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99% Done

Jennifer —  April 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

First of all, thanks for the post about my Lack Coffee Table Hack.  I am not near an Ikea but I love to see how creative people are with ikea products!

Have you ever done a project (specifically a home renovation project) that you complete 99.5%? What I mean is that you do all the major work but you leave a small detail undone.  For example, we did our laundry room renovation almost two years ago but this is what the light fixture looked like until 9 months ago.  Everything else was done.  Why do I do that?

I had another project that has gone undone until this weekend.  Lets play that game (you know, the kind that sometimes are in kid magazines) where you look at two pictures and try to figure out what is different. I actually didn”t take the same shot before and after so there might be a few differences on the counter.  Here is a hint…look at the cabinets


Yes, for almost 4 years we have not put the hardware on the added cabinets.  Let me back up and tell you the story of these cabinets.  For a reminder of what our kitchen looked like when we moved in:

The Kitchen was an L-Shape.  The fridge looked weird just standing alone on that wall.  So we decided we would turn the kitchen from a L-Shape to a U-Shape.

Warning:  I do not have pictures of this due to the fact that I was not blogging at this time so hang tight with me.

Problem #1:   We didn”t want to get new cabinets so we had to work with what we had.  All kitchen base cabinets are 24 inch depth.  A 24 inch cabinet  would cover up the first existing cabinet door and half of the second.  I was fine with popping one door off and covering it with the new cabinet, but it wouldn”t work finding with half the middle doors opening being covered. There is no way we could find the exact door size and style.  On top of that we would have nothing to screw the door into.  (If you are wondering we can access the third cabinet that is now covered up by the middle cabinet.  I just put my rarely used stuff back there.)

The Solution:  Cut the back of the cabinet out.  We needed a cabinet with 18 inch depth.  They don”t make them so we had to.

Problem #2:  We didn”t have the skills to cut down drawers or drawer hardware.  I might attempt it now but 4 years ago I didn”t have a clue how to do that, and neither did the hubs.  So, we could not get a regular kitchen base cabinet with drawers.

The Solution:  We bought a sink base cabinet instead.  It has fake drawers and I was okay with not having two more drawers.  I wouldn”t have them if I kept the kitchen L-Shaped, so I was adding storage either way.  Instead I was getting taller storage, which I needed anyway.

The Problem #3:  We couldn”t find a base cabinet that matched our existing cabinets.  Here is the style of our cabinets

I thought lowes would have one, and they had something similar in their in-stock selection but not exactly.  We were going to about to buy the similar cabinet but then we walked by death row and found a sink cabinet on clearance because the back was damaged.  We were planning on cutting the back off so why not steal this cabinet for cheap.

The Solution:  We thought about having more doors made but we waited until it was all said and done before we decided.  Painting cabinets can unify different cabinets.  That is what we did and our kitchen went from this:

To this:

The next attempt to camouflage the mismatch happened almost 4 years later.  We have no excuse except laziness.  I bought the hardware 4 years ago, so this weekend was the time to put it on.  I gathered these supplies, and found the kitchen hardware I bought 4 years ago:

And these cabinets…

turned into this:

No, they are not perfect but to be honest with you no one notices unless you stare at them or point it out.

Problem #4:  The countertop had to be custom-made.  We were ordering new ones anyway so it was easy.  We had the Lowes guy come and measure for us because the miter cut would be tricky here.  It turned out perfectly. (excuse the dirty backsplash.  Writing this post caused me to have to move the stuff on the counter which showed me that I need to scrub the backsplash and touch up some caulk.  I love to keep it real)

Here is how I use that Cabinet:

Since the blender is right above it, it”s a great place to store the Hubs nutrient stuff for his smoothies.  I purchased these kitchen dividers at Ikea.  (They are a $1.99 a pop and so cheap I couldn”t find a picture online)  I just screwed them into the cabinet and I had a great place for large item storage.

I am so glad to get this one-off my to-d0-list.  Have a great Monday!

Thanks for reading,


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