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Striped Walls

Jennifer —  June 13, 2012 — 5 Comments

This is one of those projects that I thought would take a few hours.  It was a small room so I thought I could knock it out in a morning.  WRONG!  This took me all morning, all afternoon, and all evening.  I have never been in a small space for that small amount of time!!!  Here is how I “gotter done”:

#1 – Painted the wall the lighter color.

(Excuse the towels, I had guests come to stay the night after step one so I had to put some towels back)  I wanted the stripes to be white to help make the white toilet and tub pop and I wanted the other stripes to be a light sand color.  I used what I had left of my favorite Valspar color Oatbran.  I have used it in my guest bedroom, my master bathroom, and recently in my master bedroom.  My hope was that the mixture of sand and white would make my white with creme swirled countertop blend in.  (It really sounds hideous, but the swirls clomid spain are subtle)

The wall was painted all white for the base coat.  I had to do two coats.

#2 – Tape stripes on the wall

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