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Choosing Art for My Wall

Jennifer —  February 15, 2012 — 2 Comments

I shared on Monday that I had to modify my original idea:

To make room for three 17 X 22 mats I had to space out the pictures a little more.  I tested in with my paper and I didn”t like it.  It looked too spread out.  So I decided to cut the Middle 17 X 22 mat in half.  ( I did this before I made them)  Here is what I came up with.

I actually liked it better than my original pattern.  How did I hang it all up?  Very Carefully….

  1. I drew a level line at the top where the top row would be level.
  2. Then, I hung the first row of framed pictures using a level and measuring tape.  (Make sure to use the level to line up the sides too)
  3. Then I used a large level to draw lines all the way down the wall where the top of each frame was.  That way I knew the framed pictures were lined up even though the mats were in between.
  4. I hung the first row of the drywall mat pictures
  5. I used the large level to draw lines all the way down the wall (horizontally) where the top of each mat was
  6. I hung the rows using the line that I had drawn.
  7. I  took off the pictures one at a time, erased the lines, touched the wall up with paint, let it dry, and put the picture back on.
  8. The framed pictures only had a middle picture hanger which made them wobbly.  After I erased the lines, I added double-sided tape for pictures on each corner to keep them level and on the wall.

Time of work:  Two entire Saturdays.

The funny thing is that I got for Christmas.  If I would have had , this project would have been so much easier!

Source Here

Picture Frames:

I went to Michael”s and bought 16 .35 pieces of grey cardstock that matched my fabric (not exactly but super close).  I used an extra piece of cardstock that I had to make a template for the pictures.  I measured and marked on the scrap piece where the picture would be centered. Then I cut out that area.  I would lay this template on top of the grey cardstock and taped the picture in the cut out.

Then, I simply removed the template and Volia…pictures are all centered nicely.

All my pictures are pictures of family that I had.  I scanned most of them in and edited them to be black and white.  I uploaded them to and added a white border to all of them. (You can do that on their site)  Sent them to be printed and picked them up and hour later.  Here are a few:

This is my grandmom:

This is my grandparents

This is me and my cousin who is like my sister.  Can you tell which one is me?  (Hint…left side weird face)

This is the hubs and his dad.  (isn”t my hubbie a cute kid?!)

Here are my babies

Here is the hubs and I on our wedding day:

Choosing what was on the mats was not as hard as I thought.  I created these myself using Macintosh Pages.  I just recreated a quote that I liked or a verse that I liked  and wanted to be reminded of.  I put a background to it:



The Hubs and I collect vintage postcards of all the places that we have lived or been to.  I just trimmed them to be the same size and put them on the mat:



This was a free printable I found on Pinterest.  The hubs is a cyclist.  He has done tri-athalons and bike races like this crazy one.

I  found a drawing of a Vizsla online and printed it out.  I recolored it to look like a silhouette.  This was really easy to do in my home but I would never put this online as a free download for someone.  The image is not mine to sell or give away, but I can use it in my own home.

The Hubs has an English degree and He loves classic literature.  I bought him some stationary that had stick figure versions of popular classics.  I scanned four of the cards in and tweaked it on Mac Pages and then printed it off.

How did I attach the art ?  You can see the nails above.

I just gently tapped a small silver, flat-headed finish nail in the corners of each piece of art.  Using Cardstock is crucial here so it doesn”t tear.  I often stop and look at my pictures.  We live far away from family so this is a fun reminder of the ones we love.

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Rehab: A Large Empty Wall

Jennifer —  February 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

I have had a large empty wall in my living room/hallway for about three years.  Why?  Most of the reason is because we were working on other things like our kitchen, laundry room, and master bathroom.  Then we started to flip a house and that blank hallway wasn’t a priority.  AFter we were done with all these projects the wall started to haunt me. (Okay, that was a little over dramatic)  But it would just stare at me and I wanted to do something with it.  Here it is when we moved into the house:

It took me a few months later to figure out what I wanted to do.  I wanted to do a wall gallery.  I had seen so many good examples online like this one and this one.  I love the look of both but  in my home I was going for a more linear look so I leaned more to the second one.   I wanted multiples of the same frame, matted the same way with different black and white pictures.    So, I took the trip to Dallas for work and stopped at Ikea to get a bunch of these NYTTJA frames.  I bought 20 and I got home to find out I needed more.  Bummer!  I partly gave up because of my frustration and partly because I thought I needed to stop the rehab until I could get more Ikea frames.   As I started getting my house ready for Christmas I got renewed direction that didn’t force me to have to wait for Ikea.  I thought I could keep the “linear/multiples” theme by creating a repeated pattern on the wall that includes the Ikea frames and a larger frame.  I started cutting wrapping paper the size of the Ikea frames and taping computer paper together to represent the larger frames.  It took me two hours of playing with it but I finally settled on this:

Please excuse the bad picture.  I took this picture at night with my old camera.  I didn’t worry about the lines being straight or level I just wanted to figure out the pattern and the spacing. This was the template I used for the most part but I had to tweak it a little.  Why?  I picked an expensive sized large frame (shocker). To buy the ones I found online I would have paid $180 dollars on the big frames. Sorry….I didn’t want to spend that much money on this project, knowing that I had already sunk $40 into it.  Not only that, but I was also busy saving up for The hubs big 30th birthday present and purchasing Christmas gifts.   My first solution is usually to turn to a thrift store.  I didn’t this time because I knew the odds of me finding 8 of that exact size in a thrift store was so low that I didn’t even attempt to waste my time.      Needless to say, my staring at the wall began again for the next two three weeks.  Now the problem was not what to do…but how to do what I wanted. Stay tuned!

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