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Industrial Cottage

Jennifer —  April 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

Its time to start buying some stuff for this house we are renovating so I wanted to share some updates with you.  I don”t know if you remember this moodboard for the exterior.  I am trying to make this house transform from standard to original.  What I mean, it is pretty standard for a house around here.  It has the standard color of Khaki siding with white trim.  I am trying to punch it up with stain, color and fixtures.  My goal:  Industrial Cottage

Caudill Exterior Moodboard,

Source List: Pillow-, Deck Stain- Deck Restore, Shutter-Lowes, Adirondak Chair – Amazon
, Planter (resized to get look-Amazon, Door (I made it out of shapes on Mac Pages because I couldn”t find the right blue door online), Door Numbers-Wayfair , Wall Clock-Amazon, Light- Shades of Light.

Lee likes the industrial look so I thought he would be on board, but he was a little worried that it didn”t fit the house.  He

had not seen the plan, so I whipped it out to show him.  He looked at it and said..”okay”.  I was a little saddened by “okay”.  I was expecting..”perfect”, or maybe “love it”, or I would have even taken “oh yeah, I like it.”  The good news was “okay” was enough to trust me and take them to the register.  These were $32 from Home Depot and I am obsessed. The light fixture in the moodboard was smaller and $99.  I felt that I had found the jackpot by finding a similar style, bigger size for $67 cheaper.  I wanted my husband to experience my winning with me.  He laughed at me and said “you have thought about it more than I have.”  To his credit he is busy working on the things I never want to think about, like getting the eletrical wires up to code. We needed four of them, three for the garage and one for the front porch.  Here is a little preview:

I don”t love the look of the energy efficient bulb.  I know they make more sytish ones, but my husband reminded me that they were more expensive.  I might switch them out when he is not looking…just kidding…kinda. In short, he came home and said that he loved it.  I have said before, my husband trusts me, but in some situations he just needs to see the vision and see my confidence.  I don”t know if I would have had the confidence without the vision, therefore I always have a plan.

Have a great weekend,


The Title of this blog is an actual “camp cheer” we used to chant when the speaker asked a large group to sit down.

Last Monday I posted about how the Hubs built me a bench for our living room.  I wish we would have taken pictures in the process but we did not.  I am as I share the “How To” and I am going to try to draw some sketches.  I apologize for them right now.  Just in case you didn’t read Monday’s post, here is the bench that we built:

How To:

(our finished bench was 24 inches deep (wide) and 62 inches long.  You can customize this to your space)

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