can even see it in the vidoes.  The passion and unity of Boomer Sooner just inspires chills down your back when you in the middle of it.  Anyway,  my husband was not going to be okay with a Crimson and Creme bathroom, so we decided the bathroom was going to be neutral ground.  The orange had to go.  Therefore, I painted it white just to be a little neutral.  This is how it stayed for three years.

Guest Bathroom



guest bathroom

Then, I decided to tackle the room.  The shower tile, countertop, and faucets had been replaced before we moved.  They weren”t exactly what I would have picked but I still liked them.  We didn”t want to spend to much on this bathroom so we decided to work with what we had.  The only think I didn”t like about the countertop was that it was mostly creme with white swirls.  I love a good bright white in the bathroom, but I decided to make it work with painting the walls a creme and white stripe.  The creme was Valspar”s Oatbran.

DIY Striped Walls

Here is how the bathroom turned out:

Guest Bathroom 2

You can read how I built this blue mirror from scratch, using the wall mirror that was in my master bathroom that we replaced with the medicine cabinet.

iloverehabs,com, guest bathroom

Here is the bathroom from the other angle.  I easily changed out the knobs to match the faucets (they were an antiqued bronzish color) and it made the cabinet pop.

Guest Bathroom 1

I spray painted an exterior light from Lowes for the vanity light.

Barnlight Bathroom Fixture

Here is the tub, I decided to add floor length curtain panels to frame out the shower.  You can see how I did that here.  The actual fabric shower curtain is hidden behind it.  The window that you see is to the front of the house, YIKES!  I made a waterproofed roman shade out of a fabric shower curtains and some old

blinds.  It works perfectly.  No inappropriateness in our house.

Guest Bathroom 2

My favorite find was these floating shelves on clearance.  They were the exact size of the stripes and the same color.  They look like the stripes just decided on popping off the wall., bathroom shelves


Since the cabinet has tons of storage, we decided to just decorate these shelves with pictures and then some supplies for when our guest come to town.


I did the same thing on the vanity.  The jar contains extra shampoo and conditioner from Hotels I have stayed in for work.  The taller containers have extra soap (for the hand soap pump refills) and mouth wash.  When I have guests, I will give them dixie cups so they can pour the mouthwash in the cup.  If you come to my house, all you will have to bring is your toothbrush.  I will provide you with everything else.

Guest Bathroom 5

Finally, I added a magazine rack above my towel rack.  So, now you can read if you want to…..yeah, you know why. I DO read when I take a bath, but others might read at other times in the bathroom.

Guest Bathroom 3


As far as the flooring and tub goes, we also worked what we have.  Its all pretty neutral.  I just had to scrub the grout to brighten it up.  I am thankful that the Orange is gone…

 Guest Bathroom 2

How about you?

Happy Monday,


I love floor-to-ceiling shower curtains.  I especially love them in small bathrooms because it just makes a small bathroom feel more grand.  A few months ago I shared my moodboard/plan for my guest bathroom.  I really fell in love with this ikat print from Liora Manne.

via Liora Manne

It’s actually a rug.  I am pretty sure there is not a fabric version but I used it as my inspiration to find something similar.  My best friend and I went fabric shopping awhile back at our local fabric store.  It’s not my favorite store that is 45 minutes away, but my town has a quilting fabric store.  Its inventory is mostly small printed patterns that would look good on an old-fashioned quilt, but sometimes you can find some designer/modern fabrics.  They do have a ton of great baby fabric so we were in the store for my friend’s little girls room.  We stopped in the clearance room and I found this for $2.00 a yard.

I LOVED it!  I don’t I could have found anything so similar to my inspiration fabric rug    I immediately bought 6 yards of it for $12.00 (plus change for tax).  I went home and I grabbed two shower curtain rods that I already had.  We had one for the guest bath already and one that we used in the master bathroom until we found our shower doors.  I hung both of the tension rods up side-by-side, resembling a double curtain rod.

You can’t even seen the second one behind the first from this angle.

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Reading Material

Jennifer —  July 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

I am almost finished with my total bathroom renovation.  I have a 3-4 more posts on a few minor upgrades/ decor and then I will reveal the bathroom in all its glory!  Today I want to share a small little update that I added just last week.  You can see here that one side of the bathroom has this large blank wall.

Of course, I filled it with stripes and kept the existing towel rod there.  The trick is not placing something too bulky so it doesn’t hinder the path to the shower.  I was thinking some type of picture but I just couldn’t find anything I liked.  I came across this fun magazine holder for $14.00 at TJ Max.  I liked it because its versitle.  If I find the picture I like eventually I have not wasted any money.  I can use this in an office, maybe as book storage by a bed…the options are endless.

It was the perfect size and the color matched the charcoal metal that I spray painted my light fixture.

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My Blue Mirror

Jennifer —  July 16, 2012 — 3 Comments

Lets pick up where we left off in MY bathroom.  I have been telling you about my friend’s neutral bathroom renovation on a budget.  I renovated my guest bathroom on a budget and just a reminder of my progress….It started here:

And here it is from my last post.

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Past to Present

Jennifer —  July 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

In Jane and Tanya”s house their bathroom was a blast from the past:


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Today we are skipping back to my guest bathroom progress.  I shared with you here that one of the main problems with the bathroom was the light fixture hung too low for a mirror to be hung high enough for someone to see their head.

I wanted to face the mirror lengthwise and yet I didn”t want an electrician to have to come to move the wiring so my goal was to find something that did either of the following:

  1. Was short enough to allow a mirror to hang lengthwise
  2. Or the light hung out far enough that the framed mirror could go behind the mirror.

The second option was harder to find than I expected.  If you see here in this post I had a plan for this bathroom.  It included stripes that I found in a This Old House Magazine.  I loved how the white and light tan stripes looked with the brown which totally matched my existing cabinet.

via this old house

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Striped Walls

Jennifer —  June 13, 2012 — 5 Comments

This is one of those projects that I thought would take a few hours.  It was a small room so I thought I could knock it out in a morning.  WRONG!  This took me all morning, all afternoon, and all evening.  I have never been in a small space for that small amount of time!!!  Here is how I “gotter done”:

#1 – Painted the wall the lighter color.

(Excuse the towels, I had guests come to stay the night after step one so I had to put some towels back)  I wanted the stripes to be white to help make the white toilet and tub pop and I wanted the other stripes to be a light sand color.  I used what I had left of my favorite Valspar color Oatbran.  I have used it in my guest bedroom, my master bathroom, and recently in my master bedroom.  My hope was that the mixture of sand and white would make my white with creme swirled countertop blend in.  (It really sounds hideous, but the swirls clomid spain are subtle)

The wall was painted all white for the base coat.  I had to do two coats.

#2 – Tape stripes on the wall

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Yes, its true.  I love stripes and chevrons.  Yes, they are trendy but I love them and I truly think it’s a home decor fad that will stay around for a while.   Lets do the stripe count in my house.  My love of stripes first came out in my  guest bedroom.  They are more subtle here because this is my first ever room rehab.  You map of france with cialis can find them in the pillows, the pin striped sheets (sorry, you can’t tell in the picture), and the chevron closet curtains.  My stripe count is up to 3.


Next up is my kitchen.  I added the stripes in my curtains

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I shared on Monday that it was time for my guest bathroom to be redone.  The picture I showed on Wednesday is what my guest bathroom looked like when we moved in over 4 years ago.

The orange was atrocious but we didn’t want to tackle this one until after our master bathroom rehab was done.  We had to have a bathroom to use!  This bathroom makeover didn’t get to happen until 4 years later!  Besides the orange, the bathroom actually had good bones.  There was some functional problems such as the mirror.  I am 5’9″ and the Hubs is 6′ tall.  The mirror was not hung high enough so we both had to squat to see our faces.  Most of our guests were taller than the mirror so that was constantly an issue.  We couldn’t hang the mirror higher due to the light fixture.

The former owner tiled the bathtub and did a great job.  It’s not the tile that I would have picked but it is done well and nice, so there was no sense ripping it out.

The bathroom cabinet was in great condition, so we decided to keep it.  I debated if I should paint it or not…I will let you know what I chose later.

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Epic Makeover…

Jennifer —  June 4, 2012 — 1 Comment

It is time.  This room is going down.  Orange sponge paint….good bye.  I can’t wait for you to see it.


I have lots more renovations in my friend’s house to share and then…this epic viagra for women online makeover. I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading,


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